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How to calculate crop factor? The crop factor compares the image sensor sizes to the full-frame sensor size. To accommodate different aspect ratios of sensors, it is defined as the ratio of the diagonal length of the 35mm sensor to that of the crop sensor:. CF = diag 35mm / diag sensor. where

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A Stardew Valley crop profits calculator and visualizer. Season: Number of days: Current day: Produce type: Number of crops: Max seed money: Average profits: Cross season: Seed sources: Pierre Joja Special: Pay for seeds: Fertilizer: Pay for fertilizer: Speed-Gro Source:. (386) 219-0538. YP Supplier, LLC dba Mr Stacky 228 SW Waterford Ct Lake City, FL 32025 Email: [email protected Grain break-even calculator for break-even analysis on your inputs and help you determine a target price to benefit your farm operations and manage your farm income. Understand your profit per acre and calculate break-even for corn, soybeans, and wheat and understand your profit per acre for corn, soybeans, and wheat Organic Fertilizer and Cover Crop Calculators . This free online tool compares the nutrient value and cost of cover crops, organic and synthetic fertilizers and compost. Use this Calculator to develop well balanced and cost effective nutrient management programs for your farm. Developed by Nick Andrews, Dan Sullivan, Jim Julian and Kristin Pool Select cash crop (for monocultures) or crop rotation. Select the desired cover crop species or mixture. Select desired output parameters. Click Calculate. Note: This Soil Health Calculator provides estimates based on overall average values of measurements reported in more than 500 studies. These studies represent a range of cropping systems and.

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  1. Cropping Systems Calculator: Land Stewardship Project, MN: Cover Crops: Why grow a crop you do not sell? Webinar Case Study - Transition to Cover Crop for a Beginning Farmer The Corn Story the First Year: Lynn Knight, ENTSC: Cover Crop Cost-Return Budget; An Excel spreadsheet to analyze the economics of planting a cover crop based on short-term.
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  3. mmCalc is a super simple photography focal length calculator. Simply input your focal length, sensor size, and max aperture and we'll give you what the 35mm equivalent is of that configuration. If the simple calculator doesn't suit your needs, we also offer calculators for crop factor based on sensor size and completely custom lens + sensor crop factor calculations

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The Crop Planning Guides provide information that can help estimate the income and cost of production for different crops in the various soil zones in the province. The detailed calculations in this guide are based on the inputs and returns associated with attaining a target yield in the top 20 per cent of a producers for each soil zone The Crop Calculator is an application that allows farmers growing corn to calculate their grain yields, maturity dates, and silage price adjustments. The formulas incorporated in the app were developed by University of Wisconsin agronomy specialists' research MEGA CROP. NPK Info; Secondary Nutrients Info; Amino Acid Chelated Trace Nutrients Info; Extra Bonus Ingredients and Additives; Formula Ease Of Use; Photos; Product Comparison; Feeding Calculator. Mega Crop 1 Part; Mega Crop 2-Part (Injector) Mega Crop 2-Part (Single Tank) Supplements Feeding Calculator; FAQ; Shop. MEGA CROP One-Part; MEGA CROP. Crop Calculators. Crop Calculators is an Android app that lets corn growers calculate grain yields, maturity dates, and silage price adjustments using their smartphone or tablet. -This calculator compares a negotiated price for silage and adjusts the price, taking into account how much moisture is present. -Simply enter the negotiated moisture. Contact Us Street Address: (For Internet & Navigation Devices) 6N800 IL-25 St. Charles, IL 60174 Phone: (847) 742-1790 Fax: (847) 742-2655 Email: mginfo@midwestgroundcovers.com Current Hours: Monday - Friday: 7:00am - 5:00p

Seeding Rate Converter Functionality: Calculates seeding rates while converting among the different units of measure—seeds per acre, pounds per acre, or seedlings per foot of row. Spring Wheat Yield Calculator Functionality: The yield calculator uses long-term data from the AgWeatherNet (AWN) system to estimate spring wheat yield for specific locations A plant yield calculator that will calculate how many vegetables a vegetable plant will grow in a season. Select the vegetable type and the number of fruit will appear in the box on the right. Vegetable plant production is averaged from the total harvest from first production to frost. The number of vegetables a plant will produce depends on a. The plant spacing calculator will tell you how many plants you need in a square or a triangular grid - here, 6,188 for a square grid and 7,059 for triangular spacing. Notice that you can also use the plant spacing calculator for row spacing to have different spacing between rows vs. within a row Calculate the weight of fertilizer materials to supply the amounts of N, P 2 O 5, K 2 O, S recommended by a soil test report. Select recommendations in pounds per acre that are typical of agronomic crop recommendations or in pounds per 1000 square feet that are typical of homeowners reports such as for a home lawn

