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With our GVM upgrade, you can go from a GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) of 3,450kg to 3,795kg. Not only do we upgrade the suspension, but we also reinforce the rear diff for extra strength. If you purchased your vehicle through the Ram Australia Dealership Network, you already have the 10% GVM from 3,090kg to 3,400kg. To do The RAM 1500 GVM upgrade will improve vehicle comfort and stability. Whether your vehicle is for work or leisure it is crucial to follow the manufacturer's guidelines when it comes to the GVM capacity. The GVM is the maximum that a vehicle can legally weigh; this includes the vehicle chassis and body, accessories such as bullbars and winches. Ram 1500 GVM Upgrade. Available on Queensland registered vehicles or pre-registration vehciles that are intended to be registered in Queensland. Our GVM Increase is 10% which takes the Ram 1500 up from 3450KG to a new GVM of 3795kgs MAX. We do not recommend trying to exceed this amount whatsover as we belive the vehicle isn't really built for that New ram 1500 2020 sxt ( new name for the ds express ram ). The new ram 1500 has a 1.1t payload with the gvm upgrade over the older ds 1500 ram

Transmod offers assessment and certification for vehicle Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) upgrades. This service is available for most four wheel drives and utes. The resulting GVM upgrade certification is valid Australia wide, linked to Queensland registration using modification code LS11. Dodge Ram 1500 Dodge Ram 2500. JMACX RAM 1500 Suspension kit $ 8,369.00. Available on backorder. Add to cart. SKU: RAM1500 Category: Suspension. Note: this kit does not give you a GVM upgrade but will be used in our upgrade once it is brought to market so if you are looking for a suspension upgrade and possible gvm upgrade in the future this would be your pick 2500kg. 250kg. Without a GVM upgrade, the vehicle weighs 2750kg (curb weight plus trailer down ball weight) before adding any 4WD accessories, luggage, fuel or even the driver! Add two adults (~150kg) plus a full tank of fuel (~70kg) and you have just 30kg to spare before you are over GVM (2970kg)

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Superior Outback Tourer™ Australia Wide Legal Bolt In Coil Conversion 4 Inch Hyperflex Lift, 33-35 Inch Tyres, Track Corrected Chromoly Diamond Diff, 3.8T Gvm Suitable For Toyota Landcruiser 76 Series Gen 1 (Non Vsc Models Federal and State Compliance Gross Vehicle Mass Upgrades Whether your vehicle is for work or leisure it is crucial to follow the manufacturer's guidelines when it comes to the GVM capacity. The GVM is the maximum that a vehicle can legally weigh; this includes the vehicle chassis and body, accessories such as bullbars and winches, the weight. The GVM upgrade will take the Ram 2500 from 4.5t to 5.3t giving you an extra 800kg of payload. This GVM Upgrade includes: New Heavy Duty Coils (either stock height or 2 lift) New Shocks (either EFS 2.5 Monotube or Radflo 2.5 Remote Reservoir & Compression Adjustable shocks) Installation PRICE: $12,990.00. Harrop has given the RAM 1500 utility the boost that it needed with the release of our TVS2650 Supercharger kit, utilising the largest, most-efficient rotating group ever produced by Eaton. As a master distributor and technology partner of Eaton Supercharger and Traction products for over 12 years, Harrop has leveraged their. We size our Ram 1500 tray to be marginally longer than the tub, coming in at 2115mm long (bed size of 2050mm x 2050mm). This strikes a balance between rear overhang and usable tray space, including allowing full size under tray toolboxes to be fitted along with front boxes as well. The headboard height is 900mm, meaning it will line up closely with a cabin mounted roof rack

