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  1. Udder Wash Iodine-based detergent sanitizer is designed for washing udders. Contains a wetting agent and a mild acid to kill a wide variety of bacteria and condition water for effective yet thorough cleaning
  2. imum of 1.75% titratable iodine. UDDER WASH #175 diluted at one once per five gallons of water produces an efficient washing solution of
  3. Gallon, Iodine Udder Wash, Formulated With A Detergent/Iodine Complex & A Lanolin Derivative, Do Not Use For Cleaning &/Or Sanitizing Equipment, Contains 1% Iodine, Dilute 1 OZ With 3 Gallons Of Water

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  1. KERBA Udder Wash on Iodine Base *. • concentrate for disinfectant udder cleaning. • suitable for udder shower, udder towel or udder paper. • complies to the regulation regarding maximum quantities. • does not alter the taste of the milk. • very economical: 100 ml for 10 l working solution. Per 100 g / 1,2 g iodine
  2. Each gallon of concentrate makes 256 gallons of udder wash solution at 60 ppm. Gallon A mild, non-iodine, non-acid udder wash that contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate. Reduces mastitis causing organisms. Makes 256 gallons of udder wash solution at 60 ppm
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  4. Spectrum udder wash is formulated with chlorhexidine and high detergency to provide excellent cleaning with effective broad spectrum germicidal activity. Provides quick and effective reduction of a wide range of bacteria. Contains same germicide as Novalsan plus additional ingredients. UPS Ground Shipping only
  5. Then dry, strip out 5 squirts, and start milking. Pre-dip is optional if you use iodine wash. For machine milking, no need to brush or clean the udder - just the teats. I clean teats with a cloth dampened with warm iodine wash, dry, strip, iodine pre-dip, dry, attach milker. Maybe a little excessive, but it can't hur
  6. Non-Iodine Teat Dip or Spray for Post-Milking. Now there are two new ways to get iodine-free protection post milking: Ecolab Ultimate T.D. or Ultimate T.S. Select the dip or spray formula that's right for your operation—then use together with Wash & Prep RTU™ pre-dip for the ultimate iodine-free combo system
  7. Iodine Udder Wash L.A. drug manufacturers and companies such as Westfalia Systemat. Iodine Udder Wash L.A. active ingredients, usages, indications, composition, dosages and other pharmaceutical product information
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Put oils and soap in a quart size spray bottle. Fill bottle up with warm water and shake well. To use: Spray udder and teats with teat spray. Wipe off with a clean cloth until clean Iodine Udder Wash L.A. drug & pharmaceuticals active ingredients names and forms, pharmaceutical companies. Iodine Udder Wash L.A. indications and usages, prices, online pharmacy health products informatio

Nope, I have used gentle iodine for 11 years. To be honest, I don't even dip them, I spray gentle iodine on the teats when I'm done milking. If the udders are 'clean' I don't even bother washing them. Our girls stay pretty dry / clean most of the year. I will wash them if they're dirty / muddy, don't get me wrong Dairyland Brand Controlled Iodine Udder Wash Concentrate. $12.99. Deep Valley Farms Fight Bac. $11.49. Coburn Dynamint BLUE Mint Udder Cream. $13.49. Bag Balm Old Time Medicated Ointment. $9.49. Dairyland Brand Controlled 1% Iodine Teat Dip. $11.99. Durvet Bag Balm Lotion. $6.99. Dr. Naylor Udder Balm

Iodine Udder Wash. Chlorodine Udder Was. Milk Check Teat Wipes. Bag Balm. Udder Cream. Udder Comfort. Teat Dilators . Milkhouse Chemicals. AgroClean CIP Detergent. Exacta Plus One Step Detergent. Stronghold Acid Rinse. AgroSolv Solvent. Agro San Sanitizer. OxySan Sanitizer. Sodium Hypochloride 12.5% If the environment has been managed well, the udder and teats will probably be relatively clean when the animal enters the milking parlor. Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe off the teats and udder. Make sure to wipe from the teats outward, so that the teats are the cleanest parts

