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Did You Check eBay? Fill Your Cart With Color Today But Did You Check eBay? Check Out Tillandsia Ionantha On eBay Ionantha Druid Yellow Air Plant - RARE | Tillandsia, Unusual Yellow Air Plant, Low Maintenance, Easy Care, Bromeliad, Blooming Air Plants. TheArtizanWay. 5 out of 5 stars. (1,938) $8.00. Add to Favorites Tillandsia Ionantha Ball If you're looking for a unique holiday ornament - this Tillandsia Ionantha Ball is it! The 4 Ball (about the size of a tennis ball) is actually a cluster of many small tillandsias that create a living ornament. The greenish-silver leaves begin to turn red prior to the purple flowers emerging

Tillandsia ionantha Guatemala leaf damage Sale. $ 0.32. Medium 2″-2.5″. These are on a super sale because they have some minor leaf damage. Purchase of 10 or more required! Sizes. Choose an option Medium. Clear. Tillandsia ionantha Guatemala leaf damage Sale quantity So many ionanthas, so little time to collect them all? We've done most of the work for you! This collection includes an assortment of our Tillandsia ionantha species and hybrids! Buy this collection and you can tell your friends that you've been travelling! SMALL COLLECTION Tillandsia ionantha 'Guatemalan Select' Sale: 30% Off [5, 10 or 20 Pack] Tillandsia Ionantha Fuego Air Plants. $17.50 $25.00. You Save 30% ($7.50) translation missing: en.products.notify_form.description: Notify me when this product is available Tillandsia Species ionantha Pyramid. Tillandsia ionantha Pyramid is the rarest and most interesting form of this variable species and it is not often available. The leaves are compact, stiff, pointed and thick 5 Ionantha Tillandsia Air Plant Pack, Each 2 to 3.5 Inches Long, Live Tropical House Plants for Home Decor, Indoor Terrarium Air Plants 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,794 $23.49 $ 23 . 49 ($4.70/Count) $24.68 $24.6

Mini Tillandsia Assortment 3 Pack Air Plants FREE SHIPPING. List Price: $10.95. Our Price: $9.95. You save $1.00! Tillandsia Ionantha Assorted 3 Pack FREE SHIPPING. List Price: $10.95. Our Price: $9.95. You save $1.00! 3 Pack Air Plant and Pink Urchin Kit FREE SHIPPING SALE - Large Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala Air Plants - Set of 10, 20 or 50 Air Plants - 70% Off. Regular price. $59.50. Sale price. from $17.85 Save $41.65. Giant Tillandsia Tectorum Ecuador Air Plants. $75.00. Tillandsia Streptophylla Air Plants / Pure. from $7.95

Tillandsia ionantha 'Druid' Unfortunately collecting these plants is purely a hobby for me, so I do not have any for sale, but if you are based in Malaysia I can pass you details of individuals who do sell Tills. Let me know! Reply. Kayleigh January 27, 2015 Wholesale Special Air Plants - Tillandsia Ionantha Variety Regular price $1.70 Sale price $1.45 Save $0.25 / Quantity. − + Sale price $1.45. Tiered Discounts ⓘ Buy 172 more for 10% off! Buy.

SALE: Jumbo Tillandsia Tectorum Ecuador Air Plant - Collector's Variety Tillandsia $12.95 $19.95. [3 Pack] Tillandsia Brachycaulos X Ionantha 'Victoriana' Air Plants. [3 Pack] Tillandsia Brachycaulos X Ionantha 'Victoriana' Air Plants $31.05. Post Bud - Tillandsia Straminea Thick Leaf Air Plants with Pups On Sale from $33.63. On Sale. Shop now. Pack of 5, 10 or 20 Tillandsia Ionantha Rubra Air Plants - Save up to 45%. On Sale from $16.79. On Sale. Shop now. Pack of 3, 6 or 9 Tillandsia Tectorum Ecuador Air Plants - Save Up to 25%. On Sale from $29.14 12 Pack Tillandsia Ionantha Air Plants - Fast Shipping - 30 Day Guarantee - Wholesale - Bulk - House Plants - Succulents - Air Plant Care Ebook Included Brand: The Air Plant Shop 4.3 out of 5 stars 2,880 rating Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala thrives on sufficient watering. Soak your air plant tillandsia once a week in a bowl of water for 10 minutes each time. You can also mist your plant with a spray bottle 3-4 times a week if it needs more water between the soakings. Tillandsias absorb water through leaves instead of roots Tillandsia cauligera white form, type 2 $ 20.00 Add to cart; Tillandsia cauligera, white form $ 12.00 - $ 16.00 Select options; Tillandsia chapeuensis $ 150.00 - $ 200.00 Select options; Tillandsia chiapensis x velutina $ 10.00 - $ 12.00 Select options; Tillandsia chusgonensis Sale! $ 5.00 - $ 12.00 Select options; Tillandsia copanensis.

