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Shop Uncategorized Thai Eggplant with Basil-Black Bean Sauce. Thai Eggplant with Basil-Black Bean Sauce. Roasted eggplant, peppers, and spinach tossed with our Basil-Black Bean Sauce and served with brown rice noodles. $ 12.00. This product is currently unavailable. Please view our meal order menu for all available options Add the onions, bell peppers, sweet chili sauce (if you want it spicy), and the garlic bean sauce mixture. Stir-fry until the sauce thickens a bit about 4 minutes.* Add the cooked eggplant and Thai basil leaves. Stir carefully about 30 seconds Add the cooked tofu and veggies to the pan with the cooked eggplant. Turn the heat up to medium and stir in the sauce. Once the pan is hot, turn the heat down to low-medium and mix frequently until the sauce slightly thickens and coats the eggplant and veggies. Do not burn off all the sauce 3. Add the eggplant to the pan and fry for 2 minutes per side, until the pieces brown and soften. 4. Add the soy sauce, fish sauce, and brown sugar to the pan, and toss together with the eggplant, cooking for about a minute or until the sauce has thickened. 5. Add the Thai basil leaves to the pan and stir until they have wilted, about 1 minute 3. For the stir-fry: In a small bowl, mix together the 1 teaspoon of oil and the garlic and set aside. Heat the remaining oil in a large skillet over high heat until very hot. Add in the eggplant and red pepper and cook for about 10 minutes, stirring often, until tender and browned. 4

Thai Eggplant with Basil-Black Bean Sauce Sweet Pea

Stir the sauce and increase the heat to high, the sauce will simmer and thicken in few minutes. Then add in the pan fried eggplant, peppers and onion. Also add 1/2 cup chopped thai basil. Stir until all veggies are coated with the sauce Pour 1 tablespoon oil into a hot wok. Add black bean, garlic and ginger; stir-fry until ingredients become a light brown. Add 1 1/2 cups water, sugar, soy sauce and wine. Stir together cornstarch with 1/2 cup water, mixing until well-dissolved

Plump Udon Noodles in Thai Green Curry with Eggplant

Heat oil in a frying pan over medium heat. Add chile and garlic; cook and stir until garlic is golden, about 1 minute. Add eggplants to the fragrant garlic oil. Stir in water and cover In a small bowl, combine water, cornstarch, sugar, dry sherry and Black Bean Garlic Sauce to create a sauce mixture. Mix well and set aside. In a heated pan, add oil and stir fry pork until browned and well done. Add in ginger and eggplant, cook for another 5 minutes. Add sauce mixture and cook until sauce thickens Combine the soy, water, hoisin, black bean sauce, lime juice, and garlic chili sauce together in a small bowl

Thai Basil Chicken Stir-Fry w/ Eggplant in Spicy Black Bean Sauce Chinese inspired, we take chicken thighs and marinade them in a soy based marinade. We then stir-fry them with plenty of fresh Thai basil, fresh red bell pepper and lightly fried tofu squares Add the cooked eggplant, Thai basil leaves, and the remaining sauce and toss to combine. Cover and cook over medium heat for 8-10 minutes until the eggplant is very soft and the basil leaves have wilted. Serve over fragrant jasmine rice and garnish with extra fresh red chilis and basil leaves. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links Slice unpeeled eggplant crosswise into slices 1/8-inch thick. Cut tofu into 1/2-inch cubes. Heat oil in skillet; add garlic and stir-fry until light brown (don't burn!). Add eggplant and tofu and cook for 5 to 7 minutes Thai Rock & Roll Mussels New Zealand mussels and Thai basil with fresh hot Thai chilli & garlic. $15.95. 29. Thai Basil Basa Fish Curry Fillet Basa fish, green & red pepper, onion, mushroom, Thai basil, coconut milk. $19.95. 30. Basa Fish with Black Bean Sauce Fillet Basa fish, green & red pepper, onion