DESCRIPTION. Gallon, iodine udder wash, formulated with a detergent/iodine complex & a lanolin derivative, do not use for cleaning &/or sanitizing equipment, contains 1% iodine, dilute 1 oz with 3 gallons of water IODINE UDDERWASH 928507-17 2 / 11 Store locked up. Disposal: Dispose of contents/ container to an approved waste disposal plant. Product AT USE DILUTION Precautionary Statements : Prevention: Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Response: Get medical advice/ attention if you feel unwell. Storage: Store in accordance with local regulations AgroChem Inc AgroChem Inc Udder Wash 1.75% Iodine Iodine IODINE IODINE WATER PHOSPHORIC ACID C10-16 PARETH-1 C9-11 PARETH-3 Corrosive Liquid, N.O.S (Phosphoric Acid) 8, UN1760, PGll 1.75 % Titratable Iodine WARNING: keep away from children If accidentally swallowed or taken internally, contact physician immediately. AgroChem Udder Wash is an aid in the prevention of orangisms which may. Prepare a wash solution using 1 ounce of UdderDyne to each 5 gallons of lukewarm water (100 deg F). This solution provides 25 ppm Iodine. For a 50 ppm titratable Iodine solution, blend 1 oz. of UdderDyne to 2 1/2 gallons of water. Dip a single service paper or cloth towel into wash solution and wash teats to the base of the udder To make an udder wash/teat dip just mix: 1 oz (2 T) of bleach (Clorox only) one quart of water a drop of blue Dawn dish detergent (DO NOT use any other formula!

This complexed iodine provides a minimum of 7% titratable iodine This product is exempted from DEA regulation. Used as a disinfectant for dipping calf navels, and as an antiseptic and disinfectant for superficial cuts, abrasions, dehorning wounds, insect bites, or minor bruise Dairyland Brand CHG Udder Wash Concentrate. $18.99. Dairyland Brand|^|Stearns Chlorinated Pipeline Detergent. $9.49 - $39.99. Brand Vacuum Pump Oil For Milk. $13.49. Dairyland Brand Controlled 1% Iodine Teat Dip. $11.99. Dairyland Brand Controlled Iodine Udder Wash Concentrate. $12.99. Dairyland Brand 1% Controlled Iodine Teat Dip. $8.99. 3.5% Iodine Udder Wash Udder Wash 3.5% helps reduce the spread of microorganisms that may cause mastitis. An udder wash that contains 1.75% iodine. Item# 4701 3.5% Iodine Udder Wash 1 Gallon Item# 4702 3.5% Iodine Udder Wash 5 Gallon Item# 4703 3 3.5% Iodine Udder Wash 15 Gallon Directions For Use Udder Washing - Befo IODINE UDDER WASH. This product is an iodine-based udder wash and sanitizing concentrate. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 2.0% w/v available iodine . DIRECTIONS: For washing udders, use 7 ml per litre lukewarm water (1 oz/gallon). Use a clean udder towel for each cow. For cleaning teat cups, use 3 ml per litre lukewarm water (½ oz/gallon)

UDDER 330 - IODINE DETERGENT AND UDDER WASH - 15 GAL DRUM. Product Code: 400200570. Udder 330™ is an iodine product that provides germicidal activity in the prevention of mastitis. It contains wetting agents to help penetrate soils to get teats clean prior to attaching the milking units. Udder 330™ contains skin emollients to aid in improvin Iodine Udder Wash; Formulated With A Detergent/Iodine Complex & A Lanolin Derivative; Do Not Use For Cleaning &/Or Sanitizing Equipment; Contains 1% Iodine; Dilute 1 oz. With 3 Gallons Of Water. Dimension - 5.69 x 5.62 x 11.19 in. Item Weight - 8.75 lbs. - SKU: TRVAL4524 PREDYNE Iodine udder wash Product Type: OTC ANIMAL DRUG LABEL Autor Name: Tetradyne LLC Code Source: 66399-084 Route of Administration: TOPICAL PREDYN I thoroughly wash the udder and teats with the first water and towel from the first compartment, then using the towel and water from the second compartment I clean everything off. Doing this delivers a squeaky clean udder, and we've never dealt with mastitis mid-lactation.* They do use an iodine wash on the cows after milking. There are.

