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Hot water works best as it is more aggressive in liquifying waste. To to unclog an RV toilet with the boiling water, all you have to do is boil some water and pour it into the RV toilet. Flush the toilet so it enters the tank and let it sit for a few hours In order to unclog an RV toilet with ice cubes, all you need to do is fill up your toilet with water and as many ice cubes as you can to about ⅓ of the way. Then flush the toilet, and continue flushing as you drive your RV around. If the toilet is still clogged, add more water and ice cubes. Simple Hot Water If your tank isn't draining, the simplest clog-clearing method is to flush your pipes with hot water and clear out any gunk that has built up inside. Boil 2-4 pots of water Remove any strainers, caps, or drain grates if possible Pour hot water into sink/showe How to unclog an RV toilet with the ice cube method: Fill the toilet basin to 1/3 full of water. Add ice and fill the rest of the toilet. Flush the ice down the toilet and drive around. Keep flushing with lots of water With your toilet valve open, send your length of PEX piping down the toilet and into the tank. Try to knock out some of the pyramid plug with the PEX pipe to create enough space to get some Tank Cleaner and water into the tank

Bring a pot of water to a rapid boil. Wait until it's really bubbling. Turn off your water connection and pour the boiling water down the toilet Toilet unclog the RV, follow these simple steps: Wipe off the inside. Replace the natural absorbent. Clean the rubber seal on the outside of the RV toilet and along with the floor nozzle connection. This approach is really simple. It can be achieved with a single human. Note that an RV Holding Tank Cleaner needs time to do its job The easiest way to unclog your RV's toilet holding tank is by flushing it with water at moderate to high pressure. The water pressure should be high enough to dislodge any debris or material that is stuck on the surface of the holding tank. Here are the steps

Hi. I have a clogged toilet in my 5th wheel. Black tank is empty - and I'm quite sure of that. Water is backed up to the toilet. I've tried snaking from the toilet, and I've tried the wand with the hose hooked to it to flush water, but nothing seems to do the trick Pour 1/2 cup baking soda down the drain. Drizzle 1/2 cup vinegar over the baking soda, and immediately cover the drain. The two ingredients will react by creating a foam which will work its way down the drain and break up the elements causing the clog. The combination will also deodorize the drain In many cases, plungers can be the best way to unclog a toilet and should be considered essential tools in the bathroom. When considering how to fix a clogged toilet without a plunger, try an auger or a chemical cleaner before calling a plumber. If you need to rent a drain cleaner tool, look into renting one from us Other portable devices can go down the toilet and blast water at the mess to break it up. Proper maintenance of the black tank includes adding 5 gal water after each dump to immediately liquidity any deposits.. In this case, add 15 gal to help remoisten and naturally break up the pile. A combination of methods may work best How to Unclog Your RV Toilet in 6 Steps Use Hot Water. If you don't have any equipment with you to fix a clogged toilet, then your best chance is to use hot water. Fill up a pan with water and heat it on a stove, microwave, or water heater. Turn off the heat when the water is just below the boiling point

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Dump Water Into The Toilet If backflushing the tank sort of worked and there is at least some black water draining out of the black tank another thing you can try is to dump a 5 gallon bucket of water into the toilet Have your helper immediately close the sewer tank valve. Attach your sewer hose to the tank and connect it to your sewer outlet. Open the tank and let the rest of the waste matter flow into the sewer. Empty your bucket and hose down the rest of the mess Flush the ice down the toilet without water, and drive for an hour. The road vibration will agitate the ice well enough to knock the clog loose. This is also a great technique to clean your black tank sensors. The ice melts down to make dumping easy

