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Free Printable Life Skills Worksheets For Special Needs Students. October 31, 2020 danish. These lesson plans enable students with learning disabilities to gain important personal finance skills. This is a sample of social skills printables for students with autism similar special needs. Job Skills Assessments Life Skills Classroom Life Skills Posted in Adults, Day Habilitation, Developmental Disabilities, Lesson Plans, life skills, Residential Services, Teaching Resources | Tagged health, Healthcare, life skills | Leave a comment McDonald's Math Workshee Aptiv's Daily Living Skills Training program provides services to adults with disabilities who have adequate motor and adaptive skills to train for life skills in a closely supervised and structured setting. The program is designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals and promote personal growth in maximizing functional ability. Home Living / Daily Living Lesson Plan—Mastery Healthy Food. For Teachers 5th - 12th. Everyone needs to know how to eat well to stay healthy. Learners with mild disabilities log what they eat, discuss food choices, and review healthy foods. The instructional activity could be used to foster living skills in.. How to Teach Daily Living Skills to Adults with Developmental Disabilities. This book introduces readers to a wide range of principles used in teaching daily living skills to adults with developmental disabilities - including understanding the basics of behavior, assessing behaviors, writing plans, instructional processes, reinforcement, behavior management tips, data collection, ethical.

LIFE SKILLS SUPPORT GROUP CURRICULUM PURPOSE: CalWORKs Life Skills Support Groups combine the objectives of removing mental health barriers to employment with exercises that promote practical outcomes. Participants will learn coping strategies to deal with their emotional concerns, and gain knowledge about the culture of the work environment Mar 2, 2019 - Special Needs Daily Libing/ Self Help Skills : activities , books , reminders , how to's . This board will help Special Needs children, young adults , adults learn daily living / self help tasks that they would use on a daily basis . Such as sorting laundry, setting the table , sorting trash and recycle, going out to eat, going to stores, etc

Work Behavior Training Strategies for vocational training with students with disabilities. Life Skills- Employment Skills-Work Related Behaviors- starter lesson plans Transition Planning. Transition manual for New Hampshire residents. 41 page pdf.. NH Area Agency Transition Guide . Life Skills Student Focused starter lesson plans for IEP and transition plannin Research on life skills training and intervention for students with learning disabilities suggests that: Life skills are appropriate for all students. Life skills should be part of the school curriculum. Vocational training is an important skill to cover. Life skills are best taught in the natural context. Life skills should be addressed daily

Pre-K - Grade 2 Grades 3 - 6 Grades 7 - 8 Grades 9 - 12 College Special NeedsSpecial Needs. Lesson Title. Teacher's Guide. Student Activities. Introduction: Overview and Instructional Strategies. Lesson 1: Making Spending Decisions. Lesson 2: Spending Plans In this lesson, you'll learn how to plan and implement educational activities for adults with learning disabilities. This includes suggested activities for varying levels of ability. Create an accoun Life Skills instruction - The following Lesson Plan Starters are based on high or acceptable quality intervention studies, in which secondary students were taught a new skill. Life Skills Lesson plans - can be adapted for various age levels. Life Skill Videos - learn life skills. Make A Face - learn to read emotions from facial characteristics Sometimes planning lessons or independent living skills activities are not enough. Some children with special needs, especially children with physical disabilities may need to be taught an adapted way of performing the task

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Other lessons help students learn their rights, improve their communication skills, and learn how to advocate for themselves in high school, on the job, and in a postsecondary education setting. Each lesson plan includes student objectives, materials, lesson opening, procedures, closure, and student evaluation In 2010, we began developing My Full Life. My Full Life is a comprehensive online learning management system designed to support life skills development with adults with disabilities. With more than 400 hours of learning curriculum, instructors work with learners to develop the life skills they need to be successful. Develop Person-Centered Plans Life Skills For Vocational Success - This manual contains 50 lesson plans to teach individuals with disabilities life skills. Living Well With Autism - Visual Schedules and Tips - Self Care - This site provides visual supports to laminate and take on-the-go, or put up at home (e.g., put the hand-washing schedule over your bathroom sink)

Target Audience: Practitioners; Teachers. This document is a collection of six mathematics lesson plans for use with students with learning disabilities or mild mental retardation. The lesson plans utilize the Essential Elements of Instruction (EEI) 5-Step lesson design model developed by Madeline Hunter Effectiveness of the ME!Lessons to Teach Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy to Increase Students' Knowledge. In 2010, a small-n multi-element design study examined the effectiveness of the ME!Lessons to Teach Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy when used with high school students with disabilities. Six 9 th grade students, one special education teacher, and six parent/guardians participated in. 3 Steps for Teaching Life Skills . Teachers, therapists, and parents have developed a set of techniques that, together or separately, can be very effective in teaching life skills to children with disabilities. The good news is that these techniques can be equally effective for teaching just about any skill to just about anyone—no matter what.