5,944 Posts. #7 • Jan 6, 2009. We use a pink concentrated udder wash from fleet farm and paper towels. Mix the wash dip half the towel in wash the teats and dry with the other half. For dip we use an iodine type with a foaming teat dipper. I agree with Anna, use something that is meant to do what you want it to For machine milking, you need to minimize water use as that draws bacteria down to the teat. Definitely don't wash the udder. Clean the teats (I use an iodine wash solution), dry, pre-strip, iodine dip (wait 30 sec), dry, and place the milker. Iodine dip when done. I use gloves either way

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  1. UDDER-DU Udder-Du IS on iodine sanitizer cnu udder wash for use on doiry cows Udder-Du may be used in worn •. cold, hard or 50ft water. In use dilution it is not corrosive. Udder-Du bacterial activity IS retaineo as long os its yellow-brown color is present CAUTION-Harmful ~. if swal:owed. Avoid getting the concentrate In th
  2. Iodine Udder Wash 1% 1 gal. SKU. 319795. Write a review . Special Price $14.99. was $14.99. $0.00 $0.00 Why can't I see the price? Price at store. Online price. In-store price and availability may vary. Online price. In-store price and availability may vary. Select Stores Onl
  3. ) Iodine0,4% iodine 0.4% control 1.5% iodine teat dip The onset of disinfection effect of this concentration was a bit slower. The iodine.
  4. ute before applying teat dip cups, dip . a single service towel into solution. Wash and . massage teats and udder thoroughly. Wring excess . solution from towel and dry teats and udder. Do not . dip towel back into solution. Discard towel. 3. Prepare fresh solution when the.
  5. imum of 25 ppm available iodine. Use a separate towel for each cow and discard towel after applications, then rinse with warm water and exa
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Agrimaster Iodine Udder Wash. Iodine Udder Wash. Blain # 261794 | Mfr # 7751-5164-004. Today's Price. $ 10 49. Special Offer Available. Get a free gift with orders $50+ when you buy online, pick up in Drive-Thru More Details. Today's Price. $ 10 49 I use the udder wash from hoegger supply, i think its an iodine wash? Mom bought it a while back, it lasts for forever! its about 7 cc's per gallon i think. It doesnt chap my hands or the girls' udders

In the past I've tried the home made udder wash from Fiasco Farms.....Did not like it. I've been using an iodine udder wash I bought from Hoeggers & regardless of how I mix it (stronger, more diluted, exactly as the lable says) it's VERY, VERY drying.....to the point I'm having to moisturize the girl's udders at least three times a week or they crack & blee 3. I only wash dirty udders, like right after birth etc. I use a warm washcloth with soapy water. During other times I dip the teat, wipe with a paper towel then milk. Then I redip.. 4. VENDETTA UDDER WASH is a 1.75% iodine and phosphoric acid wash for washing and sanitizing cow udders. Provides 17,500 ppm titratable iodine and phosphoric acid. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IN CONCENTRATED FORM. Pre-mix one (1) ounce of VENDETTA with five (5) gallons of water to provide minimum of 25 ppm available iodine 1.75% Iodine Udderwash $ 55.00 - $ 520.00. Udderwashing iodine solution. This iodine based udder wash solution is formulated to help clean udders and teats before milking. size: Clear: 1.75% Iodine Udderwash quantity. Add to cart. SKU: N/A Categories: Darisoft, Teat Dips. Additional information. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Dairyland ST0220-DB-TL35 Iodine Udder Wash, Gallon at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

Synodine is ideal for pre-milking teat cleaning and for protective application immediately after milking. It is a ready-to-use formulation which offers emolliency and biocidal protection of teats in between milking periods. Synodine is ideal for application using spray applicators, or an individual dipping cup BAC-DROP is a non-iodine formulation, providing excellent detergency to aid in udder cleaning. Helps Assure High Quality Milk • Concentrated formulation—same usage rate as iodine udder washes. Easy on Skin • Formula contains no iodine or quaternary ammonium compounds. • Not expected to cause skin irritation when used at recommended use.

A non-iodine formulation, providing excellent detergency to aid in udder cleaning. Concentrated formula. Prepare the udder washing solution in plastic pail,using 1 oz to 5 gallons of warm water, or use sprayer.Bac-Drop is the substitute for Eco-Lab Udder Prep. Udder Prep was diluted at 1oz to 2 gallons of warm water Acid Iodine Udder Wash) Ecolab Co. 02186144 Acetic acid, nonyl phenoxypoly ethoxy ethanol-iodine complex, phosphoric acid Iosan Liq West Penetone Inc. 02012197 Nonyl phenoxypoly ethoxy ethanol-iodine, phosphoric acid, polyethoxy polypropoxy polyethoxy ethanol - iodine complex K.O. Dyne Gea Farm Technologies Inc