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  1. Read my entire explanation of how to unclog you Rv toilet at www.diy-my-life.co
  2. Just like your toilet in your home, your RV toilet can be clogged. When this happens, you will want to unclog the issue as quickly as possible so that the toilet is up and running again. Because RV toilets include different parts than your home, many people are not sure if they can use Drano in their RV toilet
  3. Steps: 1. Prepare to unclog the toilet by having both you and your helper put on the protective clothing. Your helper should then be at the black water tank valve. 2. Place the bucket under the sewer tank opening and open the valve, having the helper open the sewer tank. 3
  4. Chemicals are another outstanding way to get rid of clogs in your RV holding tank. You can purchase a drain unclogger at the store or simply try dishwashing detergent/soap with a water softener. To do this, pour one cup of liquid dish detergent/soap into the toilet and then add one cup of the water softener
  5. After all, the toilet is an essential part of your motorhome. Since the blackwater holding tank is a critical part of that system, obstructions need to be addressed immediately. In this article, I've covered several different methods you can try to clear a clogged RV blackwater tank
  6. Try a toilet snake for extra narrow RV toilets. Sometimes a plunger doesn't fit well into the toilets on some RVs. In this case, try using a slim toilet snake, sometimes also called an auger.This flexible coil of wire can snake through the toilet drain to break down an obstruction
  7. Boiling water is the easiest way to unclog an RV toilet. All you have to do to unclog an RV toilet with boiling water is boil some water and dump it into the RV toilet. Allow the water to enter the tank by flushing the toilet and allowing it to sit for a few hours

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First things first. A clogged toilet is a toilet that can overflow. If water is rising to the top of the bowl, you need to act fast to prevent a potentially flooded bathroom. There are two ways to stop a clogged toilet from overflowing with water: Take the lid off the toilet and close the open flapper that is allowing water to continue to flow. 3Try Hot Water. The easiest and first thing to try when attempting to unclog toilets without a plunger is hot water. The addition of hot water might be enough to loosen the clog and dislodge the blockage. Fill a bucket with about a gallon of hot water from the sink or bathtub. Then pour the hot water into the toilet bowl

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If your toilet is quite old and it's getting clogged all the time, chances are you're using a first-generation low-flow toilet. These early models lack the pressure needed to clear your toilet's trap and drain line, resulting in frequent blockages The effects of hard water on RV sinks, faucets and drains can be an ongoing problem for RVers.This page describes a few tips for how we remove these pesky mineral deposit buildups from our bathroom and kitchen sinks in our fifth wheel trailer and keep the water flowing smoothly in our shower wand and RV toilet rinse sprayer

Using Hot water to unclog a drain. If your grey tank is not draining, then the easiest method to clear your clog would be to flush the pipes using hot water. This can help to clear out any built up gunk is cleared up. You will have to boil 2 to 4 pots full of water. Any strainers, drain gates or caps should be removed How To Unclog A Shower Or Sink Drain. Step 1: Pour boiling water into the drain. Step 2: Use Vinegar and Baking Soda. Step 3: Use a plunger. Step 4: Plumber's Snake. Step 5: Coat Hanger. Step 6: Clean the P-trap. How To Unclog A Mobile Home Toilet. Step 1: Close the Flapper Additionally, can you use a plunger on a RV toilet? A plunger will not work to do anything for an RV toilet. May have damaged the bowl seals a replacement may be required. Try a flush wand like. To use for a clog. Keeping this in view, can I use Drano in my RV toilet? I would not recommend using any caustic drain cleaners such as original Drano.

Whether at home or on a trip in your RV, a clogged shower drain is never any fun. Of course, as soon as you notice a clog has developed, the first course of action is to unclog the drain as quickly as possible. Your RV shower isn't going to do you any good as long as the drain is plugged up, so. Wait a couple of minutes while the baking soda and vinegar work together, and then move on to the next step. Step 4. Pour a kettle of hot water into the toilet - Follow up the vinegar with a kettle full of hot water. Pour the hot water into the toilet bowl and check to see if the clog is released. Step 5 Here are the step-by-step instructions on how you unclog an RV toilet. 1. Wipe Down Your Line. Hardened waste accumulates around your wastewater line, which connects the toilets to the holding tank (for full-time RVers, this may be a worse issue). Take a manual toilet snake so as not to puncture the wall of your tank If you are looking for ways to protect your home, drains or toilets from the children in your life, Mr. Handyman, a fellow Neighborly brand, created a list on how to childproof your home. By adding toilet locks or making sure to cover your drains, you can ensure you are the only person in your home putting the proper items down the drain or toilet Other Possible Causes of a Clogged Drain in an RV. Check the inline vents and the roof vents. - Poor venting can cause slow drainage and stinky sewer smells. Inline vents can wear out and ours were fairly old so we replaced both the kitchen and bathroom inline vents

Seriously, all you need to do to unclog the black water tank drain is to install a Camco 39062 Dual Flush Pro Holding Tank Rinser with Gate Valve and backflush the drain piping to break up the blockage so it will drain out. You may need to repeat several times until you are draining clear water Unclog an rv toilet sink or shower how to winterize your rv s water system stainless steel bath rv gray tanks the other waste 11 to unclog a shower drain Waste Water Not Draining Out Of My Rv S ShowerWhy Is Water Backing Up Into My Rv S Bathtub Shower DrainHow To Unclog An Rv Read More