Teaching life skills is a valuable resource that gives students more than information, it gives people tools to navigate through the world. Life skills range from vocational training to money management and home economics. Certain lesson plans teach decision making skills and social abilities that help a person feel. 6 Life Lessons Only a Disabled Person Could Teach. There are life lessons to be learned from anyone and everyone in life. We all have own experiences and perspective on the world and these views can provide knowledge and insight. In particular, we can learn a lot from people living with a disability. Disabled people often view the world through. Independent Living Lesson Plans and Materials. The Independent Living Lesson Plan Activities document contains facilitator's instructions on how to lead five activities related to the independent living movement and disability history, new ways to conceptualize the experience of disability, and planning for the transition to independent living..

Integrated Living (for residents of 1585 Studios in Mountain View, CA) View the activity calendar. The Abilities United Integrated Living Program is a comprehensive, individualized program designed for adults with developmental disabilities, to learn the daily life skills necessary to be self- sufficient and live independently Adult Daily Living Skills classes provided facility or community-based instruction to participants in the workshop or at home who have requested further training in education or daily living skills. Living Skills Instructors will prepare activities, teaching aids, and implement lesson plans appropriate to individual needs and preferences of.

These pages contain sample reading intervention lesson plans from our partners and lesson plans based on the interventions used in Texas Center for Learning Disabilities 2006-2017 research for struggling readers in grades 1-5 and grades 6-8. Also included are helpful instructional resources LIFE SKILLS DEMONSTRATED IN THIS LESSON: 1) Critical thinking about qualities of healthy and unhealthy relationships. 2) Communication skills RESOURCE MATERIALS FOR TEACHER: • 12 pieces of paper with one way to be treated taken from the How I Would Want to Be Treated by My Partner in a Relationship handout written on each piece of pape For adults with developmental disabilities, a higher level of autonomy depends upon the ability to complete necessary daily tasks with a minimum of supervision. An appropriate level of personal hygiene is vital for social interaction including becoming part of the workforce, and it is also important for good health A study published in the Fall 2005 issue of Therapeutic Recreation Journal reported better health, improved social and family life and improved quality of life in study participants with disabilities who participated in organized and adaptive recreational activities, such as alpine skiing and horseback riding 6. Adults with IDD are.

Lesson Plans. Give your students a deeper understanding of money management with Practical Money Skills' award-winning curriculum. You'll find lesson plans for students of all ages — from preschoolers and elementary school students to teens and college students. We also offer course materials for students with special needs life skills that are common goals on an IEP (individualized education plan). The adaptive physical education lessons cover the seven basic sports skills: aerobic endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, power, strength, and speed and agility. Each lesson includes the definition of the skill, along with what sports it could correlate with Here are mine 48 Life Skills Everyone Should Learn Housekeeping Skills 1. Basic Housekeeping Skills + How to Clean. From making your bed to laundry basics, we all need basic housekeeping skills.This means everyone! Men and women, from college students to grandparents: keeping a tidy house is a life skill that ensures the health of your family, keeps you organized and able to find what you.

