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  1. kerberoast / GetUserSPNs.ps1 Go to file Go to file T; Go to line L; Copy path Copy permalink; nidem Add parameter to only get unique SAMAccountNames. Latest commit 0758fae Jul 7, 2016 History. 1 contributor Users who have contributed to this file 129 lines (118 sloc) 6.11 KB Raw Blame.
  2. Duplicate SPN? Listing duplicate SPNs is fairly easy. Use the setspn -X command and you'll find out. But how do you find out which SPNs are used for which users and computers are used for this
  3. Just use the built in SetSPN.exe built into Windows Use the Get-SPN.ps1 that @_nullbind (Scott Sutherland) posted about on the NetSPI blog in a post titled Faster Domain Escalation using LDAP Use the PowerShell Empire port of @_nullbind's Get-SPN powershell script Use Tim Medin - @timmedin 's GetUserSPNs VB scrip
  4. Azure SPNs (Service Principal Names) - PowerShell. Using Azure SPNs is a massive benefit more so for the pure fact that it creates a specific user account in Azure (like a service account) which you can use to automate PowerShell scripts against Azure subscriptions for specific tasks. You don't need to worry about whether the account needed.
  5. An Azure service principal is an identity created for use with applications, hosted services, and automated tools to access Azure resources. This access is restricted by the roles assigned to the service principal, giving you control over which resources can be accessed and at which level. For security reasons, it's always recommended to use.

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  1. powershell_import /root/Desktop/GetUserSPNs.ps1 GetUserSPNs - PowerShell Script There is also a VBS script which is part of the same tookit and can provide the same information. The script can be executed from the windows command prompt by using the native Windows binary cscript
  2. setspn -L <ServerName>. Code language: PowerShell (powershell) Or setspn to find SPNs linked to a certain user account: setspn -L <domain\user>. Code language: PowerShell (powershell) And now you need a general script to list all SPNs, for all users and all computers. Nice fact to know, SPNs are set as an attribute on the user or computer.
  3. If you need to use a service principal to create a subscription, then you must grant the service principal the Azure RBAC owner role.. You can use the New-AzRoleAssignment command to assign the owner role to your service principal.. To specify a user, use SignInName or Azure AD ObjectId parameters.To specify a security group, use Azure AD ObjectId parameter
  4. A. To view SPNs (Service Principal Names) registered for a security principal, you can use the Setspn command from the Windows 2003 Support Tools, using the -l parameter and the name of the server. The following example shows the SPNs for a Microsoft Exchange Server system. C:\>setspn -l dalsxc0

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  1. Enumerate the domain accounts with SPNs set- either with Tim's GetUserSPNS.ps1script, Sean's Find-PSServiceAccounts.ps1script, or PowerView's Get-NetUser -SPN. Request TGSs for these specific SPNs with the builtin Windows tool setspn.exe or the.NET System.IdentityModel.Tokens.KerberosRequestorSecurityTokenclass in PowerShell
  2. Adding SPNs. To add an SPN, use the setspn -s service/name hostname command at a command prompt, where service/name is the SPN that you want to add and hostname is the actual host name of the computer object that you want to update. For example, if there is an Active Directory domain controller with the host name server1.contoso.com that requires an SPN for the Lightweight Directory Access.
  3. The Power of PowerShell •Each PowerShell cmdlet follows the standard Verb-Noun format which makes it easy to identify what a cmdlet does. Get-Service vs Start-Service vs Stop-Service •Cmdlet parameters provide mandatory or optional data t
  4. GetUserSPNs was the first script to focus only on accounts that were Users. When you are looking at a network that has 40,000+ Windows boxes and all of the has the HOST SPN, it's a lot to trudge through. This script cuts the fat and just gives you the list of SPNs that have a much higher chance of having their accounts cracked
  5. C:\powershell_scripts\Get-SPN.ps1 Get-SPN -ServiceClass MSSQLSvc (Obviously you can save the script to another location, just update the first line as required.) This will list all SQL Server SPNs on the current domain, including the specification which relates to the port/instance of the service