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Way 1: Use baking soda, vinegar, and hot water to unclog a drain. Ingredients: 1/2 cup of baking soda. 1 cup of vinegar. 2 to 3 pots of hot water. Directions: At first, you take 1 pot of hot water. Then, you pour it down the clogged drain. Now, you add the baking soda into the drain Rv Maintenance Tip 3 Keeping Your Drains Clear Always On. Boiling Water To Unclog Rv Toilet Mycamperfriend Com. Clogged drain how to unclog a kitchen sink easy fix fulltime rving unclogging the rv kitchen sink you the water in my 5th wheel trailer sink won t drain 3 ways to unclog a kitchen sink wikihow DIY toilet drain cleaners do a fantastic job, but they work best when the toilet clog is not so bad that the drain is completely backed up. Backed-up toilets can be a dirty business. It's also important to know how to unclog a toilet with poop in it - toilets clogged with standing water and human waste often don't respond to liquid. Tub drain how to seal and unclog a clogged toilets bathtubs showers how to clear a clogged shower drain 8 unclog an rv toilet sink or shower oh poo ge ing up through bathtub. 7 Simple But Effective Ways To Unclog A Drain. 4 Reasons Water Backs Up In Your Bathtub When Flushing How To First, we need to fashion the wire hanger. Let it loose from the original shape, and straighten the wire. Cover the wire end that will go into the drain with duct tape. It helps in preventing the tip from damaging your toilet porcelain. Now, you are ready to unclog. Let's stick the taped end into the toilet drain

How to Unclog a Toilet with a Plunger. Every home should have a plunger in case you need to unclog a toilet. Along with the plunger buy a pair of rubber gloves to have on hand if you have a clog. When working on the toilet place towels on the floor to absorb water that may come from the toilet How to unclog an rv toilet, sink, or shower: The water pressure should be high enough to dislodge any debris or material that is stuck on the surface of the holding tank. Take a manual toilet snake so as not to puncture the wall of your tank. It will not clean the tank, but it may help clear a line or make a little room so you can use the tank May 31, 2015 - Discover and further educate yourself on the essential RV toilet parts along with their functionalities and what it takes to repair them. Toilet Drain Clogged Toilet Rv Hacks Cleaning Hacks Life Hacks Camper Hacks Camper Ideas Travel Trailer Camping Rv Camping The Best Ways to Drain Standard Toilet. 1. Plunge the toilet. Using a toilet plunger is a quick way to dry the bowl. Place it down in the toilet opening and push the water down the toilet by using up-and-down movements. Keep repeating that until most of the water goes down into the drain and leave the bowl empty How Do I Know if my Plumbing Vent is Clogged: Clogged Vent Pipe Symptoms. So you've worked your butt off with a drain auger or a toilet auger to conquer your clog, but you've STILL got issues with how your pipes are draining. Most clogs are at or before the P Trap. But sometimes, you've got a clog that's much deeper

A toilet plunger is the ideal choice because it has a special extension called a flange that is designed for toilet drains. Although mastering how to unclog a toilet with a plunger takes practice, it can be done with a little effort. How to Fix a Faulty Toilet Flapper. An ineffective toilet flapper can also be at fault Well, boiled water might break down the soap or grease that is holding the clog. And this the easiest thing you can do after you see a clogged shower drain. Related Topic: How To Fix A Clogged Toilet Without A Plunger. For this method, you just need to boil 4-5 cups of water and pour it down the drain