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  1. Three broad sets of skills make up adaptive functioning. These are conceptual skills, social skills, and practical life skills. These skills were previously reviewed. In this section, we turn our attention to the ISP and adaptive functioning. For many adults with intellectual disabilities, the adaptive functioning component of their ISP is primary
  2. g independent. Here are 6 steps and helpful hints to teaching life skills cooking. The recipe to success when teaching cooking is consistency, repetition, and patience with a large dash of humor
  3. g to find answers to questions their classmates have written developing the following life skills: analysing and extracting key information, evaluating content of a reply or argument, and time management
  4. Inter-Personal Social Skills. The ability to understand others' emotional states, wants, and needs are critical not only for success in school but also success in life. It is also a quality of life issue, which will help students with and without disabilities to build relationships, find happiness, and succeed economically
  5. Soft Skills to Pay the Bills. Skills to Pay the Bills: Mastering Soft Skills for Workplace Success, is a curriculum developed by ODEP focused on teaching soft or workforce readiness skills to youth, including youth with disabilities. Created for youth development professionals as an introduction to workplace interpersonal and professional.
  6. All students are capable of being involved in planning their life. Teach skills and enhancing knowledge of skills like problem-solving and decision making directly, creating lesson plans around these types of skills. Embed instruction into general curriculum. For example, in any lesson plan, a teacher can begin by asking students to create a goal
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When you create a budget, you are creating a plan for spending and saving money. Use these printable budget worksheets and budgeting lessons to teach real life basic personal finance concepts and important fundamental money skills. Lesson plans and worksheets may be used for a curriculum teaching budgets, household budgeting, and consumer math. Teaching People with Developmental Disabilities Updated 4.7.09 DSP Name: Mentor's Name: Date(s) of Portfolio Review: Total Mentoring Time: On-the-Job Competencies . Instructions: For . each . lesson select three (3) topics to discuss. With your mentor, discuss and check off the (3) topics as you complete them Lesson Plan 77_83; Job Skills Using Computer Based Instruction Mechling, L. C., & Ortega-Hurndon, F. (2007). Computer-based video instruction to teach young adults with moderate intellectual disabilities to perform multiple step, job tasks in a generalized setting. Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities, 42, 24-37. Lesson Plan 7 For all children, and especially those with special needs, achieving independence is an important part of the journey into adulthood. From the moment we wake in the morning, we go through certain tasks, known as life skills.These tasks could include typical activities such as making the bed, performing bathroom routines, getting dressed, making meals, communicating and so many others

7. Adequate time is allowed for each life skills lesson within a well-paced schedule 8. An effective and comfortable learning environment is created for all participants Area IV: Monitoring and evaluating a life skills program 9. Life skills training is adequately monitored and evaluated to improve program outcome Help instill compassion and understanding in your students with this comprehensive unit all about disabilities. We've got everything you need from book units, to critical thinking puzzles all designed for instant download and use today. This theme unit is about people of different abilities and the different kinds of help they may need 3. Life Skills systematically attempts to build skills for healthy behavior. This is the crux of the Bridge Model of behavior change (see page 33). Many programs provide one-shot information to large numbers of people. A Life Skills program works with a small group of people over a longer period of time to motivat

Research on teaching techniques for adults with learning disabilities is limited. The majority of research on learning disabilities instruction has focused on children, and these techniques do not necessarily work well with adults. The following is a list of teaching techniques that have been suggested as effective with adults who have suspected or diagnosed learning disabilities Welcome to the lesson center for disability awareness class activity lesson plans. As classrooms become more inclusive, it's important for every child to be welcomed and treated with respect. The goal of this resource center is to provide teachers with lesson plan ideas that will help students better understand what it's like to live with.

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adults having disabilities, who can apply and implement the evidence-based recommendations presented herein to teach skills related to self-determination and provide sufficient opportunities for utilization of these skills. The practices described in this guide can also be adopted by organizations that provide support to adults with disabilities Life skills are the skills that children need to be eventually become successful and productive parts of their society. They are the kinds of interpersonal skills that allow them to develop meaningful relationships, as well as more reflective skills that allow them to see their actions and responses critically and become happier adults.For a long time, this kind of skills training was the.

Although adults with mental disabilities have higher dexterity and motor skills than adults with a physical condition, they still face many challenges that affect their crafting experience. While some adults with mental illnesses are relatively self-sufficient and independent, others need a little more supervision and guidance Life Skills Curriculum:: A curriculum that teaches students Social Skills, Employability Skills, Consumerism Skills, and Financial Management Skills for real life situations. The curriculum includes interactive online lessons. Academic Curriculum: Remediates and supplements traditional academic skills by using alternative teaching and learning strategies that relate to real life situations an all-school assembly. This will foster respect early on for people with disabilities and discourage stereotypes by keeping communication open. 5. Teach self-advocacy skills. Incorporate this into the classroom early on. Go to www.imdetermined.org for lesson plans on promoting self-advocacy skills. 6 Sexual education for young adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities is extremely important. Born This Way, a reality television show that stars seven diverse young adults with Down syndrome, is doing its part to highlight this.. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, an average of 59,000 adults with disabilities are raped or sexually assaulted each year The activities included in this guide are for service providers to utilize to provide instruction and services to youth who are blind or visually impaired in three of the five required areas: job exploration, work-based learning, and workplace readiness training. The activities can be printed, access electronically, and even e-mailed