Hi Team, Is there any automated way or powershell script via which i can get the expiration date of the client secret of the service principal. We want to trigger a mail 5 days before the expiration of the SP. · Hello Nandan, You can retrieve the information you are looking for using this command, PS Azure:\> Get-AzADAppCredential -ObjectId 35157fe1. The First will be PowerView.ps1 - If you have not heard of PowerView.ps1 by now and you are researching Kerberos attacks then you need to go back a little PowerView is an insanely powerful .ps1 created by Harmj0y which makes Enumerating & Exploiting AD Environments with PowerShell extremely easy. Even though Powershell is extremely monitored. Invoke-Kerberoast.ps1. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets Hi everyone, I was looking at the fabulous PowerShell Remoting feature and had it functional on a Windows 2003 server. Really cool ! Then I tried to activated it on a Windows 2008 R2 with Sharepoint 2010 configured with Kerberos authenticated sites. Fail. It seems that WinRM needs an SPN HTTP · Quick update on this as I have more infos. The DNS. Using Powershell, how do I create a Client Secret for an App I have registered in Azure Active Directory. I need the Client-Secret in order to authenticate my app to push data to Data Lake Gen

It's rather a cheatsheet with a list of commands you can run after sourcing PowerShell.ps1. You would substitute <User/Group> with a user or group you are interested in for example Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub DESCRIPTION. This function will either take one/more SPN strings, or one/more PowerView.User objects (the output from Get-DomainUser) and will request a kerberos ticket for the given SPN using System.IdentityModel.Tokens.KerberosRequestorSecurityToken. The encrypted portion of the ticket is then extracted and output in either crackable John or.

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Copy and Paste the following command to install this package using PowerShellGet More Info. Install-Module -Name Posh365 -RequiredVersion 0.9.162. You can deploy this package directly to Azure Automation. Note that deploying packages with dependencies will deploy all the dependencies to Azure Automation. Learn More The .cmd script then runs a PowerShell command on the remote systems that downloads Invoke-Mimkatz.ps1 into memory, runs it, and writes all of the passwords out to files on the hosted share. This can all be executed from a non-domain system using alternative credentials. His blog introducing the scripts is below The PS remoting and HTTP requests are not on the same port -- PS remoting uses 5985 and I'm using 15200, but as you said the details of how IIS and powershell.exe construct target SPNs for their requests to the domain controller is the issue :/ They both seem to ignore the target port and just request vanilla HTTP/ServerB as the SPN for the request. - stames Oct 21 '13 at 14:5 setspn -S already checks for for dups by design. There is no PS cmdlet for this, but you can use ADSI / ADO to do this, but that is a lot of extra work, espcailly since setspn is on every domain controller in an enterprise As many of you know, Azure Active Directory (AAD) is Microsoft's multi-tenant cloud based directory and identity management service. Like all of Microsoft's Azure Services, it can be programmatically driven with Powershell

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dbatools is the best thing that happened to SQL Server in the last 5 years. If you are a SQL person you need to check out the dbatools PowerShell project. If there was a thing such as MVP for MVP'S then dbatools would probably win it. dbatools are the most important PowerShell scripts for SQL Server DBAs Services Accounts are recommended to use when install application or services in infrastructure. It is dedicated account with specific privileges which use to run services, batch jobs, management tasks. In most of the infrastructures, service accounts are typical user accounts with Password never expire option. Since these service accounts are not been use regularly, Administrators have. We can use the Get-AzureADApplication cmdlet to fetch all the registered apps. Before proceed install Azure Active Directory PowerShell for Graph and run the below command to connect Azure AD PowerShell module: Run the following command to list all the applications that are registered by your company. This command returns both web applications. I'm trying to delete a SPN but it doesn't seem to delete even though the command indicates that it has been. Text. PS C:\Windows\system32> setspn -Q http/chi-prodspsql.bridgenet.lan Checking domain DC=bridgenet,DC=lan CN=DeviceEnrollment,OU=Service Accounts,DC=bridgenet,DC=lan http/chi-prodspsql.bridgenet.lan Existing SPN found! PS C:\Windows. PS Cert:\> Finding about to expire certificates the PowerShell 2.0 way If you are using Windows PowerShell 2.0 (or if you just like to type), you can still find certificates that are about to expire by using the Get-ChildItem cmdlet on your Cert: PSDrive, and then piping the results to the Where-Object