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12 pcs Tillandsia Air Plant Lot in Gift BOX! / Kit includes 11 Plants and 1 bottle of Organic Air Plant Fertilizer Food. Indoor Plants. AURAMORE. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (37,577) $22.00 FREE shipping. Etsy's Pick. Add to Favorites The Tillandsia Ionantha Rubra is one of the multiple Ionantha air plants that we are having available for sale on our Tillandsia webshop. This particular air plant, however, is also a unique one. The rubra begins its lifecycle with a yellow/green color and could color more red towards its flowering stage, just like the Ionantha Ionantha which.

Plant Oddities 3055 Cairo Road Paducah, Kentucky 42001 270-519-1428 oddplants@yahoo.co 4713 Tillandsia sp. - Airplant. Tillandsias, called by some the world's most unusual airplants, are a delightful addition to any greenhouse. They are easy to care for, exotic to look at, and interesting to study. Tillandsias are air plants, even more so than other bromeliads and much like vandaceous orchids. Tillandsia's are without doubt one.

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  1. Tillandsia ionantha 'Fuego': A small, dependable air plant with fuzzy leaves. This variety can flush with bright red or orange tones when it receives direct sunlight in the morning or early afternoon. This variety is enhanced with plant safe red airbrushing. The dye can fade with several months of regular watering
  2. SALE Tillandsia Ionantha Assorted 3 Pack FREE SHIPPING. $8.95. Save up to 15% when you buy more. Buy It Now. Free shipping. Watch; S P O 7 N J M G U S O R X E 7 D H B L V. 10 Pack Assorted Tillandsia Ionantha Color Changing Air Plants FREE SHIPPING. $18.95. Save up to 15% when you buy more. Buy It Now. Free shipping
  3. RM 8.00. Add to wishlist (2) Tillandsia Ionantha Package (S Size) / Air Plant. ACESTORYAQUATIC. Ship from : Penang ,Estimated Arrival 1-3 working days. RM25.00. RM 8.00. Add to wishlist (1) Tillandsia Chiapensis Mini - Air Plant

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A beautiful plant, the Ionantha Mexicana is easy to grow! Tillandsia Ionantha Mexicana Air Plant Clump. Array. Base price $8.00. $8.00. You Save. Ask a question about this product. Description. Tillandisa Ionantha Mexicana is a tightly packed clumping air plant Tillandsia Ionantha Mexican Air Plants Bundle Single Plant 3 Pack - Save 10% 5 Pack - Save 20% 10 Pack - Save 30% Single Plant - $4.95 USD 3 Pack - Save 10% - $13.36 USD 5 Pack - Save 20% - $19.80 USD 10 Pack - Save 30% - $34.65 USD Quantit star. star. star. star. ( 1 Review ) This hybrid was made by Mulford foster in 1943, but also occurs as a natural hybrid in both Mexico and Guatemala. The shape is somewhat like Tillandsia ionantha, but a open rosette with softer recurving leaves. The foliage blushes a cerise pink/red color and has purple petals. Current stock: 0