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Thai Basil Rice Plate $9.95. Signature dish. Your choice of meat sauteed with homemade chili garlic sauce, onions, mixed vegetables, and basil. 04. Thai Basil Seafood Rice Plate $9.95. Combination of prawns, scallops, and calamari sauteed with homemade chili garlic sauce, onions, mixed vegetables, and basil sauteed eggplant with spicy chili sauce, garlic, bell pepper and sweet basil in a black bean sauce $7.50 Garlic Vegetable View top rated Thai eggplant sauce recipes with ratings and reviews. Chargrilled Prawns With A Simple Thai Dipping Sauce, Fish Fingers With Thai Dipping Sauce, Spicy Sweet Potat PAD THAI. Your choice from above, bean sprouts, egg, and scallions stir-fried with thin rice noodles. Served with crushed peanuts. DRUNKEN NOODLES. Your choice from above, tomatoes, Napa cabbage, green beans, bell peppers, basil leaves, and onions stir-fried with wide rice noodles fresh chili, garlic, and a basil sauce. PAD SE-E Sliced Asia eggplant, stir fried in black bean sauce with basil leaves, tofu, onion, red bell pepper and fresh chili. 48. GANG PED TOFU Tofu with choice of red or green curry in coconut milk with Asia eggplant, bamboo shoot, and basil leaves. 49. VEGETABLE FRIED RIC

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*Pad Eggplant. Choice of protein with stir-fried Chinese eggplant, Thai black bean sauce, onion, and sweet basil leaves. P11. *Mango Spicy. Choice of protein with Chilies jam paste, bell, onion, cashew nut. Main Dish : Noodle. N10. *Pan Fried SukiYaki Prik Pao $11.99. Stir fried broccoli, cabbage and carrots in a roasted pepper sauce. Ginger Sauce $7.75. Stir fried fresh ginger, onions, snow peas, mushrooms and salted beans. Eggplant with Basil $11.99. Stir fried eggplant, bell peppers, onions, and Thai basil leaves in our spicy basil sauce. Eggplant & Basil $7.75 Sautéed roasted Duck bell peppers, string bean, eggplant, green apple and Thai basil with red curry sauce Pad Prik Khing Duck $22.95 Sautéed roasted Duck with bell peppers, string bean, carrot and kaffir lime leave with spicy Prik Khing paste sauce Stir-Fried Eggplant, Bell Peppers, Basil and Black Bean Sauce. $ 12.95 Basil (Thai Style) Stir-Fried Ground Chicken with Fresh Thai Chili, Green Bean, Bamboo, Onion, Bell Peppers, eggplant and Basil Leaves. Stir-Fried Thai Basil, Chili garlic sauce, and Vegetables $ 12.95 Pad Plig Khing. Stir-Fried Ginger Curry Paste, Green Beans and.

Choice of meat stir fried with eggplant, bell peppers, black bean sauce and sweet Thai basil leaves. 32. Pad Bai Ka Pow (Sweet Basil) Sauteed bell peppers, onion, green bean, carrot, bamboo shoot, chili and Thai basil leaves with garlic sauce. 33. Pad Prik King (Chili Paste) Stir fried choice of meat with chili paste, green bean, carrot and. Stir-fried fresh young ginger, carrot, celery, onion and scallion with a hint of black bean sauce. SPICY EGGPLANT Stir fried eggplant with bell pepper and basil in chili and black bean sauce Prawn ,Calamari sautéed in white wine with onions, mushrooms and basil. $16.00. SP4. Panang Salmon. Salmon with basil in a spicy, coconut milk and red curry. $16.00. SP5. Angel Dance. Shrimp sautéed with garlic, black pepper and special sauce Stir-fried Chinese eggplant with basil, onions, carrot, Thai black bean sauce and a choice of protein. Served with your choice of tofu or chicken, or shrimp. Spicy String Beans with Chicken - 11.95 Live on the spicy side of life with our traditional stir-fry of green beans, chicken and Thai basil. Royal Duck Curry - 13.9