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The only thing I see being a potential problem for you is if the SPNs are set, but set incorrectly. If a remote client attempts to authenticate to SQL and finds a valid SPN, it will use Kerberos. If the remote client attempts to connect and finds no SPN, it will use NTLM. If the remote client attempts to connect and finds an SPN, and then tries. Use the following utilities to verify the SPNs and keytab files: kinit. You can use the. kinit. utility to request a ticket-granting ticket (TGT) from the KDC and verify that a keytab file can be used to establish a Kerberos connection. If the keytab and specified SPN are valid, the command obtains a ticket, and then caches the ticket in the. Infrastructure PenTest Series : Part 3 - Exploitation¶. After vulnerability analysis probably, we would have compromised a machine to have domain user credentials or administrative credentials. This blog presents information about. Active Directory Reconnaissance with Domain User rights. Once, we have access to credentials of a domain user of windows domain, we can utilize the credentials to. MS SQL Server is a set of Windows services that run on the OS in the context of the service account. Every time an instance of SQL Server is installed, a set of Windows services is actually veing installed and uniquely named. High level of existing SQL Server account types: Windows Accounts. SQL Server Logins (Inside SQL Server) PowerShell の Get-SPN function を使って重複している SPN を割り出す。 Get-SPN - Get Service Principal Names (SPNs) まず、上記のサイトから Get-SPN.ps1 ファイルをダウンロードします。 ダウンロード後、下記のように Get-SPN.ps1 のプロパティを開き Zone ID を削除します

Empire is a pure PowerShell post-exploitation agent built on cryptologically-secure communications and a flexible architecture. Empire implements the ability to run PowerShell agents without needing powershell.exe, rapidly deployable post-exploitation modules ranging from key loggers to Mimikatz, and adaptable communications to evade network detection, all wrapped up in a usability-focused. Get SPN Ticket Powersploit Module Import-Module. \powersploit.psm Get-DomainUser-SPN | Get-DomainSPNTicket-OutputFormat Hashcat Kerberoasting Powerview Module Import-Module. \powerview.ps1 Invoke-Kerberoast | fl Rubeus Rubeus kerberoast Capturing SMB net-NTLM hashes Responder. / Responder. py-I eth0-A Identify Unconstrained Delegation.

Red Teaming Active Directory. 18 minute read. Introduction. When delivering an advanced penetration test or red team exercise, we want our activities to look like normal actions. Not only we will be stealthy this way, but we will minimize the posssibilities of disrupting normal operations as well. Active Directory Fundamentals my ramblings on tech. Background. One of the most painful troubleshooting experiences for me has been trying to figure out how to setup SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to use Kerberos Constrained Delegation ดาวน์โหลดสคริปต์ Get-SPN.ps1 บันทึกลงใน C: \ powershell_scripts \ Get-SPN.ps1 และเรียกใช้สิ่งต่อไปนี้ใน PowerShell:. C:\powershell_scripts\Get-SPN.ps1 Get-SPN -ServiceClass MSSQLSv Task 1: Creating a service principal. You will need a service principal to deploy an app to an Azure resource from Azure Pipelines. Since we are going to retrieve secrets in a pipeline, we will need to grant permission to the service when we create the key vault

User hunting. User hunting is the bases for gaining the right access to certain resources through the manipulation of user accounts. Using PowerView, we can find out how to do that by using the below two commands. Noisy - Invoke-UserHunter. Quiet - Invoke-StealthUserHunter Public\Permissions\EXO\Get-EXOSendOnBehalfPerms.ps1 Public\Permissions\EXO\RecursiveGroupMembers\Get-EXOFullAccessRecursePerms.ps1 Public\Permissions\EXO\RecursiveGroupMembers\Get-EXOMailboxRecursePerms.ps1

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Mimikatz. Using the kerberos::list /export functionality is awesome, but this will generate a file per-ticket. I have been on a few engagements where that meant 4000+ files. Luckily the awesome @gentilkiwi saves us and has included a base64 mode for Mimikatz. So here I'm simply pulling the Invoke-Mimikatz script that @JosephBialek. C:\> Powershell -nop -exec bypass -noexit (change the directory pointing towards the downloaded location) PS C:\> Import-Module .\Get-SPN.psm1 Find All Servers where Domain Admins are Registered to Run Services. If we are using the Domain User or local system from a particular Domain computer use the following comman There are multiple ways to get IP address information. Most common are ipconfig or Get-NetIPAddress command. Today I want to show you how to check this quickly using ping class This certification will test the ability to: Source data from Data Lakes, APIs, and on-premise. Transform, replicate, and share data across cloud platforms. Design end-to-end near real-time streams. Design scalable compute solutions for DE workloads. Evaluate performance metrics. Steps to Success. Review Data Engineer Exam Guide