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  1. g Profit Calculator — growth time, focus cost, nutrition etc
  2. mmCalc is a simple online tool that uses your sensor size to instantly convert any focal length and aperture f-stop into its 35mm equivalent. Whether you're using a Canon APS-C camera (crop.
  3. LOAN PAYMENT CALCULATOR. This is an estimate of payments for various loan types including farm loans, land loans, ranch loans, livestock loans and ag loans. The actual loan payment amounts may vary depending on the interest rate, closing date and other factors. $1,717.77

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Brassica Crop Calculator. This tool is intended as a guide only. For specific recommendations on the brassica best suited for your farming system, contact your local seed retailer or click here to get in touch with your local PGG Wrightson Seeds representative. It is important to note we recommend that milking cows receive no more than 33% of. Use this calculator to determine recommended seeding rates, average cost of seed and total cost per acre for cover crops grown in North Dakota. NDSU Cover Crop Calculator (.xlsx file) Feel free to use and share this content, but please do so under the conditions of our Creative Commons license and our Rules for Use The 2nd calculator is the reverse, calculating sensor size from crop factor and Aspect Ratio. Aspect Ratio is about the Shape, simply width / height of the sensor mm or the image pixels. The most common aspect ratios in cameras today are 3:2 = 1.5:1 in DSR, 4:3 = 1.333:1 in compacts and phones, and 16:9 = 1.778 for video, in camcorders and HDTV UNL's Corn Nitrogen Calculator is an Excel® spreadsheet designed to help you determine the most economical rate of nitrogen fertilizer for corn in Nebraska. It can be downloaded from the UNL Soil Fertility Web site. It does not provide recommendations for other nutrients or other crops. It uses soil test information (soil organic matter.

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A crucial step in maximizing your profit potential is to better understand where your grain marketing strategy fits into the market. Designed to help you determine your farm's break-even and profit potential, Channel® brand's profitability calculator is a valuable tool for developing a targeted grain marketing strategy A value of 1.0000 will be used to estimate your premium. The ERF will be released no later than 15 days prior to sales closing date. Data valid as of: 7/2/2021. The Cost Estimator only provides a general premium estimate. Refer to your crop insurance agent and policy for specific information regarding insurance coverage, actuarial information. ABC is Ready to Use for 2021 Crop Budgets. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Department of Agricultural Economics and Center for Ag Profitability invites ag producers and farm managers to begin using the online Agricultural Budget Calculator (ABC) program. Using ABC current crop budgets can be created and customized by field or farm, saved.

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The Feeding Calculator is used as a general starting point for finding the right amount of nutrients to use. Depending on your setup, you may benefit from using more, or less than the suggestion. After running MEGA CROP for a few weeks you can begin to dial-in your feeding program, ie: modify it to achieve maximum harvest/results and have. The calculator results are dependent on certain assumptions, It is left to the grower to make sure the mounting height is high enough to prevent thermal damage to the crop. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 110 Eighth Street Troy, NY USA 12180 (518) 276-6000 Accessibility Title IX Policy Media Policy. Finally, principal crop estimates used here are the latest available for each year as found in the USDA Quick Stats database. Principal crop acreage for 1998 through 2020 is represented by the green bars in Figure 1. For this period, the principal crop total varied by 26.9 million acres, ranging from 303.3 to 330.0 million acres