Then I would massage the teats with the udder balm, strip the last of the milk out, re-wash the tips of the teats and then spray them with the gentle iodine. My goats have never liked me using the gentle iodine - and I've always wanted something more natual, so I began to search for a better solution In period 2, a pre-milking teat-dipping was applied for 10 d followed by no teat-dipping before milking (udder wash without iodine) and then post-dipping treatment was applied for 5 d. Feeding KI increased concentrations of iodine in serum, urine, and milk (P < 0.05) This udder wash is formulated with quaternary ammonium. Sorbitol-based conditioners and mild acidity promote healthy skin. Each gal. of this teat wash concentrate will make 128 gal. of udder wash solution at 40 ppm. Teat wash contains didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, cleaning agents, and lanolin; Prior to milking, wash teats with a solution. Discard udder wash and/or dip if it becomes contaminated with dirt or manure during milking. Contamination is easier to see in lighter coloured solutions like chlorhexadine but more difficult in iodine solutions When in doubt, throw it out! Never pour leftover dip after milking back into the original container

Packing Waad for 1160-063 Teat Sprayer Foamer Handle assembly. Add to Cart. $129.00 $99.00 6. Here we wash the whole udder with spectrum udder wash, each teat gets dipped with pre iodine dip, washed with wipes and after milking dip with a iodine barrier dip (Astro-tek). We also sanitize our hands between does and before and after milking. 7

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Regardless of udder cleaning procedure, manual drying of teats is a significant factor in reduction of total bacteria counts. Predipping with iodine-based sanitizers, .1 to .25% iodine concentration, reduced intramammary infection with environmental pathogens 51% compared with good udder preparation in a field trial on four commercial dairy farms Wash Teats with a Sanitizing Solution Scrub teats and teat ends thoroughly with a paper towel or direct a stream of sanitizing solution on the teats and wash by hand. Do not wet the udder beyond 2 to 3 inches above the teats. Remove all dirt and manure from teats, including back sides of teats that are most difficult to reach I-Deal Barrier Teat Dip. $ 84.94 - $ 802.30. I-Deal™ is a unique germicidal 10,000 ppm iodine teat dip that forms a protective barrier on the teat. Helps control common bacterial organisms known to cause mastitis by providing broad spectrum antimicrobial protection after dipping. Gallons

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  1. D08AG03 - Iodine F-5 Lanolized Iodophor Udder Wash pharmaceutical companies: Pharmaceutical companies are drug manufacturing companies that help in complete development of the drug from the background research to formation, clinical trials, release of the drug into the market and marketing of the drug
  2. A good udder preparation and milking routine, combined with post milking teat dipping/spraying, has a proven impact on reducing mastitis. Our range of high quality teat dips will keep teats in excellent condition. Teat dips. Udder towels - textile. 22 products
  3. Cost breakdown of my Homemade Udder & Teat Wipes: 100 disposable wipes will cost you $4.25. 1/2 c. of Castile Soap Natural Cleaner concentrate will cost you $3.43. TOTAL COST FOR 100 WIPES = $7.68. Also, check out my homemade udder balm recipe here
  4. Iodine is commonly used as the key ingredient of pre- and post-milking teat disinfecting solution. A limited number of studies have investigated the potential effect of iodine udder wash on iodine concentration in raw milk
  5. It is a substitute for washing the teats with udder wash sanitizer. If iodine teat dips are used. low iodophor concentrations should be used as pre-dips. since 1% iodophor caused a mild increase in milk iodine content. compared to no increase in milk iodine when 0.1% iodophor was used for pre-dippin
  6. bou-matic iodine udder wash: 4524- 30-aa- 39008: inactive: 12/31/96: bowl quick: 3573- 26-aa: inactive: 12/03/86: bowl-san: 1770- 54-aa: inactive: 12/31/93: bowlex bowl sanitizer: 10292- 18-aa: inactive: 12/31/97: brillo bowl cleaner: 1124- 69-za: inactive: 12/31/90: can-sheen: 52- 189-aa- 875: active: 11/06/90: cbc plus: 8155- 7-aa- 42964.
  7. Mfr #: 7509-011. Sold By: CA. Size: 4 x 1 gal/ca. Liquid iodine udder wash. Can also be used for sanitizing milking equipment, utensils and in backflushing systems as an aid in preventing mastitis. Ground Shipping Only