Because the toilet is clogged, don't flush the toilet, nor allow for water into the bowl as the toilet may overflow with wastewater. Wear your rubber gloves and take the plumber's snake ready to insert into the toilet's drain. Insert the snake in the drain opening through the P-trap beneath the bowl. Push the auger deeper into the drain. The 3 Steps you can take to unclog toilet blockages. In case the toilet is in fact clogged, stay calm, as there is no need to immediately call a professional plumber or drain cleaner. Even someone with no knowledge and experience in plumbing can typically unclog toilet blockages in minutes A clogged camper toilet can be a real inconvenience, especially since it seems to happen at the most inconvenient times!. And even if you have the best RV toilet on the market, the possibility of it clogging is still there.. So, what do you do when your RV toilet is clogged? Do NOT reach for your plunger (hint: it won't work).Instead, here are 3 simple, yet effective tips to get your toilet. Because an RV toilet is different from a regular toilet, many RVs come with a black tank. When you flush an RV toilet, a valve will open and send the waste to the black tank. A black tank is a holding tank that will usually have a valve where you can open the tank's drain to empty the contents away from your RV It had been getting clogged by not using enough water when flushing I'm assuming. I'd try use a chemical to try to unclog but it won't do much if there is standing water in the bowl and it can't get to the clog. I really don't want to call a plumber but I'm afraid we might have to but I'm not sure if they would work on an RV toilet. Any.

4. Toilet Auger for a Clogged Toilet. Toilet Auger has a medium-sized cable that is specially designed to easily snake through the toilet drain, and help loosen up any type of toilet clogged with poop; by breaking up the clog into small pieces, or hooking on the clog, so you can effortlessly pull off the clog out There are two main reasons why your RV toilet is not flushing. First, water isn't entering the bowl when the foot pedal is depressed, so waste is not washed away. Second, the water enters the bowl but does not exit. Both issues are symptomatic of larger problems and rectifying them can be time consuming and unpleasant. Advertisement

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  1. Twist, push and pull the cable to break it up and unclog the drain. When using a sewer rod, direct the rod through the pipe until you reach the obstruction. Push the rod forward and pull it back to break up the clog. Work the auger or rod in both directions of the drain line — back towards the house and out from the house
  2. The bathroom is a central part of any functioning household. Having a clogged or slow draining toilet can bring a home to a standstill. It can become a fairly stressful dilemma, especially if you don't tend to it quickly and the situation worsens. When drains and toilets start to show signs that they aren't working properly, you should spring into action and be proactive
  3. Most toilet backups aren't 100% blocked, so there's a good chance yours will drain slowly at first. Keep an eye on the water level and, as it drops, continue to add more hot water to keep it full
  4. It is a commercial drain cleaner that works great on stubborn toilet clogs. It is designed for use in some heavy settings like restaurant grease traps and works effectively there so you can imagine how it can flush your clogged toilet. It uses bio enzymes to eat away at the organic matter in the clog to soften it up enough to flush
  5. Unclog a Toilet: Begin With a Plunger. For about 90 percent of clogged toilets, you only need one special tool — a toilet plunger. Buy a toilet plunger with an extension flange on the rubber bell-shaped end. A toilet plunger with an extension flange is designed to fit toilets better, so you can deliver more oomph to the plunge
  6. If instead it starts to overflow, turn the water valve off behind the toilet—then start again at step 1 or try another method. Science Fair Drain Care How to Unclog Your Toilet with Baking Soda and Vinegar. If the toilet remains clogged after a few attempts at resolving the problem, remove at least half of the water from the bowl
  7. Cassette Toilet. Price range: $500-$800. This is basically a portable toilet which is fixed in place with a black water tank (or cassette) that can be removed through an access panel in the side of the RV. Because of the access panel, cassette toilets usually come pre-installed

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Make a tight seal with the drain and push all the air out of the plunger by plunging once. After the air is gone, vigorously plunge up and down. Make sure the toilet has enough water to keep the plunger submerged. After a few minutes of this, try and flush the toilet. If you still have a backed-up toilet, it's time to try a toilet snake Conclusion to RV Toilet Talks #1: The RV Black Tank, Dreaded Poo Pile, & How to Fix Your Clogged Toilet. (Mark) That is it for today's episode of the SOWLE RV Podcast. We hope that we have answered a few of your questions about RV Toilets and how to fix a clogged toilet along with the best accessories Unexpected sewage odors that appear in the bathroom area of your RV can indicate a clog in the air vent leading from the black water holding tank to the roof. Without a free exchange of air from the tank's air vent, flushing the RV toilet creates a vacuum. With no outlet for escape, the noxious tank fumes seep. Use a rag to plug up the overflow opening of the sink. For double-basin kitchen sinks, block the drain opposite of the one you'll plunge and remove the strainer from the clogged side.; Place the plunger cup over the clogged drain, making sure the opening is completely covered. While holding the plunger firmly in place, fill the sink with water just enough to cover the cup