Get-Spn -HostName This will return the SPN's for a given host. Find-Spn -Service -Name This will find all SPN's of a given service, or of given name, or both. The result was the QfeLibrary.ps1, it contains several functions that can be used to help you manage your hotfixes タグ powershell, sql-server, smo. 私たちのドメイン内で実行されているSQL Serverのすべてのインスタンスを発見することを任務としてきました。場合によっては、サーバーごとに複数のインスタンスがあります。これらのインスタンスを見つける方法は2つありますが、どちらもすべてを見つけることは. Method 1. If you run Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016, you've already got support for the Gallery and can just issue the following command. Save-Module -Name dbatools -Path C:\temp. This will download the package, unzip it and place it into C:\temp\dbatools. Saving modules and investigating their content is actually a recommended practice by. The situational_awareness/ network/ get_spn module allows to scan SPN in a network. In a similar way, situational_awareness/ network/ powerview/ get_domain_trust and situational_awareness/ network/ powerview/ map_domain_trust facilitate your searches for trusts by recursively enumerating all domain trusts accessible from your current position.

Get spn for server. Get spn for sql server. Get spn for service account. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ) Most Searched Keywords. Get spn powershell 1 . Symptoms after stopping nuvaring 2 . Banc abc online 3 . Crosstown courier inc 4 . Allied materials corporation 5 Sysadmins of the North is just technical blog, like so many others out there. Here I write about IT stuff that I find interesting, problems I encountered and solved. Topics include computer, server, web, sysadmin, database, virtualization, optimization and security. For the most part, I write as it comes; posts may seem incoherently written.

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We run appveyor.dsc.ps1, which applies the DSC configuration and saves the mof path. We run appveyor.pester.ps1, which invokes the pester script, sends test results to AppVeyor, and tells us if the build passed. We upload the mof file, which will be available on the artifacts page for your AppVeyor project. Tie it all together. We're good to go The current domain informa²on to which the domain user is a part can be easily from BUSINESS MGT220 at University of Management and Technolog

This is our new auto-generated docs site. Please report any issues or requests to our GitHub repository. Search on the left and click on a command to show the related help Generate a report of 'Service Principal Names' (SPN) in Active Directory This script will generate a report of all the 'Service Principal Names' (SPN) in Active Directory and will inform you about their status. Download. Get-SPNReport.ps1. Ratings (0) Downloaded 1,122 times. Favorites Add to favorites. Category Active Directory. Sub-category 1. Reads the file name that is passed in as a parameter and reads all the contents of that file. 2. Iterates through all the rows that have been read in. 3. Reads the first column of each row, called Selected. 4. Checks to see if the is an uppercase X in it to denote that we want to create a rule from this template and continue if it is found Security Tool List Update Dec 2020. Mark Mo. Dec 2, 2019 · 17 min read. This is a categorized list of security tools. Thank you to all of the authors of these tools that were gracious enough to.

So, linked from the vmcreator.ps1 article is a great utility, Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 that I used to create my base OS image. The utility is super handy and has a gui or cmdline version. I wimped out initially and used the gui version, pointed it an ISO of Windows Server 2012 and after a while I had a lovely vhdx ready for vmcreator.ps1 Register-PSSessionConfiguration -name SpoolService -StartupScript \\path\to\SpoolService.ps1 -RunAsCredential $(Get-Credential) -ShowSecurityDescriptorUI. Details on these arguments: Name - This is the name you will refer to when connecting to the endpoint. I try to keep the name and the startupScript filename consistent and meaningful guyhorn. PowerShell module to get, add and remove Service Principal Names and Kerberos Delegations for MIM service accounts. This module helps preventing mistakes by tying together service_account, SPN and delegation for MIM. The Remove-SPNsAndKerberosDelegation has a safety feature. It lets you see what your'e going to remove www.msdn.microsoft.co setspn does not affect Active Directory Users. I run the setspn command for specific user on Domain Controller. C:\>setspn -s example/username.companyname.com username Checking domain DC=companyname,DC=com Registering ServiceprincipalNames active-directory windows-server-2008-r2 kerberos spn