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Looking at Challenging Behavior. Tiered Behavioral Interventions. Data Recording. Staffing. Behavioral Accommodations (Tier 1) Positive Interventions - - (Tier 2) Functional Behavioral Support --Developing a BIP (Tier 3) Discipline. Seclusion and Restraint Teaching Time Management to Students with Learning Disabilities. The Landmark School Outreach Program's mission is to empower students with language-based learning disabilities by offering their teachers an exemplary program of applied research and professional development. Time management is a challenge for everyone NFPA's Emergency Evacuation Planning Guide for People with Disabilities provides information on the five general categories of disabilities (mobility, visual, hearing, speech, and cognitive) and the four elements of evacuation information that occupants need: notification, way finding, use of the way, and assistance This book is a conversational introduction to a variety of principles used to teach daily living skills to adults with developmental disabilities - including understanding the basics of behavior, assessing behaviors, writing plans, instructional processes, reinforcement, behavior management tips, data collection, ethical issues, and much more

Employment Skills - Lesson plan starters for teaching skills one would need on a job. Fitting Fitness into the ASD Household - Fitness programs to consider for young people with autism to be successful both in the short- and long-term. Guide to Brushing Teeth - Free poster with a clear sequence of pictures showing how to brush teeth Special Need & Education Resources. Inform yourself about curriculum strategies and classroom management for students with different learning needs and abilities. We have resources on everything you need to know about teaching special needs students effectively. You'll find information for teaching students across the Autism spectrum, as well. Older students and adults need to know how to write a check. Teach students budgeting and to do their own personal budget. Use the subject of money as a strategy to reinforce basic math and reading comprehension skills in a more interesting way. Meanwhile, you will be teaching your students necessary skills for life

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Skills they'll practice: Listening, respect, interpersonal skills, communication. 2. Human Marble Run. Working together to meet a goal takes patience and focus. This IRL version of marble run will help your students learn to work together, and they'll have fun doing it! Give each member of the team a length of gutter or drainpipe Join onestopenglish today . With more than 700,000 registered users in over 100 countries around the world, Onestopenglish is the number one resource site for English language teachers, providing access to thousands of resources, including lesson plans, worksheets, audio, video and flashcards The films and supporting resources are aimed at young people aged 11 to 25 to help them learn strategies for staying safe as they grow up and gain independence. They enable adults to start conversations with young people about: feelings. privacy and boundaries. friendship. different kinds of love. online safety Health & Nutrition Lesson Plans, Activities and Worksheets. Our cross-curricular resources on health education and nutrition will engage your students in prek, elementary, middle school, and high school, with fun and informative lesson plans, worksheets, and activities on their well-being. Teach them about illness, physical education, and.

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She has been serving persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities for more than 30 years, and currently works as the ministry director for Luvability Ministries of Niles, Michigan. Linda's first book is Lessons in Grief and Death: Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities in the Healing Process. Ms SA Life Academy is a day program for adults with disabilities. 1 of 11 Mallory Cohn (center) and Gilver embrace as they start their day at SA Life Academy. The organization provides a day. When an individual is developmentally disabled, life skills can be a challenge. But some disabilities are easier to overcome than others, and people with developmental disabilities can learn life skills with the help of a willing teacher. Teaching skills, such as cleaning or basic cooking, takes time and patience, but is rewarding in the end The Learning for Life ChampionsTM program provides students with mental disabilities help in developing social/personal, life, and self-concept skills to help them achieve greater self-sufficiency. The Champions™ Daily Living Skills includes 57 lesson plans centered on a skill-oriented theme, with activities designed for class or. 1. Identify life skills developed by 4-H members. 2. Discuss methods to help youth develop life skills. 3. Explore examples of activities to assist youth with life-skill development. Supplies & Resources Needed Lesson plan with instructional objectives Notes pages of PowerPoint presentation with talking point