DIY drain unclog & toilet flush repair using a metal hanger. Yes, a simple metal hanger could solve your drain issues. Not just toilet block it can be used for most drain issues. Unwind the metal hanger into a strip. Some hangers are not wound. In that case, use a pair of pliers to cut close to the neck and stretch it apart Is Your RV's Black Water Tank Plugged? If Your Toilet Is No Longer Flushing, It Just Might Be! Below, I will show you how to unclog your black tank, and how to prevent it from giving you any trouble in the future. The RV life is not always the most glamorous life. Sometimes it requires a little down and dirty work. That is never more evident than sewer maintenance

Pour dish soap into the toilet bowl. Pour at least half a cup of dish soap into the toilet and let it sink to the bottom. Regular dish soap would do, and it's oftentimes a better option that strong chemical solvents that can corrode or damage the pipe lining. Let the soap rest for at least 20-30 minutes. By letting the dish soap sit in the. on Nov 26, 2020. Heat your water to almost but not boiling and then slowly pour it into the toilet. If hot water alone is not enough to break up the clog, try adding one cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar to the bowl. This chemical reaction causes fizzy bubbles that can push your clog away. Helpful Reply Toilet Plunger: With the force of the plunger sucking the clog upward, people believe this is a good option to unclogging a drain in the bathtub, shower, or sink. While these seem like great and easy methods, the most effective way you are going to get rid of a drain clog once and for all is by calling a plumber

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Measure half a cup of table salt and mix it with half a cup of baking soda. Pour it into the toilet drain. Add six cups of boiling water slowly and allow to sit for six to eight hours, overnight preferably. Flush the toilet or use a plunger to loosen the clog further Any drain in your home that takes forever to drain can be due to a blocked vent. This can be your bathtub or shower drains, sink drains, or toilets. Keep in mind though that slow-to-drain water can also signal blockages in a drain pipe. If you experience this issue with only one drain, chances are, it's a clogged drainage pipe Step 1: Unclogging the drain. Pour the baking soda in the drain. After a minute, pour the vinegar down the drain and wait for several minutes. You will notice a mixture of bubbles and fizz coming from the pipe as a result of the chemical reaction taking place in the pipe. Once the frozen clog is cleared, the pipe will be cleaned by the mixture.

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There are 8 ways to unclog a toilet without a plunger that actually work. The idea here is to use what you have and in accordance to the state of the clogged toilet. The first thing you do is to drain your toilet bowl. This is not always easy especially if the toilet is clogged with poop and/or toilet paper 3. If you're using lye to unclog a kitchen sink, clear the sink first. Lye can corrode aluminum so make sure that there are no aluminum utensils in the sink. 4. Using a plastic spoon, pour a few tablespoonfuls of lye directly into the drain hole. Then, pour in about a quarter cup of water to disperse the lye as far as it can go A home remedy for a clogged drain made from baking soda and vinegar can also be used to unclog the toilet. Simply pour the mixture into the bowl and let it sit for a few hours before flushing. Drain snakes can be used to unclog a toilet following the same procedure used in unclogging a drain For plastic pipes, attempt to clear the clog using a plunger. On your stove, boil a gallon of water in a large pot or tea kettle. Carefully carry it over to the clogged sink. Slowly pour the boiling water into the drain (not directly onto the porcelain), and see if it dissolves the clog. If not, proceed to plunge the drain

Here's how to unclog a toilet using a shop vac: Empty the water out of the bowl using the vacuum. Place the end of the hose a few inches into the drain. Use just the flexible hose; no attachments. Use old towels to create a seal around the drain. Turn on the vacuum and push pressure on the towels to create a good seal Your toilet might get slow because of clogging and you are almost tired of pouring drain cleaners and chemicals without figuring out the actual cause. Unclogging a toilet is sometimes not so hard when you know proper home remedies. Here are remedies on how to unclog the toilet with vinegar and some useful tips to keep it neat and clean 1. Boiling Water Technique. Counted as one of the easiest and the first things that you can do to relieve clogged drains is pouring in boiling water. Although it isn't a guaranteed solution to unclog drains clogged with grease blockage, minor blockages can be cleared with little effort. Just make sure that the drain has no water