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  1. Thai Basil (Signature dish) Sauteed in garlic sauce with Thai basil, bamboo shoots, bell pepper and mix vegetables. Signature. Ginger. Sauteed in garlic sauce with fresh gingers, mushroom, baby corns, carrots, broccoli and zucchini. Garlic. Sauteed in garlic sauce with black pepper and mix vegetables
  2. Thai chili, coconut milk, Thai basil, bamboo shoot, Chinese eggplant, Thai eggplant, green bean, bell pepper Pad Thai (GF) $14.00 Rice noodle, tamarind sauce, egg, scallion, crushed peanut, bean sprou
  3. E4. Thai style Eggplant [Chiken / Pork] 180 php E4. Thai style Eggplant [Shrimp] 200 php [Stir fried eggplant with Thai black bean sauce, basil fresh garlic, pepper and choice of meat] E5. Kangkong With Balachang 180 php [Stir fired kangkong with fresh garlic, balachang paste, fresh chili and Thai soy bean sauce] E6. Chicken with Cashew nut 230 ph
  4. Apr 8, 2021 - This post contains a recipe for the Thai Eggplant stir-fried with Thai basil leaves and salted soy beans. Delicious with rice

Prawns sauteed with eggplant, bell pepper, celery, carrots, onions, fresh mushrooms, Thai basil and chili black bean sauce. $13.50 Spicy Basil Prawns and Calamari (Ka Paow Starting in May 2021, we will offer in-house delivery on orders of $20 or more and within a 5 mile radius. Please order via our website for your convenience or give us a call. Thai Meric Eatery & Bar - Frederick. 1170 W Patrick St Ste E Frederick, MD 21703. (240) 651-0998 or (301) 228-9794

Deep-fried whole snapper topped with sweet Thai chili sauce. Served with asparagus, mushroom, and spinach. Grilled Salmon. $32. Topped with garlic and black pepper sauce. Served with steamed veggies and white rice. Soft Shell crab . $35. Crispy soft shell crab with green curry, bamboo shoot, eggplant, green bean, basil leaves, and red and green. Flower from the sea-lime sauce mixed with onions, chicken, shrimp and topped with peanuts. $12.95. 19. Squid Salad. Fresh squid marinated and hand-tossed in lime sauce, chili and mint leaves. $12.95. 19A. Thai Garden Salad. Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, with chicken or beef topped with creamy house dressing Thai style fried rice with egg, onion and scallion. Stir fried thin rice noodle in homemade Pad Thai sauce with peanut, egg, scallion and bean sprout. Stir fried wide rice noodle with spicy basil sauce, onion, pepper and tomato. Stir fried wide rice noodle with broccoli, egg and sweet black soy sauce Sautéed black pepper, carrot, onion, bell pepper and scallion with fresh garlic brown sauce. Pad Sweet & Sour. Sautéed tomatoes, pineapple, bell pepper, onion, carrot and scallion with Thai style sweet and sour sauce. Pad Thai. Sautéed rice noodles with bean curd, bean sprouts, scallion, egg and peanuts. Drunken Noodl

Fresh mixed greens, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, served with peanut dressing. $6.99. Entree. Thai Curry. Prepared with your choice of Chicken or Pork. Add $1.00 for Beef. Add $3.00 for Shrimp. Served with steamed jasmine white rice. Add $1.00 for natural brown rice Pineapple Fried Rice. 17.00. Steamed jasmine rice sauteed yellow curry powder with egg, shrimp, pineapple, cashew nuts, tomato, onion and scallions, served with pineapple shell Stir fried flat rice noodle with egg broccoli in sweet black soy sauce. $13.50 Order. Thai Curry. Green Curry. Broccoli, green bean, bell pepper, eggplant, carrots, basil, mixed in coconut milk with green curry paste. $13.95 bamboo slices, bell pepper, onion, green bean and basil sauce. $14.95 Order. Ginger. Stir fried with garlic. From 16.95. Drunken Noodles Thick rice noodles stir fried with Roasted duck, egg, bell peppers, onions, broccoli, carrot and basil leaves in Thai basil sauce. Duck Ga Prow. From 16.95. Stir-fried roasted duck, carrots, onions, green bean, bell pepper, organic basil with Thai chili-garlic special sauce