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Planted {{self.cfarm().totals.season[self.cseason.index].get_plantings(1)}} Harvests {{self.cfarm().totals.season[self.cseason.index].get_harvests(1)} Calculate crop costs, plan for 2019. ADD IT UP: When new seed, fertilizer and chemical prices are available this fall, compiling your 2019 budget will be easier and more accurate if you know your 2018 actual costs. Timely Tips: It's best to know cost per bushel, as well as cost per acre Full-Frame Crop Factor Calculator in Excel. Easily determine the Full-Frame Crop Factor of your various lenses using the following calculator in Excel. If you shoot with a Full-Frame or Crop sensor camera, chances are you have an assortment of lenses. This calculator quickly determines the comparable field of view Figure 1 shows the 2021 Premium Calculator, which gives farmer-paid premiums for a user-specified county and crop, corn for LaSalle County in Illinois in this example (see top left corner of Figure 1). Once a state and crop is selected, default values are brought in for all parameter items, which have blue lettering on yellow background How to Use the SmartMix Calculator to Create the Perfect Cover Crop Mix. When it comes to creating a cover crop mix, the options are endless. You need to determine what kind of species you'll use, how many you'll use, and at what seeding rates. For anyone new to cover crop blends, these decisions can be overwhelming.Fortunately,... Read more

The calculator includes integrated spreadsheets that provide the PAN estimates for cover crops and organic fertilizers, help growers match their crop nutrient requirements with fertilizer rates, determine the cost of various fertilizer programs and cover crops. The developers of this calculator also produced a fact sheet, Estimating Plant. This calculator determines how much seed is needed to plant a crop with the desired plant density and includes seed drill calibration information. Soil Information Viewer This tool is intended to be a resource tool to assist land managers and producers in making general land management decisions

Stardew-Valley-Crop-Calculator. This calculator is a work in progress. Come back later to see the results! Eventually, I plan on creating a calculator for Stardew Valley that will tell you the best crops to plant on any day of any season (taking into account all of your character's attributes) to make the most profit The Crop Sensor Calculator. Welcome to the mmCalc Crop Factor Calculator.A very handy online tool to quickly convert equivalent focal lengths and f-stops to their Full Frame counterpart (36 x 24mm - the largest sized sensor found in a DSLR).. You could be using an APS-C Crop Sensor camera (23.6 x 15.8mm Sensor) applying a crop factor of 1.5x to 1.7x (Nikon 1.5x and Canon 1.6x) or something. Calf Crop Percent is 85% ( (255 calves weaned/300 cows exposed to the bull) x 100 = 85%). Records indicate 37 cows had no calving records, 6 calves lost at calving, and 2 calves were lost between calving and weaning. It is assumed the 37 head did not get pregnant during the breeding season because there was no record that they aborted

Land Valuation. AcreValue analyzes terabytes of data about soils, climate, crop rotations, taxes, interest rates, and corn prices to calculate the estimated value of an individual field Crop Calculators has three corn crop calculators: Silage Moisture Cost Adjuster for Corn-This calculator compares a negotiated price for silage and adjusts the price, taking into account how much moisture is present.-Simply enter the negotiated moisture and price, along with the actual moisture content, and the adjusted price will be calculated The prediction is based on PeanutFARM's adjusted Growing Degree (aGDD) calculator. Irrigated peanuts planted on March 16, 2021 at the UF-IFAS Plant Science Unit in Marion County (Citra) have reached approximately 1700 aGDD as of June 28th (Figure 1). On average they accumulated 24 aGDD from June 15 through June 28 (two weeks) Crop loan is a short term advance that is given to the farmers and agriculturists by banks and co-operative societies. The loan amount can be used to purchase improved seeds, fertilizers, machinery etc. The crop loans are provided as agriculture is a priority sector. The loan is usually repaid in single instalment after the crop production

Ag PhD - Information for Agriculture - Corn Grain and Stover Nutrient Removal Charts. Corn Grain and Stover Nutrient Removal Charts admin 2011-10-26T20:46:19+00:00. Corn Nutrient Removal - Grain Only (lbs) *N, P, K and S numbers courtesy International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI). These numbers are estimations Cover Crop Selector for Indiana Counties. Support for the model is provided by: Dean Baas, PhD. Michigan State University Extension, W.K. Kellogg Biological Station, Land and Water Unit. 3700 E. Gull Lake Drive. Hickory Corners, MI 49060. Phone: 269-671-2412 ext. 260. Email: baasdean@msu.edu. Cover Crop Webinars How to use the plant calculator. You can figure out the plant spacing for your gardens and hedgerows using this plant spacing calculator. The first option is to decide what spacing you want to determine - your Garden grid or your Hedgerows?. For Garden grid plant spacing, determine the width and length of the area you want to cover with plants. We will assume an orchard with a width of 240 m. Image Size Calculation for Scale and Crop. A calculator for resizing (scaling and cropping) images and keeping the ratio. Enter width and height of the original image and one other value. Width and heigh can have any unit, like pixels (px), point, pica or millimeters, the result has the same unit. The percent values are always rounded to two. ETo calculator is meant as a practical tool to help agro-meteorologists, agronomists, and irrigation engineers to carry out standard calculations for ETo, to be later used in crop water use studies. ETo calculator version 3.1 , issued in January 2009, is written in Borland DELPHI and runs in the DOS environment