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Air Plants or Tillandsia (till-LAND-zee-uh) grow without soil and make for incredible living sculptures in any medium to bright light indoor space. These unique epiphytes from tropical rain forests are the perfect low-maintenance plant for the home or office. They offer an exotic look, showy blooms, entrancing fragrances, and limitless arrangement possibilities Tillandsia Ionantha Ionantha. Tillandsia ionantha var. ionantha is a type of air plant from Central America and Mexico. It produces a violet flower and turns slightly red when in bloom. It makes for an attractive kitchen windowsill or desk piece as it is small and durable. Out of stock. SKU: AP002 Category: Tillandsias // Air Plants. Description An amazing and wonderfully fascinating plant Tiny, spiky rosette of narrow leaves that are covered in silvery scales Clusters to form a tight ball The plant undergoes a remarkable transformation prior to flowering whereby the entire plant changes in colour to shades of red Violet flowers emerge from the centre of the plant creating an impressive display which is sure to attract attention.

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  1. Sale. $15.00 On sale $10.00 In Stock Tillandsia ionantha plantlet (0) Sale. $3.95 On sale $2.99 In Stock Tillandsia ionantha Blushing Bride Bromeliad Cluster (0) Tillandsia ionantha vanhyningii Set of 3 plants great for vertical gardens (0) Sale. $12.99 On sale $7.99 In Stock Tillandsia stricta dbl plants on hanger (0
  2. Ionantha Albo-Marginata Ionantha Guat. Ionantha Huamelula: Ionantha Mexico Small: Ionantha Peach: Ionantha Peanut: Ionantha Rubra Large: Ionantha Rubra Small: Ionantha Selecta: Ionantha v Stricta: Ionantha Tall Velvet: Ionantha Van Hyn: Ionantha Variegata: Ionantha x Baileyi: Ionantha x Baileyi Specimen: Ionantha x Brachy 3″-4.
  3. Sale! Tillandsia funkiana hybrid $ 8.00 $ 6.00. Tillandsia funkiana hybrid $ 8.00 $ 6.00. 20 in stock. Tillandsia funkiana hybrid quantity. Add to cart. Quick View. Tillandsia gardneri Tillandsia ionantha Guatemalan form quantity. Add to cart. Quick View. Tillandsia juncea $ 8.00. Tillandsia juncea $ 8.00. 20 in stock. Tillandsia juncea.
  4. Species may include anything on this page, with at least 40% of the mix being picked from the more expensive plants (like T. brachycaulos, T. bulbosa, T. caput-medusae, T ionantha 'Fuego', T ionantha v. stricta, T. tenuifolia 'Blue', and T. tectorum), and the remainder being less expensive species. We might also be able to include less common.
  5. ON SALE - UP TO 75% OFF HELP - Tillandsia Ionantha Plant Dying. bernardyjh. 6 years ago. Hi all bromeliad folks! This is foreigb territory for me. Bernard - I'm not a Tillandsia grower, but the key to answering your question is in the common name for Tillandsias air plants as they thrive on abundant air circulation

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Bromeliads and plumeria for sale from our nursery in Naples, FL. Premiere seller of air plants in the U.S. Get Free Shipping on all orders $120 or more. Menu. 0. Shop . On Sale; Tillandsia ionantha 'Peach' $5.95. Tillandsia ionantha Mixed Assortment. Quick View New. Tillandsia ionantha Mixed Assortment. $3.95. Grower's Choice. Aechmea. Sale! Tillandsia ionantha var. ionantha MIX / 24... 7 Review(s) 24 x Tillandsia ionantha var. ionantha 36,80 € Add to cart. In stock Tillandsia ionantha Druid needs sun spray 3-5 times a week Diameter 6 cm Height 7 cm 6,90 € Add to cart. In stock Add to Wishlist Quick view. 3,50 €. Tillandsia, commonly known as air plants, are the largest genus in the bromeliad family and are native to the warmer climates of the Americas. They are perfect for beginners because they are one of the easiest air plants to grow and are incredibly hardy. A decorative piece of wood forms the base of some of these unique plants while others come. Tillandsia Ionantha Pruning . Pruning is an essential part of caring for Tillandsia Ionantha. Even the most careful of gardeners will experience some browning on the leaves of their Air plants and this isn't something you should be worried about. Air plants are highly regenerative and Tillandsia Ionantha is no exception