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  1. Price. Show. 12. 12. 24. 36. Is your Dodge Ram vehicle in need of an upgrade? See our full range of products from lift kits to brake pads, suspension or steering dampeners. Items 1 to 4 of 4 total
  2. This kit is for the Ram 1500 DS (2012-2018 model) and will suit the Express and Laramie. Australia stands tall! SCD American Vehicles worked with King Springs to designs Australia's first ever 2″ lifted coils for the Ram 1500 back in 2015, and have sold thousands of sets since
  3. The RAM 1500 stands apart from Australia's mainstream pack of turbo-diesel dual cab utes, with its muscular Hemi V8 performance, superior 4.5-tonne tow rating and imposing presence. In fact, RAM Trucks Australia proudly claims that its big, brash American pick-up eats utes for breakfast.After a week behind the wheel, it's easy to understand why the RAM 1500 is generating such a.
  4. GVM upgrades, with the highest axle load rating in Australia, allowing you to practically load and use the full potential of the GVM upgrade in your vehicle. With hundreds of conversions done in commercial, military, outback tourers and work vehicles, with millions of combined kms driven in some of the worlds harshest condition, this kit has.
  5. RAM 1500 on its way Meanwhile as we reported back in March, the RAM 1500 is on its way and will be launched later this month with dealer stock following soon after. The 1500 will be powered by the 5.7-litre Hemi V8 petrol engine and have a towing capacity of 4500kg. We will bring you full details of the 1500 as well as pricing following the launch
  6. Trucks 'N' Toys are Australia's Leading Ram Parts and Ram Accessories specialists.Having started as Australia's first Premium Dodge RAM Conversion Brand, Trucks N Toys have grown to become Australia's leading supplier of Silverado & Ram Parts and Accessories. We carry an extensive range of only the highest quality parts and accessories designed to suit RAM 1500, RAM 2500, RAM 3500.
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  1. Ram 2500 Australia ASV model with our Trucks N Toys / Kelderman GVM upgrade taking the GVM from kg 4490 to kg 5670. The Ram in this video with its Norweld a..
  2. Ram 1500 gvm update. Jmacx offroad solutions. 17K views · November 6, 2020. 0:24. Its been absolutely flat out here smashing out Diffs / chassis / gvms / coil conversions Jmacx have been increasing manufacturing 80-130% every year for the past 5 years Australian Manufacturing is on fire . None of this would be possible without great customer.
  3. Compared to the previous version, the new, updated and revised 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 delivers 14 percent greater torque: it's now up to a best-in-class diesel torque of 650NM easily handling big towing and hauling assignments. To that, add eight percent greater horsepower, along with new availability for every 2021 Ram 1500 model. Wheelbase. 367 CM

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Trusted Name. 20 Years Industry Experience. Highest Quality Mag Wheels And Tyres. Call To Find Out More 1300 699 699. Ultimately, Ozzy Tyres is one company that will always ensure that you do get that best Dodge Ram Wheels And Tyres you need thus enabling them to stand out as the best company when compared to what you can get in within the market Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for SCD - Ram 1500 (DS) GVM Upgrade at the best online prices at eBay Why buy Dodge Ram wheels and tyres at AutoCraze. All our Dodge ram wheels are load rated at AutoCraze. All wheels comply with Australian standards for Dodge Ram wheels. Free shipping Australia-wide* on all Dodge Ram wheels. Buy now pay later - 12 Months Interest Free on all Dodge Ram wheels. Free fitting and balancing for all Dodge Ram wheels.

With our GVM upgrade, you can go from a GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) of 3,400kg to 3,740kg. Not only do we upgrade the suspension, but we also reinforce the rear diff for extra strength. If you purchased your vehicle through the Ram Australia Dealership Network, you already have the 10% GVM from 3,090kg to 3,400kg Looking to get 4200kg gvm Front 1683kg Rear 1868kg Gvm 3150kg Usa figures approx Australia ram Axle loads stated Front 1770kg Rear 1770kg 3450kg gvm With FEA it shows weak area to be axle flange and wheel bearing It's set by the manufacturer. If you want to carry more weight than what the manufacturer allow in the 1500 then look into. Harrop has been tuning performance cars and 4x4s for years, and one of its latest projects is a supercharged Ram 1500 Express making 407kW and 778Nm. We sent Robert Pepper along to take a closer look at it. Words and Images Robert Pepper: What we have here is a Ram 1500 Express, not quite as large as the big-brother 2500 or a Ford F250, but.