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Life Skills and Autism. For people with autism, learning life skills is essential to increase independence at home, at school and in the community. By introducing these skills early and building block by block, people with autism gain the tools that will allow him or her to increase self esteem and lead to more happiness in all areas of life Life skills training is different from support, help or assistance in that the aim is to promote self-sufficiency. Life skills can be thought of in terms of three broad categories: 1) core or basic skills (e.g. numeracy, literacy and information technology); 2) independent living skills (e.g. managing a household, budgeting, appointment keeping. Topic: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Content: Goals: Students will understand the types and causes, as well as the history and prevalence of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Students will also learn some successful practices for teaching students with those disabilities. Objectives An all-in-one set of 1,200 transition lesson plans with related tests, the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)'s Life Centered Education (LCE) is a fully online, secure transition curriculum that students and teachers can engage with 24/7. LCE's online portal tracks and reports on progress and outcomes and is specifically designed to help meet Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals Words from LD OnLine: LD OnLine is proud to present a guide to parents on how to help their children succeed titled Life Success for Students with Learning Disabilities: A Parent's Guide.It was developed by the Frostig Center and based on more than twenty years of ground-breaking research on the lives of children and adults with learning disabilities

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  1. Teaching Budgeting Skills For a Learning Disability. Here are some things to consider when discussing or teaching budgeting to a person with a learning disability: Discuss the importance of a budget: You don't need a formal lesson right off the bat. Define in simple terms what a budget it, establish some basic financial goals and take time to.
  2. i-debates and designing a presentation
  3. ation skills to be successful in adult life Content: Includes 3 Strands: Choosing Goals Expressing Goals Taking Action Addresses 4 transition areas: Education/training Employmen

  1. A person needs to be comfortable in their ability to manage their lives at home, work, and in public. Meeting that goal requires a mix of concentrated skills development in specific areas, and the ability to modify one's approach to everyday tasks. Life skills are critical at home or in public The ability to complete tasks with as little assistance as possible is as important at home as it.
  2. During the transition years, the social skills listed below in the section, Social Skills Needed by Transition-Age Students, are suggested as essential to a young adult's success in the adult world. One way that classroom teachers can help students with (and without) disabilities practice these skills is by providing structured small group.
  3. 9) Life is short. Embrace everything. Having a disability can also, unfortunately, have an impact on your lifespan. For many of us, living to 95 isn't probably going to happen, which is why most people with disabilities have figured out the secret to life — enjoy each day as if it were our last. We all try to do this in our own way, but.
  4. Concrete examples. Adaptive writing utensils. Support auditory presentations with visuals. Use of a study carrel. Assistance in maintaining uncluttered space. Weekly home-school communication tools (notebook, daily log, phone calls or email messages) Peer or scribe note-taking. Space for movement or breaks
  5. Adult Basic Education: Life Skills & Functional Academics/ Life Skills & Workplace Skills Training. Learn educational foundation to manage personal care and hygiene as well provide an educational foundation, basic functional academic, and skills to participate in the workforce
  6. Our flexible lesson plans are designed to enable you to help your young people develop the skills they need to succeed in their future careers. Your guide to coaching adults Use this all in one guide to get an introduction to LifeSkills and the content available for adult learners, to get the best out of the programme
  7. Rainbow of Hope Texas provides a safe, healthy, and nature-filled environment conducive to the learning, growing, and development of relationships between humans and the land, water and animals. Through recreational and educational opportunities, the lives of participants with physical, emotional, mental, or developmental challenges are enriched