Simply Tillandsia. 720 likes · 4 talking about this. Simply sharing joy and for tracking growth in my collection of tillandsia. Ionantha Hybrid For sale within Singapore, PM if keen. Simply Tillandsia added 3 new photos to the album: Simply Tillandsia. May 2 · Silver Trinket BRT For sale within Singapore, PM if keen Name: Tillandsia ionantha var vanhyningii A rare highly sought after form of ever popular T. ionantha. It produces small, curved stiff leaves and grows along a stem. It blushes a pinky red colour when flowering Anacampseros retusa. £3.95 postage. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. Das hat diese Air Plant sicherlich ihrer schönen roten Farbe zu verdanken mit der sie eine sehr fröhliche Ausstrahlung besitzt. £7.00. Tillandsia Ionantha Ball If you're looking for a unique holiday ornament - this Tillandsia Ionantha Ball is it! Cryptanthus 'Martini Olive' $15.00 to $35.00 Quick view. The most.

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All Tillandsia Airplants. Craftyplants complete range of Tillandsia (airplants). One of the widest selections of species Tillandsia, cultivar and hybrid airplant varieties available to buy online, direct from our UK airplant nursery. Showing all 247 results Tillandsia Ionantha Airplant Seeds Price for Package of 5 seeds. The Tillandsia Ionantha red is a very exclusive product. The Ionantha kind, in general, is one of the most common species within the epiphyte family of Tillandsia. Because of its small and compact form, it is very easy to use in flower arrangements and bouquets See more of Tillandsia for sale on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Tillandsia for sale. Patio/Garden . Community See All. 1,802 people like this. 1,827 people follow this. About See All. 0810334526. Contact Tillandsia for sale on Messenger. T.ionantha vanhiningii. See All

Tillandsia ionantha albo-marginata. Bloom: The green and white variegated leaves give way to that beautiful ionantha red blush during bloom, producing purple tubular flowers. Light: Best in strong indirect or filtered light, can take small amounts of direct light. Water: Spray or dunk twice a week, allow to dry within 6-8 hours Tillandsia ionantha v. Guatamalense Air Plants in glass votive holders.Origin: Central and South AmericaFlower: PurpleDescription: Like all Tillandsias,.. 12+. $2.20. Quantity. Add to Cart. Description. This unusual form of the common ionantha is spectacular in bloom when the entire plant flushes a bright rose red with violet flowers. It also exhibits a more rotund, bushy shape. Note: Sold and shipped in it's green state air plant - Tillandsia ionantha. air plant. 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star (0 reviews) Write review. 2 + 1 FREE plants £17.97 £11.98 Checkbox. in stock (shipped within 1-2 working days) 1 plant £5.99 Checkbox. in stock (shipped within 1-2 working days) Quantity 1 Plus Minus The Tillandsia can grow anywhere! This plant is easy to care for. The pink tips make the house plant extra decorative. The Tillandsia needs very little care. Spray the leaves weekly. The plant prefers a moderate amount of sunlight. That is why you shouldn't put the Tillandsia in full sun. Now just find a nice place and it's ready to go

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SALE! Super Value Pack. $ 34.95 $ 19.95. 0 out of 5. This super value pack of 12 air plants has all the air plants that you need to start your own tillandsia collection! Add these hardy air plants to your terrariums, sea urchin air planters, and DIY projects! Set of 12 air plants: Tillandsia Bulbosa, Tillandsia Straminea Bush, Tillandsia. Large selection of exotic tillandsia (airplant) available. Tillandsias are an interesting plant to grow as most do not need soil.... they just grow in air! Many tillandsia varieties are available for sale right now! Get in quick as airplant stock is always limited. (For sale in Australia Only - no WA, NT or TAS sales sorry)