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Please select a model, trim, and colour. Model RAM 1500 RAM 2500 RAM 3500. Colour Bright White Granite Crystal Metallic Diamond Black Red Pearl Patriot Blue Billet Silver Other. Trim Tradesman Sport Rebel Power Wagon Laramie. Cab Size Crew Cab Mega Cab Regular Cab. Optional Equipment. RamBox Like a lot of utes, the RAM 1500 falls foul of GCM when towing. If you tow right up to the 3500kg capacity (of the 3.21:1-ratio vehicle), you'd have only 111kg for payload. While RAM includes a full tank (98 litres) of fuel in the kerb weight, it doesn't include the driver's weight. The RAM has heaps of room inside for five overgrown adults

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Fit out by trucks n toys with trail ready bullbar , 30inch led light bar ,warn 12000lbs winch fox 25 shock 2inch lift kit and kelderman gvm upgrade rear. Ram 2500 Bds 4inch Lift 37 Mtz Bullbar Trucks Australia Play | Download. We have taken 2 standard ram 1500 laramie's and turned them into some best looking most. Dodge ram bull bar australia. Lovells can also supply upgraded GVM kits for some pre-registered and post-registered 4x4s, which would be ideal for constantly-heavy-loaded 4x4s towing large vans but would be too harsh when empty. The Gas Legend twin-tube, long-travel shocks are gas-charged, have a large 60mm outer body, 36mm bore, 18mm shafts and feature multi-stage valving The 1500 Express standard tub has a whopping 6'4 Cargo tub, delivering a load length of almost 2m long (1,939mm) and just over 1.6m wide (1,295mm between the wheel arches), allowing for a full size pallet with ease, along with plenty of left over space. No 5 seater ute can give you a bigger cargo bed than the Ram 1500 Express ®

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4. IRONMAN 4x4 has released a federally approved 4000kg GVM upgrade for the 200 Series LandCruiser. Utilising the Aussie brand's Foam Cell Pro Shock Absorbers, the upgrade will certainly improve the control and ride of your vehicle when loaded with plenty of gear for that remote-area adventure. MORE Shock Absorbers 10% GVM Upgrade - Code LS11 Queensland. A few days ago the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads has released a new Vehicle Modification Code of Practice Version 2.8 / March 2017 and now there is a new Code LS11 - Up to 10% increase in GVM outside of a manufacturer's GVM rating. This is only for light vehicles which are. Encouraged by booming local sales of the RAM 1500 through Ateco Automotive/American Special Vehicles, the Walkinshaw Automotive Group (WAG) has expanded its local RHD re-manufacturing capacity to include the similar-sized Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Unlike the RAM, the Silverado is sold exclusively through WAG's HSV dealerships, but offers the same prized 4.5 tonne towing capacity and lots more

2018 RAM 1500 tow test. If you're looking to tow something big and heavy, like a big caravan, horse float or boat long distances, you'll appreciate the effortless nature of this Ram 1500, and. RAM 1500 won't be able to carry much if towing full 4500kg. That's for the RAM 1500 Laramie with the shorter 3.92:1 differential ratios. With the optional taller 3.21:1 diffs, if you use all of its 3500kg maximum towing capacity you will still have only 111kg payload left before reaching the 6261kg GCM maximum American Motors is the only place in Adelaide for New and Used American Vehicles. Sales, Parts, Servicing and Repairs. RAM, Dodge + more

ram 1500 V8 HEMI TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION RAM 1500 Express Quad Cab RAM 1500 Express Crew Cab RAM 1500 WARLOCK Crew Cab RAM 1500 Laramie Crew Cab TRANSMISSION & TRANSFER CASE Type Automatic - TORQUEFLITE® 8-Speed Gear Ratios 1st 4.71 2nd 3.14 3rd 2.10 4th 1.67 5th 1.29 6th 1.00 7th 0.84 8th 0.67 Reverse 3.30 Final Drive 3.92 Overall Top Gear. Old Man Emu SuspensionSelector. Whether you're travelling on harsh Outback roads, using your vehicle for competition purposes or towing a camper trailer, the importance of a fully integrated 4×4 suspension system is paramount. Designed for superior performance across all terrain, an Old Man Emu suspension upgrade by ARB will provide.