Thai-Style Stir-Fried Eggplant with Garlic-Basil Sauce

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Crispy Catfish Cha Cha (GF) 14. Deep-fried Tapioca breaded catfish fillets topped with a house special blend of red curry sauce and served with steamed cabbage, broccoli, and carrots. Crab Fried Rice. 14. Select crab meat pan-fried with Chinese broccoli, egg, onions, scallions, green peas, and carrots Thai-style baby back ribs. Marinated with a housemade rub, slow roasted, and fall off the bone tender, finished with our Signature Thai glaze. Served with french fries, steamed broccoli & carrots, and Thai dipping sauce. Half Rack 19.95 / Full Rack 30.95. $ 16

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Order all menu items online from Thai Chili Basil for delivery and takeout. The best Thai Food in Melrose, MA. egg and vegetable in tasty spicy basil sauce. $11.95: Roasted Duck Noodle Soup: A traditional tasty herb soup with rice noodle, slices roasted duck, scallion and bean sprout oriental eggplant, green bean, pepper and wild ginger. Fried Chicken (Gai Tod) Deep fried boneless sliced chicken, served with sweet and sour sauce. $ 12.95. $ 12.95 Thai Dumpling (6) Ground pork, carrot, cilantro and onion in soft wrapper, served with sweet chili soy sauce. $6.99. Vegetable Egg Roll (2) V. Crispy homemade vegetable roll, served with Thai sweet chili sauce. $5.99. Golden Tofu (8) V. Battered fried tofu, served with sweet chili sauce topped with crushed peanut

Bo Ling's Stuffed Eggplant in Black Bean Sauce Recipe

Entrée served with chicken. Vegetarian option same price. Substitute Beef or Pork add $1. Shrimp or Calamari add $2. Seafood add $5 Add Extra: Chicken or Beef or Pork $2 4. Pad Cashew Nut * -Cashew nuts, carrot, onions, in mild chili sauce. 5. Pad Ginger Ginger -ginger, black fungus, onions in light soy sauce gravy. 6. Pad Eggplant -eggplant, onions, bell pepper, Thai basil in bean sauce. 7. Pad Broccoli -Broccoli and carrots in oyster sauce. 8. Pad Green Bean -Green bean and bell peppers in chili oil. 9 Mix in the soy sauce, water, oyster sauce, chili garlic sauce, sugar, and black pepper, and stir to form a smooth sauce. Return the eggplant to the skillet, lower the heat, and allow the vegetables and sauce to simmer until the eggplant is tender and almost all the liquid has been absorbed, about 5 minutes Fresh eggplant sautéed with fresh ground pepper, garlic, and basil leaves in a black bean sauce Entrees served with a side of jasmine rice. An 18% Gratuity fee will be added on Parties of 6 or more Prices, Menu items, Discounts and Promotions are subject to change without notice

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Spicy Eggplant with Black Bean Garlic Sauce Recipes Lee