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In a field study of 29 dairy farms, Pseudomonas aeruginosa was isolated more frequently (P = 0.05) from milking parlor udder wash water systems containing iodophor germicides than from those with no germicide. Most available iodine (AI2) concentrations were below the recommended level of 25 ppm (25 Response® High Detergency Iodine Udder Wash Spectrum™ High Detergency Chlorhexidine Udder Wash plus Skin Conditioner DermaCide™ Pre & Post Sanitizing Teat Conditioner Derma Sept Sanitizing. A non-iodine teat dip that provides fast, broad-spectrum germicidal activity before milking. Available as a concentrate or ready to use. Gallons When using an udder wash step before milking, make sure to wash teats with appropriate udder wash solution using proper cleaning procedures. Teats should then be dried with single-service towels

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Shop Towels - Bag of 3. $ 39.00 Add to cart. Next. See All Products. Gem State Dairy Supply was started nearly 30 years ago by a local dairyman to provide iodine dips for his own cows. Since those days we have grown to a full dairy supply company catering to dairies all over the State of Idaho and wholesaling to distributors elsewhere Gallon, iodine udder wash, formulated with a detergent/iodine complex & a lanolin derivative, do not use for cleaning &/or sanitizing equipment, contains 1%.. Wash udder before milking with Adage solution, 1 oz. to 5 gal. of lukewarm water (25 ppm avail­ able iodine). Use an approved udder towel. 2. Use clean single service towel for drying. Adage fulfills the criteria of Appendix F, the Grade .

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A premium, iodine-based udder wash to be used as an aid in the prevention and spread of mastitis-causing organisms. Economical, concentrated formula has 0.5% iodine as the active ingredient. This proven germicidal agent penetrates soils, reduces new infections, and cleans teats before milking. Added emolients softens teats and keeps them healthy Udder Wash; Iodine; Concentrated; This item has shipping restrictions. Learn more. $18.39 $269.44 $473.04 $934.95 In stock Out of stock Expect availability in 2-4 weeks Qty: Add to Cart. Minimum quantity required: 4. This item must be ordered in multiples of one case. Quantity per case: 4.

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Udder Health. ProActive Solutions USA manufactures high-quality teat dips to aid in the prevention of mastitis causing organisms. Teat health begins with the right germicide and emollient package. Our Animal Health & Hygiene Specialist are trained to assist dairies in making proper decisions based on farm conditions. Iodine Teat Dips the udder, as excess dirt and manure can affect the reliability of disinfectant products. When disinfecting the udder and teats, use an approved udder wash at the correct concentration, and a clean paper towel or cloth to wash the udder (Fig. 2). Approved udder wipes are also acceptable Teat Dip and Udder Wash. MAXICARE is a concentrated iodine based teat dip and udder wash which is excellent for the prevention and control of mastitis. Lanolin ensures cow's teats remain conditioned in extreme dry weather. MAXICARE is registered with the Department of Agriculture against Act 36/ 1947 Non-iodine teat dips that provides fast, broad-spectrum germicidal activity before and after milking METZ UDDER WASH IODINE DETERGENT GALLON : Our Price: $ 20.50. This item cannot be shipped via UPS/FedEx/USPS. Product Code: 0232112. Qty: Description Iodine detergent. Browse for more products in the same category as this item: METZ NON FOAM ACID CLEANER 5 GALLON METZ QUARTENARY NON-IODINE WASH GALLON.

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One source of iodine in milk may be the udder wash, but the diet fed to milk producing cows also factors into the iodine content. A dab in coffee is probably not too bad since it is a low-not-no iodine diet. Just wouldn't advocate using much dairy while on the LID regardless of the feed and caring of the cows 1% Iodine, 12% 4 way Emollient Package 1% Iodine, 12% aids in the treatment of minor cuts. 1% Iodine, 12% 4 way Emollient Package Item# 3371B 1% Iodine, 12% 4 way Emollient Package 5 Gallon Item# 3372B 1% Iodine, 12% 4 way Emollient Package 15 Gallon Item# 3373B 1% Iodine, 12% 4 way Emollient Package 55 Gallon Item# 3 IODINE UDDER WASH MONODINE. MonodineEng; MonodineSpan; ProdSheetMonodine; LIQUID CIP CLEANERS SURE WASH. SURE_WASH_English; SURE_WASH_Spanish; T HEXX. T_HEXX_DRY_TEAT_SEALANT_English; TURBOFLEX. NON-IODINE BARRIER TEAT DIP (NPE FREE) BARRIER 710. chemstarbarrier710;. Udder 330™ Udder Wash - 5 Gallons 2 Options Available. Product #: C33812. $95.75. Quick View. Iodine Tincture 7%™.