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4、Get-SPN.ps1 5、Invoke-WinEnum.ps1 0x07 横向渗透[lateral_movement],拓展内网的其它机器: 1、Invoke-PsExec.ps1powershell版的psexecInvoke- 2、 SSHCommand.ps1 powershell版本的ssh工具,可以利用它方便的ssh到内网的linux机器上. 3 、Invoke-InveighRelay.ps1 经典的smb重放 攻 17. Finding SQL Servers: Authenticated Service Principal Names (SPN) • Pros: Fast and returns most SQL Servers on the domain • Cons: Will miss instances on non domain systems Tools • setspn.exe • adfind.exe • Get-Spn.psm1. 18. 10 DEADLY Configurations. 19. 10 Deadly Configurations 1. Logins with Sysadmin Privileges 2 Manning publishes high-quality books and videos for technology professionals like you. Use this special discount code to save 40% on all eBooks, pBooks, MEAPs, and liveVideo courses at manning.com, including these selected titles. Just ente Errors related to s are one of the most searched in this blog. Many of the blogs that talk about these errors are the ones that get viewed often too. This is one of the interesting errors, which you might see in your environments. One of my blog reader contacted me and told that their event log and ERRORLOG is full of below the messages Submit malware for free analysis with Falcon Sandbox and Hybrid Analysis technology. Hybrid Analysis develops and licenses analysis tools to fight malware

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+The the _run.ps1_ file has the PowerShell code which reads the incoming document and outputs changes. -### Queue trigger, get multiple docs, using SqlQuery +```powershel Click Here: DOWNLOAD PSN CARD CODES. We have all been waiting for a legitimate way to redeem free psn card codes, well there is finally a way for USA, UK, and Canada Citizens Through, Points or psn card codes is a friendly, fun and fast way to earn extra cash and prizes in your free time. You earn cash and points by completing easy offers for.

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Command:- az keyvault set-policy -n dev-kv -key-permissions get -spn <Client ID of Managed identity> Set policy to access secrets in your Key Vault. Create a PowerShell file named computeHash.ps1 and put this code into it.. 至less你可能有点担心。 不幸的是,一个特定的应用程序是否会被中断或者全部取决于应用程序。 但总体而言,只要您正确设置SPN,任何事情都不会中断

Powershellの関数(Function)の使い方. Powershellでは関数の利用が可能です。. 再用可能なコードなどを関数化しておくことで、コードの見通しが良くなり、保守性も向上します。. この記事の目次. 基本的な使い方. 基本構文. 関数に渡す引数について. 高度な関数. Get-SPN.ps1スクリプトをダウンロードし、C:\ powershell_scripts \ Get-SPN.ps1に保存して、PowerShellで次を実行します。 C:\powershell_scripts\Get-SPN.ps1 Get-SPN - ServiceClass MSSQLSv SQL Server CLR相關利用. CLR微軟官方把他稱為公共語言執行時,從 SQL Server 2005 (9.x) 開始,SQL Server 整合了用於 Microsoft Windows 的 .NET Framework 的公共語言執行時 (CLR) 元件。. 這意味著現在可以使用任何 .NET Framework 語言(包括 Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 和 Microsoft Visual C#)來. Data privacy today. 5,286,896data records breachedeach day. 40%. increase in data breaches from . 2015 to 2016. 91%. of adults agree that consumers have . lost control. of how personal information is collected and used by companie