213 sold 213 sold. 3 x Ionantha Air Plant - Rubra, Scaposa - Tillandsia indoor house gift wedding. £9.95. Free P&P. Free P&P Free P&P. 21 sold. 21 sold 21 sold. Tillandsia IONANTHA RUBRA Plant - Live air plant - red airplant. £5.95 1 x Ionantha GREEN Air Plant - Tillandsia indoor house gift wedding. AU $8.63. + shipping. Air plant IONANTHA - ALL SPECIES - Tillandsia, house office terrarium airplant. AU $10.37. shipping: + AU $22.58 shipping. Air Plants - RANGE OF SPECIES - Indoor Tillandsia house plant ionantha tricolor. AU $6.96 Rubra is a cultivar of the popular and one of the most interesting air plant, Tillandsia Ionantha. This is a tiny and easy to grow plant native to America and Mexico. The tufting silvery rosette of the Ionantha plant remains smaller than 4 inches in height Tillandsia is a genus in the bromeliad family with about 650 different species. They are a unique group of plants that have adapted over millions of years to fit niches in the ecosystem where few other plants can survive or thrive. . Tillandsias have adapted to a wide range of climates and habitats, some species being terrestrial and growing to. Get Tillandsia Ionantha With Fast And Free Shipping For Many Items On eBay. Looking For Great Deals On Tillandsia Ionantha? From Everything To The Very Thing. All On eBay

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Ionantha Ecuador grows in an unusual cone shape. This Ionantha variety has nice two-tone color. Cold Hardiness Zones: 10-11; View MapCold Hardy to 30° to 40°F Tillandsia Air Plant.. A fun and easy to grow air plant, Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala is the perfect air plant for small glass orb terrariums and crystal air planters. We highly recommend this for beginners! The leaves turn bright red when exposed to bright, indirect sunlight. Width: 2.0″ - 3.0″. Height: 1.0″ - 2.0″ Tillandsia ionantha has fuzzy, fine-leafed foliage that is velvety grayish-green but will turn red with high light exposure. Approximately 1-3 long. This is an air plant, so no soil needed! To care for them, simply soak in water for up to 10 minutes every one to two weeks, then hang upside down to fully dry. None of our Tillandsia are harvested from the wild

Tillandsia ionantha Hide Video. A native to Mexico to Nicaragua where they grow on trees and rocks. We are selling back divisions of the species that can be tied to a rock or slab, or left bare root and misted frequently. We have several Tillandsia that have been in our collection for 20 to 30 years. Sale Price. Shipping Code. Select One Tillandsia caput-medusae (KAH-poot meh-DOO-sigh) is one of the mainstays in most everyone's collection. A fantastic shape and appropriate name if ever ther... Air Plants Bundle - 5 Species of Tillandsia Ionantha - 30 Day Guarantee - Aquarium Plants for Sale Tillandsia ionantha Albino. This is the Mexican form of Ionantha Druid also known as Albino. Like all the Druid forms, the leaves blush yellow or pink instead of the typical red or orange and produces creamy white tubular flowers instead of the usual purple flowers

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VARIETY: Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala SIZE: Each plant is 2 - 3 inches wide and 2 inches in height. They will not grow larger than 3-4 inches but will create pups and grow into a bigger cluster. COLOR: Most plants will start out green with hints of red. As they approach blooming they will become more colorful and bloom with purple tubular flowers Tillandsia ionantha Conehead Size: Large Comments: glaucous foliage : Tillandsia ionantha Druid Size: Medium Comments: Wider growth habit, Yellow flowers, Limited stock : Tillandsia ionantha Fuego Size: Small Comments: Brilliant red when blooming It houses one of the world's largest and most accessible agricultural information collections and serves as the nexus for a national network of state land-grant and U.S. Department of Agriculture field libraries. In fiscal year 2011 (Oct 2010 through Sept 2011) NAL delivered more than 100 million direct customer service transactions Dip the whole plant briefly into a pan of water or a freshwater fish tank, or put under a running faucet. Use this method two to four times per week for mesic types and once a week for xeric types. Soaking helps revive dry plants. Submerge the whole plant for 1 to 3 hours. Use this method once a week or after a period of neglect