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The following information and decision tool is provided as a means to assist growers in making crop insurance and risk management decisions. Understanding how loss payments are determined is an important part of choosing the correct crop insurance product Crop Insurance Commercial Agriculture Food & Agribusiness Food & Agribusiness. Capital Markets Food and fiber debt syndications and investments. Processing & Marketing Calculate Payments. We're here to help you find a loan that works for you and your needs. Please use our calculator if you'd like to get an idea of your estimated payments Budget Calculator Instructions. The following information is needed in order to project budgets for a farming business: - County or closest county to where you farm - Direct input costs Crops - Expected yield and number of acres for each crop - Average land rent - Booked contracts (if applicable) - List of Expenses from Schedule Lost Yield x Commodity Price x Disturbed Acres = Potential Damage Payment. In our example, using the date above, we can calculate a potential damage payment: Potential Damage Payment: 306.3 bu x $4.08 x 4.59 acres = $5,736.14. It needs to be stressed that this is an example 'potential damage payment'. A final crop damage calculation should be.

Cost Estimator. Use this tool to estimate your Federal crop insurance premium costs. Please contact your crop insurance agent for an actual crop insurance quote and to obtain coverage. Please disable your pop-up blocker before using this application or add this application to your list of safe sites Grain yield can be estimated prior to harvest. Remember this is just an estimate as field conditions are rarely uniform. The general formula to estimate grain yield is: Wheat: Grain yield (bu/acre) = (kernels per spike x spikes per 3 ft of row) x 0.0319. Barley: Grain yield (bu/acre) = (kernels per spike x spikes per 3 ft of row) x 0.0389 Enter the Crop name identifier such as Block 1, Back paddock etc. and Crop type to be grown, for example, lettuce, wheat etc. Enter Planting Date, the expected Harvest Date or the number of days the crop will be growing and the other data box will auto-calculate USDA Flexibilities for Crop Insurance during COVID-19. The Risk Management Agency (RMA) recognizes the challenges the crop insurance industry and America's farmers and ranchers face during these unprecedented times and will provide flexibility that supports the health and safety of all parties, while also ensuring the Federal crop insurance program continues to serve as a vital risk. February 2021 Estimates . The Purdue Crop Cost and Return Guide offers farmers a resource to project financials for the coming cropping year. These are the February 2021 crop budget estimations for 2021; prepared by Purdue faculty members Michael Langemeier and Craig Dobbins, Department of Agricultural Economics; Bob Nielsen, Tony Vyn and Shaun Casteel, Department of Agronomy; and Bill Johnson.

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A calculator that can answer the question: What is the crop with x camera, y lens, and z speed booster? and then show you what the results will actually look like Seeding Rate Calculator for peas, pulses and other large seeds. Use this calculator to decide how much seed you need to plant to obtain the desired plant population and calibrate your seeder. Germination should be based on seed tests. Seed mortality can vary greatly, depending on seed viability, soil, moisture and climatic conditions This calculator was created to help farmers, extension educators, agencies, policymakers, and others learn about greenhouse gas emissions from field crop agriculture in order to make informed decisions about crop management and environmental stewardship

If the calculator gives you a negative number, this is a N debit, and you should add additional N fertilizer at planting to account for the N immobilized by the cover crop. You will need to have measured cover crop biomass in your field and have an analysis of the cover crop nitrogen, carbohydrates, cellulose and lignin to use this calculator I just started Stardew this week and thought I would share a crop calculator I have made. Just change what day of the month it is (I'm assuming every month is 28 days? I'm not really sure) and it will tell you the profit per month. You can even change the filters for what season it is Net Returns Calculator for Cover Crops Terminated with Herbicides. This decision tool is intended to help farmers who do not currently use cover crops evaluate the expected annual net returns to cover crop adoption under alternative scenarios, and to serve as a benchmark for farmers who are already using cover crops and want to improve the return on their investment