Iodine Udder Wash For washing and sanitizing of the cow's udder/ teats just prior to milking. A concentrated 1.75% iodine udderwash. 1oz per 5 gal-25ppm #6301341 - 15-gallon Iodip 502 A high quality, yet economical, 0.5% teat dip/ spray with a very fast kill of mastitis-causing pathogens. 4.5% skin conditioners. Can be used both pre and post Udder Wash - Iodine - Concentrated. Pre-mix 1 ounce Nu-Udder with 5 gallons of water to provide a minimum of 25 ppm available iodine. Order Detail SKU - AHS608. UOM - EA. $14.25. Ambic Equipment Limited is the world leader in the development and production of a comprehensive range of dairy hygiene udder health and livestock health management products specializing in mastitis prevention and detection Also from Ecolab, Wash & Prep RTU is a patent-pending, non-iodine udder hygiene product purported to provide fast, effective prepping before milking. Features include: Excellent detergency provides quick and thorough prepping; Delivers 4 percent emollients and .5 percent lactic acid, ingredients known to promote healthy ski Our Specially formulated Commercial teat dips are made with Glycerin, In order to provide excellent skin conditioning properties when used. DYNA-MAX Commercial 110 A premium 1% iodine with 10% Glycerine. Dyna-Max 110 is best suited for a post-dip in Dairy Production operations that face high organic challenges due to adverse weather or overcrowding. DYNA-PLEX CommercialRead Mor

Wfla Non-Iodine Udder Wash Udder Wash Who-210 Boiler Water Oxygen Scavenger Ws-182 Inorganic Acid Wsm 204 Cs Acidic Felt Cleaner Wsm-050-6b Acidic Felt Conditioning Concentrate Wsm-204 Acidic Felt Cleaner Wsm-205 Self Foaming Acidic Cleaner X-Purge Zink-On Lt Phosphatizing Compound. QUICK EMAIL SIGNUP. Submit Wash thoroughly after handling. Remove contaminated clothing and wash before reuse. Use with adequate ventilation. Minimize dust generation and accumulation. Do not get in eyes, on skin, or on clothing. Keep container tightly closed. Do not ingest or inhale. Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Store in a tightly closed container Pre-Milking Teat Dips & Udder Wash. Preparation of teats prior to milking aims to clean and limit transmission of mastitis causing bacteria through the milking system and safeguard the raw milk supply. Pre-milking teat preparation should assist in stimulating milk let down, speeding up the milking process by attaining peak milk flow faster. Iodine (alkyl poly ethoxy ethanol-iodine complex) Active Oxy C Bou Matic LLC 02481626 Hydrogen peroxide, Lactic Acid, Sodium Note: Teat wipes are wipes that are pre-moistened with an udder wash solution and are generally used to clean the teats and udders of dairy cattl

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The bleach/dish soap solution is a teat dip to be used after milking. I think you're asking about an udder wash to use beforehand. If you use the teat dip (good idea) make sure to use the original blue Dawn Washing Liquid. Others brands may react harshly with the bleach Iodine Udder Wash L.A. - Westfalia Systemat Kilphor Plus - Wood Wyant Prepodyne Concentrate - West Penetone Rapidyne - West Penetone Iodine (Potassium Iodide) Iodine - Bioenergy Iodine - Creative Nutrition Canada Iodine - Thorne Research Iodine Vitrum - Unipharm, US Downland - 1:3 TEAT DIP/SPRAY AND UDDER WASH 13 DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS DISPOSAL METHODS Small amounts (less than 5 Litres) of unwanted product may be flushed with water to sewer. Larger volumes must be sent for disposal as special waste. Rinse out empty container with water and consign to normal waste. 14 TRANSPORT INFORMATIO Effect of a disinfectant udder wash and a post-milking teat dip on the bacterial population of the teat end and on the rate of new intramammary infection. Sheldrake RF, Hoare RJ. A pre-milking wash disinfectant procedure employing a 2% (w/v) chlorhexidine solution in a detergent basic did not reduce the rate of new intramammary infection in a.