The RAM 3500 has a 5309kg GVM, but it's basically the same vehicle - the differences are explained below in Pricing and Range. Now because the 2500's GVM is effectively de-rated, that means. Air bag suspension for RAM 1500 10-19. Easy Fit Kit. Raised 50mm, High Pressure Kit only due to high load capacity, excl. Power Ram & Rebel. Product/Vehicle Details: Easy Fit Kit. Raised 50mm, High Pressure Kit only due to high load capacity, excl. Power Ram & Rebel. Fitment Position: Rear Axle. Fitment Time: 120 minutes The HSV Silverado is aimed at the successful RAM 1500 and has a broadly similar specification. The powertrain is headed by a 6.2-litre petrol V8 that, like the Hemi in the RAM 1500, has stop/start and, more importantly for highway trips, cylinder deactivation to improve economy. This EcoTec3 donk puts out a claimed 313kW and 624Nm, so grunt isn.

Explore specifications of the 2021 Ram 1500 pickup truck. Find fuel economy, fuel tank size, weights, exterior length & more on this Ram truck today This kit is for the Ram 1500 DS (2012-2018 model) and will suit the Express and Laramie. Australia stands tall! SCD American Vehicles worked with Kings Springs to designs Australia's first ever 2 lifted coils for the Ram 1500 back in 2015, and have sold thousands of sets since 2021 RAM 1500 Laramie SWB Auto 4x4 MY21. $147,990* Price Guide. 2020 RAM 1500 Rebel Auto 4x4 MY20. $248,990* Price Guide. 2020 RAM 1500 Laramie Auto 4x4 MY20. $145,990* Price Guide. Report this ad. Report this ad as Suspected fraud or scam Advert infringes intellectual property (e.g. copyright) Incorrect or misleading Sold No response from seller 2019 RAM 1500 Laramie SWB Auto 4x4 MY19. EGC. $110,000*. View All Stock. This tow-test is of the upper-spec 2018 RAM 1500 model, the Laramie launched in August. There's also the entry-level RAM 1500 Express ($79,950 drive-away), which went on sale more recently. The RAM 1500 Laramie opens at $99,950 (plus on-road costs) but we tested it with. CLASS-EXCLUSIVE V8 HEMI. The RAM 1500 Pickup Truck offers the only V8 HEMI ® engine in its class, and is without a doubt one of the most powerful. The V8 HEMI ® delivers 291kW of power and 556Nm of torque, while delivering the unmistakable V8 rumble to announce your arrival. This legendary powertrain now incorporates eTorque technology via an onboard electric motor, creating a mild-hybrid.

New regulation with a 500kg GVM upgrade and NO GCM upgrade: GVM upgraded to 3,850kg; GCM remains at 6,850kg Actual tow load@ full payload 3,000kg + 1,220kg payload or 3,500kg + 720kg payload. As you can see, what you can tow will change depending on how much weight you have in the tow vehicle THE RAM 1500 EXPRESS® QUAD CAB The RAM 1500 is the only full size, American made Pickup Truck that goes beyond anything most premium mid-size utes can deliver. If you want to tow more, carry more, move more, see more, and enjoy more, the RAM 1500 Pickup Truck provides a vastly superior solution to ute buyers

King shocks Australia are the ultimate in suspension upgrades to suit any vehicle ranging from Daily driver to Offroad touring machine. Many companies Australia wide are using the King Offroad racing shocks in there gvm upgrades and in extreme use circumstances. They provide the ultimate in ride quality, performance and reliability.. RAM 1500 Warlock is part of the continuation of RAM Trucks successful introduction into Australia. Launched in July 2020, the Warlock, based on the new crew cab, adds a layer of bling and accessories to present an impressive looking truck. What does the RAM 1500 Warlock look like? Imposing and noticeable

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This kit is for the Ram 1500 DT (2019+ model) and will suit all models that don't have air suspension. Australia stands tall! SCD American Vehicles worked with King Springs to designs Australia's first ever 2 lifted coils for the Ram 1500 DS back in 2015, and have sold thousands of sets since The 2021 Ram 1500 TRX supercharged V8 - one of the world's fastest and most powerful pick-ups - is coming to Australia, initially as a limited production run from next year For the bulk of our completed Six Wheeler conversions, we are able to achieve a GVM increase up to 4,495Kg, and a towing capacity increase to 4,500Kg. And here is the compromise - A standard for Ranger/BT50 has a GVM of 3,200Kg from factory and 3,500Kg towing capacity, but a published GCM of only 6,000Kg, leaving available payload well short.