  1. Jul 1, 2019 - Braised Eggplant in Spicy Mince Meat & Black Bean Sauce » Food Flurries..
  2. Choice of protein sauteed with Chinese eggplant, chili black bean sauce, bell pepper, and basil leaves. $13.95 +7.72%. Pad Broccoli. Choice of meat sauteed with broccoli in light brown and garlic sauce. basil leaves in Thai chili, and garlic sauce. $16.95 - Spicy Lo Mein. Lo mein noodles stir fried with shrimp, chicken, onion, basil, and.
  3. Stir-fried Thai eggplant, fried tofu, assorted mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, black bean sauce, and basil leaves. $14.75+ 46. Spicy Fried Rice Spicy fried rice with choice of meat, egg, fresh chili, garlic, onions, bell peppers, green onions, black pepper, and basil..
  4. Choice of chicken, pork or tofu, sauteed with garlic, eggplant, bell pepper and sweet basil in bean sauce. 412. PEAK GAI KROB (CRISPY CHICKEN WINGS) PLEASE ALLOW LONGER COOKING TIME . . . . .. . . . Deep fried chicken wings, sauteed in sweet and sour sauce, topped with crispy sweet basil. 413
  5. Black Thai Fried Brown Rice . $14.95. Brown rice, chicken and beef in Thai-style fried rice. , long green bean, bell pepper and Thai special sauce. Spicy. Spicy Eggplant Sauteed Entree . $10.95. Sauteed with chef's roasted chili paste, eggplant, mixed bell peppers, fresh basil and Thai spices. Spicy. Pad Cashew Nuts Sauteed Entree . $13.95.
  6. ced chicken, fresh basil leaves, and bell peppers in chili and garlic sauce on top of batter-fried fresh eggplant and fried tofu
  7. 4. Curry Puff. Pastry dough stuffed with chicken, onion, potato and coriander, garlic, black peppers served with cucumber sauce. $8.95. 5. Satay (Beef or Chicken Skewered) Exotic flavorful Thai B.B.Q. marinated in curry powder and Thai herbs served with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce. $8.95

Quick Spicy Thai Style Eggplant LindySez Recipe

Kow Yum (gf) 14.5. Herb brown rice, pomelo, toasted coconut, lemongrass, kefir lime leaves, green mango, sator beans, bean sprouts, shredded carrots and a dark herb vinaigrette Khobkoon Thai Cuisine. (877) 585-1085. We make ordering easy. Menu. Appetizers. Salad Gal $7.95. Sliced chicken breast with green lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, red onion and light dressing. Gift Egg Rolls $6.95. Fried egg rolls stuffed with potato, chicken, onion and yellow powder Dry curry with tofu, string beans, bell peppers, and kaffir leaves served with jasmine rice. $15.00. Wok Cashew Nut Vegan. Stir fried with bell peppers, pineapple, mushroom, cashew nut, onion, and tofu in tangy chili sauce served with jasmine rice. $16.00

Thai Basil Chicken Stir-Fry w/ Eggplant in Spicy Black

Northern style curry with Thai eggplant, bamboo, green bean, sliced rhizome, basil leaves, green pepper and peppercorn in distinctive curry paste. Chicken, Pork or Beef $17.00 Shrimp $18.00 Seafood $19.0 Veggie Sample Platter combination of spring rolls, crispy veggie, crispy tofu and garden salad. $12.99. Salmon in Rice Paper salmon wrapped in crispy rice paper and peanuts served with authentic thai sauce. $6.99. Pepper Shrimp seasoned and wrapped in crispy rice paper with peanut. $6.99. Chef's Special Crab Cake with Papaya Salad Stir-fried sweet basil, red bell pepper, onion, green beans and bamboo shoots in a spicy Thai chili garlic light brown sauce L3) PAD SEE-EW Stir-fried flat rice noodles with choice of meat, Chinese broccoli and egg in sweet black soy sauce Stir fried catfish with exotic Thai herbs, eggplant and roasted Thai chili paste. GRILL SALMON. From 18.95. Mild. Served in Chef's special coconut curry sauce with mixed vegetables. mushroom and basil leaves in spicy black bean sauce. PAD KING TOFU. From 11.95. Fried tofu sautéed with fresh ginger, onions, and black mushroom. PAD PIK. SOI 4 BANGKOK EATERY. 8787 N Scottsdale Rd. Suite 104. Scottsdale, AZ 85253. (480) 778-1999