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  1. Functional Life Skills: Laundry Lessons & Apps. 02/06/2014 by Jenna 4 Comments. 10.1k. My whole caseload is Life Skills kids! Love your Life Skills units!! Rhonda says. 03/01/2016 at 9:45 am. This was an awesome find, I teach adults with developmental disabilities our program is based on Life Skills/Functional Skills. When I cam across.
  2. Teaching Life Skills. Many students in special education need help in the following areas of self-care. Here are some ideas for teaching each skill in the classroom. (5,6,7) Communication and social skills. Include daily student interaction in your lesson plans; Get students out of the classroom and into social environments whenever possibl
  3. 66% of working adults never had a ca-reer plan and are currently working at vocational and life skills training is appropriate. The core elements of work- but for some students with disabilities, specific skills are necessary for survival i
  4. Decision making is an important life skill for students to develop and practice in a safe environment. Making tough decisions can be an anxiety-provoking exercise, and it's helpful to make the process more approachable for students. The following activities are designed to provide students with ways to visualize scenarios and help develop.
  5. • Social skills. Social networking allows people to keep up with current friends and make new ones. young adults with disabilities must make important life decisions regarding disclosure of their disability (if, how, when, and to whom). Sense will be updating the CyberSmart! lesson plans and adding video, interactive components, and a.
  6. Life skills are skills a child needs to develop in order to succeed in life, but are not necessarily part of any academic course curriculum. Life skills include attributes such as honesty, perseverance, resourcefulness, patience and organization. Life skills lessons are common components of both special education programs and standard classroom.
  7. Essential Skills Portfolio Everyday Life Lesson Activities Exploring Careers - Lesson Unit - PDF Goal Setting Guidance - Career Activity Files How Do Your Skills Measure Up - Const, Tourism, Trucking Introduction to Career Clusters Lesson Plans Job Seeking Skills Lesson Plans
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It is federally mandated that transition planning begins for every student who has an IEP before that student is 16 years old, but there is a need for effective programming and evidence-based curricula to support transition-aged students. Transition to Adulthood was built around evidence-based practices to meet the needs of individuals with autism spectrum disorder,learn more Transition to. Transitioning to Life After High School After 12th grade, individuals with learning and attention issues will only receive accommodations^ in college or the workplace if they disclose their disabilities. But many students leave high school without the self-awareness, self-advocacy skills or self-confidence to successfully navigate their new independence and seek out support when needed Lesson Plans -- Pre-employment Transition Skills . Job Exploration and Counseling . The skill of learning about yourself in relation to the world of employment, while exploring occupational interests. Developing strategies to actualize work goals. Life Skills Resource Room 1. Picture Interest Career Survey 1. Histogram - Career Family Tre

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the passage of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in 1990, when transition planning became mandated as part of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process. Students and their families often rely on the help of school or adult service professionals to help explore career options and find a job The ChoiceMaker Curriculum is Designed to Teach Students the Self-Determination Skills Needed to be Successful in Adult Life. The ChoiceMaker Curriculum consists of three strands: (1) Choosing Goals, (2) Expressing Goals, and (3) Taking Action. Each strand addresses teaching objectives in three transition areas: Education, Employment, and Personal

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Improvisational Techniques Based Training for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. SKIT® is a program for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It's a fun, safe, energized atmosphere, that gets people together to make friends, communicate, and learn critical life skills Adults with disabilities develop life skills through cooking. Jessica Belasco , Staff Writer. May 9, 2013 Updated: May 10, 2013 10:15 a.m. 5. 1 of 5 Unicorn Centers, a nonprofit organization that. In the short term (after 3-6 months of implementation), the effectiveness of a life skills programme can be measured in terms of the specific learning objectives of the life skills lessons, and. Independent Living Skills Training is a basic life skills training program with foster teens (16 to 19 years old) that teaches them the below listed skills. The program's aim is to prepare these teens for their emancipation from the foster care system. The population is diverse and can have. Preview and Download CASAS developed the modules jointly with an advisory committee and curriculum writers representing low-level literacy youth and adults. We appreciate the work of those whose names appear on each module as well as the consultants and practitioners who contributed ideas, feedback, and an enormous amount of effort: Sabra Barfield, Nancie Payne, Ann Marie Smith, and Anita White

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Description. In this lesson, students will understand the importance of quality customer service by determining ways to provide service that anticipates customers' needs, and creates a successful business in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. Download the lesson plan With Flocabulary's comprehensive videos, lesson plans, handouts and quizzes, you'll give students the life skills they need to succeed The lesson below focuses on areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) to address deficits in learning pertaining to Compensatory Academic Skills and Independent Living. These are two of the nine subject areas of the ECC. However, you may wish to conduct these activities over several class periods The lesson plans are user friendly, with clear language and great visuals for the handouts. I would recommend this curriculum to anyone interested in putting together a comprehensive sexuality education program for adults with developmental disabilities Plan emergency routes. In the event of an emergency, such as a fire, you will want to have an escape plan in place. If possible, try to have more than one way of getting out of your home. Keep a fire extinguisher accessible. And be sure to let friends and family members who might spend time at your home know where you keep it and how to use it The service people. This is going to directly impact friendships and relationships. I believe this is a contributing reason for why unemployment is so high for people with disabilities — the people doing the hiring have only seen our kids wiping tables and stocking shelves. It's time things change. Life skills needs to be more