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Tillandsia International. 43714 Rd. 415, Coarsegold, CA 93614 U.S.A. (559) 683-7097. Fax: (559) 658-8847. Email. Visits to the nursery by appointment only. Tillandsia International is a wholesale nursery. We exclusively grow Tillandsia air plants Tillandsia Ionantha Rubra. from 2.00. MOST PLANTS IN OUR CURRENT SELECTION ARE BRIGHT GREEN. We will try to send colorful plants as they are available. Each plant is approximately 1 in size. The Rubra variation of the ionantha has thick, succulent like leaves that may blush in the most beautiful pastel colors when grown under high light Tillandsia ionantha 'Peach' as it's name suggests is a variety of ionantha that blushes a peach color rather than red when in bloom. Believed to have originated in Guatemala, this variation is worth the extra price

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SALE Tillandsia ionantha 'Rubra' Plant. Air plant SALE. C $5.63. Buy It Now. Shipping not specified. from United Kingdom. S p o n s o 2 Z M F r 5 I e d O A 2 U C. Tillandsia duratii var. duratii. Brand New. C $33.56. or Best Offer +C $21.98 shipping. from France. J P V I S p o E F n s M A o X r V e d Ionantha Blue Eyed Druid 2.50 Loliacea Specimen 10.00 Reuteri Small 10.00 Ionantha Blue Eyed Druid Clump 5.00 Long John 35.00 Reuteri Large 20.00 Ionantha Curly Giant 3 ½-5 7.00 Macbrideana 10.00 Rhodocephala 30.00 Ionantha Fat Boy 2.50 Macbrideana x Paleacea 2.00 Rhomboidea 20.00 Ionantha Firecracker 2.50 Magnusiana 3.50 Rodrigueziana Hybrid. Tillandsia ionantha - Well established on bark\hardwood\cork etc. $8. Appleby Road Stafford Heights, QLD. This is one of those plants that will readily form a clump in the area you choose to grow them. 10 Vanilla Orchids well established,in individual pots for sale in Birkdale $30 ea. $30 A fun new take on our classic Tillandsia Ionantha air plant! *Color is enhanced. This is a great option for anyone looking to add a pop of color. Details A fun new take on our classic Tillandsia Ionantha air plant! Sale-10%. Happy Haworthia Bundle - 6 pack. $44.99 $50.00 (Save $5) SAVE $5. Select Options. Gollum Jade. $12.00. Select Options. Tillandsia represent the largest number of species in the Bromeliad family. Tillandsia are commonly known as Air Plants and are a fascinating and extraordinary group of plants. An extremely diverse family of plants, varying, in size, shape and growing conditions. They occur in a wide range of different habitats from hot and dry almost desert conditions to humid tropical rain forests.

Description. This is a caulescent form of T. ionantha. They are nice mature blooming size plants and may have started to put. They can be hung from a wire, great in orbs, or set in a pot. Mist often if growing indoors, and give them a good drink at least once a week, twice is better. Great for producing humidity in the greenhouse when grown. Tillandsia ionantha var. stricta forma fastigiata. Tillandsia ionantha var. van-hyningii. Tillandsia ionochroma. Tillandsia ixioides. Tillandsia ixioides subsp. viridiflora. Tillandsia izabalensis. Back to Species. Tillandsia xjaguactalensis. Tillandsia jalisco-monticola. Tillandsia xjalisco-pinicola

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Tillandsia ionantha curly giant. Regular price $8.00. Tillandsia ionantha druid. Tillandsia ionantha druid. Regular price $3.00. Tillandsia ionantha fuego Tillandsia ionantha Ron. Regular price $12.00 Sale price $10.00 Sale. Tillandsia ionantha vanhyningii. Tillandsia ionantha vanhyningii. Regular price $5.00. Tillandsia ionantha x concolor. Species: Tillandsia ionantha Mexican Select Common name(s): Tillandsia, Air Plant Native to: Temperature preferences: Warm to cool growing Water preferences: Medium moisture Terrestrial or Epiphytic: Epiphytic General Information and Care: Tillandsia ionantha Mexican Select is another wonderful terrarium suitable species. This form has thicker leaves and tends to grow more upright in a flaring. Tillandsia Ionantha Air Plant (Enhanced Lilac) We enhance this Ionantha to give it an intense lilac color! In full bloom, white, purple, and blue flowers are on full display making any project or arrangement of yours come to life. Imagine all of the color combinations you could create mixing with our array of Reindeer Moss and Spanish Moss Browse all the air plants for sale. $3.00. 4. Hanging Air Plant Terrarium Kit - Drop Glass Tillandsia. $16.99 $12.99. 5. Ionantha Tall Velvet Air Plant. $5.50. Add To Cart. Popular Products. Hanging Air Plant Terrarium Kit. $29.99 $21.99. Add To Cart. Stricta Air Plant. $2.5 A one-stop shop for everything houseplants. Choose from our large collection of small to large indoor plants. Succulents, Airplants, Cacti, Aloe, Fiddle Figs, Bonsai, Ficus plants & more. We offer the lowest prices for plants online. Nationwide US Shipping