Thai Basil Eggplant - Who Needs Salad

Pineapple Fried Rice. From 11.95. Shrimp or chicken, pineapple, egg, cashew nuts and raisins stir-fried in pineapple sauce and topped with dried shredded pork. Natta Thai Fried Rice. From 11.95. stir-fried with seafood or chicken, hot chili, garlic sauce, string beans, onion and basil leaves. Lard Na Minced Chicken, chopped green beans, bell pepper, and basil leaves stir-fried in chili garlic sauce. L19 Garlic Beef. Stir-fried beef with garlic, black pepper, onion, and mushroom, comes with steamed broccoli. L 20 Thai Fried Rice. Fried Rice, tomato, onion, green onion and egg stir-fried and side of sliced cucumber. L21 Spicy Thai Basil Fried. 1. Pad Thai $10.95. Pan fried rice stick noodles with chicken or pork, bean curd, egg, bean sprouts, green onions, and ground peanuts. ( With Beef $11.95) (With Prawns $14.95) 2. Pad Silver Noodles $10.95. Pan fried silver noodles with garlics, egg, onions, black fungus mushrooms, green onions, and carrots Famous Northern Thai Style egg noodles soup in coconut curry broth with bean sprouts, red onion, pickled mustard greens, cilantro and green onions. Topped with crispy noodles and fried shallot. Choice of Chicken, Soft or Fried Tofu and Vegetables, or Vegetables only. Pork add 1.00 Beef 2.00 or prawns 3.00

Pepper Tree Thai Cuisine | Stir-Fry | All Day (Dinner) Menu

Eggplant With Tofu And Thai Basil : Recipe - GourmetSleut

FRIED TOFU (8) $6.95. Deep fried tofu, served with house sweet and sour sauce, topped with ground peanut. SATAY CHICKEN (5). $8.95. Chicken on skewers marinated in Thai sauce served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad. SHRIMP TEMPURA (6) $6.95. Breaded Butterfly Shrimps deep-fried served with house sweet and sour sauce C12. Spicy Basil Fish. $24.95. Pan fried fillet red snapper topped with basil, onion, pepper on a bed of spinach. C13. Seafood Curry. $24.95. Jumbo shrimp, scallops, calamari in green curry sauce with asian eggplant, peppers and basil. C14 with spicy garlic sauce, bell peppers, onions and Thai basil EGGPLANT* with spicy garlic sauce, bell peppers, onions and Thai basil & spicy red curry paste SNOW PEA with carrots and oyster sauce GARLIC PEPPER* with black pepper and sweet black sauce, served over lettuce & topped with cilantro carrots, broccoli, bean sprouts, baby corns.

Thai Basil Regin

3 Crispy rolls, 3 Crab Rangoon, 3 Fried Tofu, 3 Chicken satay. Shrimp in Blanket. Shrimp wrapped in spring roll pastry deep fried served with sweet and sour sauce. FRESH ROLLS SHRIMP (4 PCS) green vegetables, carrot, basil, mint, cilantro, noodle, shrimp wrapped with rice paper serve with peanut sauce. SHRIMP TEMPURA (5 PCs) Lightly battered. Thai Restaurant in Pleasant Hill. Open today until 9:00 PM. Call (925) 256-0289. Get directions Get Quote WhatsApp (925) 256-0289 Message (925) 256-0289 Contact Us Find Table View Menu Make Appointment Place Order Thai Thai Restaurant is conveniently situated at Shop 1, 266 Tower Road, Casuarina NT. We serve authentic Thai cuisine to diners as well as to those who love eating at home. To place an order, simply go to our online ordering system and choose your orders from our menu. Our menu is filled with a wide variety of Thai food choices such as Spring Rolls, Curry Puffs, Money Bags, Fish Cakes, Satay. Thai Ayo-Thaya Adelaide. Restaurant in Adelaide. Open today until 9:30 PM. Call 0480 131 652. View Menu Get directions Get Quote WhatsApp 0480 131 652 Message 0480 131 652 Contact Us Find Table Make Appointment Place Order MUAY THAI KITCHEN. 740 NORDAHL RD 118. SAN MARCOS, CA 92069. (760) 975-3232. 11:00 AM - 8:30 PM. Start your carryout or delivery order. Check Availability. Expand Menu

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