Scott Sutherland在将Get-SPN模块实现到Empire之前,已经创建了多个Powershell脚本作为PowerShellery的一部分,可以为各种服务收集SPN。其中一些需要PowerShell v2.0的环境,还有一些则需要PowerShell v3.0环境。 Get-SPN -type service -search 4、Get-SPN.ps1. 5、Invoke-WinEnum.ps1. 0x07 横向渗透[lateral_movement],拓展内网的其它机器: 1、Invoke-PsExec.ps1 powershell版的psexecInvoke-2、SSHCommand.ps1 powershell版本的ssh工具,可以利用它方便的ssh到内网的linux机器上. 3 、Invoke-InveighRelay.ps1 经典的smb重放 攻击 . 0x08 持久控制 [persistence] Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's. 自動販売機ハッキングLt 1. 自動販売機ハッキング について -OWASP Kansai- 黒林檎(@r00tapple) 2. プロフィール • Twitter:r00tapple • Facebook:村島 正浩 • 最近の趣味:たこわさを作る • 最近好きなカテゴリ:IoTのハッキング • [来年から新入社員 We won't get SPN on that over in the US, now that All has gone digital or whatever.... PIC 3: Smiley is honestly more worried about the steel rod coming out of Jared's head at that weird upward angle.... and look there, behind him... another one coming out of his head...

#扫描域中所有的SPN信息Import-Module .\Discover-PSInterestingServices.ps1;Discover-PSInterestingServices GetUserSPNs.ps1: GetUserSPNs 是 Kerberoast 工具集中的一个 powershell 脚本,用来查询域内用户注册的 SPN。 Import-Module .\GetUserSPNs.ps1 GetUserSPNs.vbs Laden Sie das Skript Get-SPN.ps1 herunter, speichern Sie es unter C: \ powershell_scripts \ Get-SPN.ps1 und führen Sie Folgendes in PowerShell aus:. C:\powershell_scripts\Get-SPN.ps1 Get-SPN -ServiceClass MSSQLSvc (Natürlich können Sie das Skript an einem anderen Ort speichern, aktualisieren Sie einfach die erste Zeile nach Bedarf.). Clients cannot access one of our server shares Both servers are domain controllers 2008 Standard the one they cannot access is the PDC (holds all roles 在向Empire添加Get-SPN模块之前,Scott Sutherland已经创建了几个Powershell脚本,它们是PowerShellery的一部分,可以为各种服务收集SPN。其中一些需要用PowerShell v2.0,其他一些用PowerShell v3.0。 PS C:\> Import-Module .\Get-SPN.psm1 PS C:\> Get-SPN -type service -search

[Solution trouvée!] Si vous voulez quelque chose qui sera utile pour l'avenir, je me garderais probablement d'essayer d PowerShell Empire is a post-exploitation framework for computers and servers running Microsoft Windows, Windows Server operating systems, or both. In these tutorials, we will be exploring everything from how to install Powershell Empire to how to snoop around a target's computer without the antivirus software knowing about it. If we are lucky, we might even be able to obtain domain. Dr. Ware is a Charleston, SC Microsft Silver Partner specializing in Office 365 and small business consultin 本文讲的是PowerShell安全专题之攻击工具篇,PowerShell 成为攻击工具的演变过程PowerShell 是一个内置在每个受支持的Windows版本中 (Windows 7 / Windows 2008 R2 和更高版本)的命令行程序,它能够提供令人难以置信的灵活性和功能化管理 Windows 系统的能力。这种能力使得 PowerShe.. Dean has had it. In the Then introduction to the episode, we get Dean exclaiming, Screw the job, man!. This will be important. 5. The Screw the job, man is hilariously contradictory, considering the fact that Sam has Dean circling around in the dark, tiptoeing through empty warehouses and barns

内网探测之SPN服务扫描及相关利用. 在写下一个大块之前,补充一些小知识点,也没啥新东西. 0x01简介. 如果常规扫描服务,结果不理想,非常GG,可以考虑使用SPN进行服务扫描,这是为了借助Kerberos的正常查询行为(向域控发起LDAP查询)作掩护进行设备难以探测. Praise for the first edition From the first edition of Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches by Iain Foulds: An incredible information-packed book to learn core and advanced Azure concepts in a month! —Sushil Sharma, Galvanize Microsoft Azure is fast becoming a leader in the public cloud space @Nikkei_Simmer, I was the same way before installing the mods as I needed to see it done before hand, but I had figured it out by reading the link that igazor has posted.Now I have the mods that I wanted plus so CC that I couldn't have because of not having the mods folder set up.. PowerShell 成为攻击工具的演变过程PowerShell 是一个内置在每个受支持的Windows版本中 (Windows 7 / Windows 2008 R2 和更高版本)的命令行程序,它能够提供令人难以置信的灵活性和功能化管理 Windows 系统的能