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Luckily, you can easily unclog a toilet drain or a shower drain if you know the right steps to take. If you'd rather leave it to the professionals, call a reputable drainage service to help. But if you're in the DIY mood, here's how to remove blockages on your own and get your drain flowing again 7,989. #1 Best Seller in RV Sewer Chemicals & Cleaners. $16.25. Unique RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Holding Tank Enhancer Liquid 24 Ounce - Removes Stains and Odors in All RV Toilet Bowls - 41F-1. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 817. #1 Best Seller in RV Cleaners. $14.99. DOMETIC (385311652 Mounting Hardware Kit Your toilet does not drain to the grey tank, and therefore does not affect anything about it. That said, always be sure to use specially-formulated RV toilet paper and proper black tank treatment chemicals in your RV's toilet, and avoid flushing any garbage or debris. This post may contain affiliate links

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A clogged toilet is an inconvenience that can quickly leave you facing an unsanitary mess in your bathroom if dirty water overflows the bowl. Watching the water level creep steadily higher is stressful, but fortunately, fixing a clogged toilet is something you can handle without having to call a plumber.All you need are a few supplies, some basic household tools and the right know-how to. Toilet Plunger RV Auger Toilet Dredge Toilet Clog Unclogger, HouseMila Toilet Snake Bathroom Patented Siphon-Type Stainless Steel Handle with Wall Hook Made in USA (Black) 4.1 out of 5 stars 116 $13.99 $ 13 . 9 Why Shower Drain Leaks. RV plumbing is a little different than a typical home plumbing system. Black and gray tanks can become clogged with hair, waste, or grease. Because of this clogging problem, it renders your RV shower or toilet unusable

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The auger has a drain snake inside a metal shaft with a crank handle. You simply push the snake into the toilet trap while cranking the handle. You'll probably need to do this two or more times. Use your best judgment. After you're done, flush the toilet a couple of times to make sure the drain is flowing freely If you keep the waste tank drains open, solid waste can get left in the tanks and harden, which can lead to strong odors or clogging of the tank. RV Gray Water Tank. Your RV gray water tank contains the water from the sinks and shower as well as soap, shampoo, toothpaste and any food particles that the sink drain didn't catch A clogged toilet can be a very difficult problem to deal with. Homeowners who do not keep a plunger handy, will oftentimes find themselves in a huge inconvenience. But with the help of two simple household items, you might actually be able to get rid of the clog without having to use a plunger and without the help of expensive drain cleaning. To unclog a toilet, start with your easiest, least expensive options first.. First, try an accordion style toilet plunger.. Accordion-style toilet plungers can be purchased online and in hardware stores for around $10.; Look for a high-efficiency plunger that's designed just for toilets, with a narrower, extended flange (that is, a round, lip-shaped reducer) at the bottom of the plunger to. Give this a try and if the toilet remains clogged move to the next option below. Plunger (But Use The Correct One) A plunger is a great tool for any drain in the house. If the toilet is clogged a plunger will help. The same goes for the bathtub and the sink

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Removing a clog from a laundry drain costs between $151 to $214, and remedying a toilet clog ranges from $109 to $273. Also, How do you tell if your drain is clogged? - If you see or hear your toilet bubbling. - Water backs up to your sink, bathtub, shower, or commode. - Water is coming out from beneath your commode Nov 23, 2018 - Toilet clogs seem to happen at the most inopportune moments. Fortunately, you can clear most clogs yourself without having to pay a plumber. Most clogs can be cleared with a good plunger or homemade drain cleaner made with hot water,.. Can You Use An Rv Bathroom While Driving Camper Report. 3 Ways To Unclog A Kitchen Sink Wikihow. Plumbing And Drain Unclog Services 24 7 Call Or For. Drains How To Prevent And Unclog Blocked The Old. The Plumber S Choice 1 7 8 In 2 4 Flat Stainless Steel Rv First clear your drain of any obstructions that you could easily remove with your hands, t hen pour hot water slowly down the drain. Many clogs are grease-based, so the heat will melt the grease. Maintaining the toilet is one of the grossest household jobs imaginable. For obvious reasons. Whether you're fixing the toilet or just giving it a weekly clean, it is undoubtedly the least favorable of all your chores. But the worst situation you can come across in this already disgusting place? A clogged toilet. The grossest of the gross. But what about this horrific situation: when the.

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Had a clogged toilet over the weekend. Smiley drain sent out a tech the same day I called. He was here less than 1 hour and fixed the clog. He also checked the other toilets, showers, and sinks after the initial drain cleaning. He wore a mask, gloves, booties, and had his machine wrapped in a bag so as not to drip or dirty the rug..