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Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture is a diverse collaboration working to create productive and profitable opportunities across the agricultural value chain for continuous improvements in environmental outcomes. Our work is grounded in science-based tools and resources, unparalleled, system-wide collaboration and increased supply-chain transparency Payments for eligible row crops included in the flat-rate payment category will be equal to eligible acres of the crop multiplied by a rate of $15 per acre. Eligible acres include the producer's share of the determined acres, or reported acres if determined acres are not present, excluding prevented planted and experimental acres Crop Water Use Calculator This online tool uses weather information to calculate how much water is used for irrigation systems during a growing season. Woodruff Irrigation Charts A Woodruff Irrigation Chart is a method that uses historic weather data and modern crop coefficients to develop a chart that helps a producer determine when to irrigate

Formula: The diagonal of a rectangle can be determined by a2+ b2 = c2. Full Frame: 24mm 2 + 36mm 2 = c 2. 576 +1296 = 1872. Square root of 1872 = 43.3mm. Full-Frame or 35mm Diagonal / Crop Sensor Diagonal = Crop Factor. So, if you have a camera with an APS-C-sized sensor (circa 15.6 x 23.5mm or 14.8 x 22.2 on Canon), plug in the numbers and you. Nursery Cost of Production Calculator (25 Crops) Published on March 2, 2009. This calculator is designed to assist the manager/owner in developing estimated cost for their nursery business. This also includes links to 50 and 100 crop calculators Forget mounts and crop factors. Just calculate the angles of view. About the author: Carlton Bassett is a photographer in Raleigh, NC, who primarily shoots portraits and weddings. He enjoys.

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To calculate the residue cover, select from the following configurations and press calculate. Iowa Residue Calculator | Integrated Crop Management Skip to main conten Adjust Your Yield. Selected Crop: Alfalfa. 3.5 ton/ac. 2. 8. Adjust the yield to affect your nutrient removal rate

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Describes the OSU Organic Fertilizer & Cover Crop Calculator and using it to predict plant-available nitrogen. EM 9235 Published May 2019 19 pages. PDF. View online. Ratin Liquid Fertilizer Calculator. The liquid fertilizer calculator allows for the conversion of pounds per acre of N, P, and K nutrient recommendations into gallons of liquid fertilizer per acre. Obtain new recommendations for other crops or yield goals. This interface will quickly calculate new N, P, and K requirements for other crops, yield goals.

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Know how much crop loan you can avail for cultivation and post- harvest expanses. This eligibility calculator gives an approximate value of KCC that you can avail from ICICI Bank. Our website also allows you to apply online instantly Agriculture and Natural Resources 116 Agricultural Administration 2120 Fyffe Road Columbus, OH 43210 Phone: 740-223-404

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How Crop Factor is Calculated. The math to derive the crop factor is quite simple. Knowing the physical size of the sensor, you first calculate the diagonal using Pythagorean Theorem (a² + b² = c²), then divide the number by the diagonal of the crop sensor. Here is an example on how to derive the crop factor of the Nikon CX sensor: 35mm. Illinois Climate Network: Crop Degree-Day Calculator. Choose a base temperature corresponding to a particular crop, 50° F for corn and 40° F for colder crops. Next, select a station nearest your point of interest, and input a planting date. Click CALCULATE to see the relevant degree-day accumulation for your area IPCM The University of Wisconsin Nutrient and Pest Management Program (NPM) and Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM)—work to bring research-based information regarding Wisconsin farm profits, water quality, pest management, pesticide use practices, and nutrient management planning to Wisconsin farmers and landowners. Our website hosts the Wisconsin Crop Manager newsletter in a blog. Operating system: Android / iOS. Description: The Tiger-Sul Nutrient Calculator is an agronomic planning tool for farmers to plan fertilizer applications and meet soil nutrient needs. Users select a crop and the desired yield for that crop; and are given the amount of crop nutrients that will be needed Estimated Costs of Crop Production in Iowa - 2021 The estimated costs of corn, corn silage, soybeans, alfalfa, and pasture maintenance in this report are based on data from several sources. They include the annual Iowa Farm Business Association record summaries, production and costs data from the Departments o the so-called reference crop evapotranspiration or reference evapotranspiration, is denoted as ETo. • The reference surface is a hypothetical grass reference crop with an assumed crop height of 0.1