Positive. On Aug 7, 2017, analen from Tamworth, NH (Zone 5a) wrote: There are about 650 species of Tillandsia, perennial flowering plants in the Bromeliad family, commonly known as air plants. They are native to the southern United States, the West Indies (Caribbean), Mexico, and Central & South America. If you live in a cold zone like myself. Andy's Air Plants, Penzance Cornwall. Home of Tillandsia and Bromeliads for sale in the UK. A wonderful variety of Air Plants / Tillandsia for sale online by award winning gardener Andrew Gavin. Visit my website for information on Bromeliads and Air Plants for sale

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Sale! -27%. Tillandsia 'Ionantha Guatemala' ₹ 549.00 ₹ 399.00. Tillandsia 'Ionantha Guatemala' is alway a favorites in air plants collection with its striking spiky appearance, and beautiful bright green and red coloring, it really does liven up any space it adorns. This air plant starts life with a nice healthy green coloring which. T. ionantha Thick Leaves (big) Regular price $8.00 T. harrisii (small) Regular price $8.00. T. bulbosa (Medium) Regular price $8.00. T. bryoides. Regular price $40.00 Sold out. T. aff capitata. Regular price $16.00. T. schiedeana clump (small) Regular price $10.00. T. pruinosa. Regular price $8.00 Sold out. T. ionantha v.. T. ionantha Thick Leaves (small) Regular price $4.00 Sold out. T. schiedeana. Regular price $4.00. T. ionantha var. Ionantha. Regular price $4.00 Sold out. T. paucifolia. Pick a plant online now and have your very own airplant (Tillandsia) now. Wholesale or retail. Fast shipping in Singapore and beyond Tillandsia Seleriana - Witch Claw. from 5.00. Tillandsia Pohlian Description: Tillandsia ionantha, commonly known as the Blushing Bride, is a small and interesting evergreen epiphyte with compact rosettes of silvery arching leaves reminiscent of a pineapple top.Normally grey-green, the leaves in the centre of the plant will turn bright red when it blooms in order to attract hummingbirds to pollinate it

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Botanical Name: Tillandsia Ionantha 'Mexico' Description: The Ionantha 'Mexico' is a flowering air plant native to South and Central America. This air plant has bright green foliage which grows upwards and outwards in an umbrella like fashion. The tips of the leaves will turn red at the start of its flowering period #1 Digital Meat Thermometer: All in One Pocket-sized Wireless Instant-read Waterproof Thermometer; Best for BBQ/Kitchen... Review Sale Tillandsia Xerographica (13) $35.00 $29.00 Caput Medusae Tillandsia Xerographica Pixie Size (7) $10.00 Tectorum Ecuador (5) $10.00 Tillandsia Ionantha Fuego (2) $2.00 Sale Tillandsia Usneoides ~ Spanish Moss Air Plant Jellies~ Ionantha (1) $6.00 Tillandsia Juncea (2) From $4.50. Tillandsia ionantha . Tillandsia stricta: Tillandsia xerographica - flower Tillandsia concolor : Tillandsia xiphioides: Tillandsia butzii: Tillandsisa crocata: sunny - Bolivia - 1816: Central America - 1935 Brazil - 1816 - fragrant All material on this Web Site is copyrighted©, and may not be. Description. Description: Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala is one of the most widely distributed Tillandsia in the world.As with most of the Tillandsia from Guatemala, they are originally collected from the environment and grown at large nurseries for a period of time before being distributed to nurseries around the world.T