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• Camps Australia Wide, Australia's leading RV camping guide. Towing Weights - RAM 1500 vs Ranger Use this forum for: ALL Q&A about Towing Weights, WDH & Caravan Stability including Weights like Tare, ATM, GVM, GCM, plus WDH and other related issues affecting caravan stabilit For over 100 years, Chevrolet has forged an enviable reputation for building strong and dependable pick-up trucks. And now, Chevrolet's pinnacle model - the Silverado - is available in Australia and New Zealand The PCOR Tray for the LandCruiser 200 Series has been designed specifically deigned to the vehicle.. The trays mould around the cab for an aesthetically pleasing finish, and the customized dimensions for each individual vehicle work to maintain the vehicle's approach angles and to take advantage of the maximum usable tray space GVM Upgrades 79 series Lexus LX470 Lexus LX570 Toyota 100 series Stage 2 Toyota 105 series 2019 RAM 1500 4WD 2 STAGE 1 SUSPENSION SYSTEM $3,975.00 elka suspension Australia Icon Suspension Social Feed Trips Icon Alloys. Once the approved suspension system and GVM upgrade compliance plate has been fitted to your vehicle by an authorised Old Man Emu installer, It can then be registered according to its new, increased GVM. This process ensures that your vehicle is GVM legal in all states of Australia. Once vehicles are registered, they fall under the jurisdiction.

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  1. F/s 2019 Ram 1500 laramie Quad cab Perth 22,000KMS. hollister_rich; 4 d ago; 0 84 4 d ago. RAM 1500 express GVM upgrade. Laker; Jan 20, 2019; 2 2K Jan 20, 2019. by Wallamatogus. P. Australia Welcome to our community. 70 posts. 17K views. Join Community Forum Staff View Al
  2. Dodge Ram 1500 (2017+) 50mm suspension lift kit - Rancho RS9000XL. Sale. Regular price. $1,200.00. Or $‎240 today and spread the rest with. Learn more. or make 4 interest-free payments of $300.00 AUD fortnightly with More info. Dodge Ram 1500 (2017+) 50mm suspension lift kit - Rancho RS9000XL available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide
  3. About. Dr Tim's Auto Engineering can approve GVM upgrades under the LS11 Modification Code. This process allows for the GVM to be increased to raise the carrying capacity of your vehicle. The fitting of bull bars, spare tyre carriers, winches, auxiliary water or fuel tanks, dual batteries or carrying heavy tools can make it necessary to.
  4. GVM upgrades are done as a second stage manufacture at the federal level and receive a new compliance plate. It needs to done before first registration to be recognised nationally otherwise if done to a vehicle that has already been registered it is only legal in the state it was certified in
  5. There's been a bit of a hoo-ha around GCM and GVM in the world of 4WD and towing lately, including the recent announcement of the decision by the South Australian Government to reverse their ban on the installation of after market towing upgrades by certified Second Stage Manufacturers
  6. GVM Upgrade - Foam Cell - Post Registration Permanent Load 3500kg to suit Ford Ranger PX 2011-2015 : FOR001BKFGVM1: GVM Upgrade - Foam Cell - Post Registration Temp Load 3500kg to suit Ford Ranger PX 2011-2015 : FOR001CKFGVM: GVM Upgrade - Foam Cell - Pre Registration Permanent Load 3500kg to suit Ford Ranger PX 2011-201

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The RAM 1500 Laramie with a 3.92 Axle ratio has a GCM of 7237kgs less 4500kg towing capacity = 2737kg, less kerb weight of 2650kg = 87kg of payload and according to the brochure, occupants, fuel and fitted accessories, the weight of which, must be deducted from the payload to determine the load carrying capacity Australia Must be an Aussie term ! - sorry the Tray? - removing it to install a custom canopy instead. In OZ there is a 913KG Payload but it would increase by the weight of the tray we are removing - trying to forecast GVM impac Fulcrum Suspension are the leaders in steering and suspension. We are the suspension specialists. Fulcrum Suspensions can service your 4x4 suspension, 4WD suspension and performance suspension. With a huge range of suspension products we can help you with any suspension problem and offer a range of suspension solutions. Largely established in Brisbane but operation throughout Australia. RAM have taken cup holders to a whole new level. The RAM pick-up has had an upgrade which now allows you to store up to 10 slabs of soft drink cans and ice if that's what your heart desires. It's alleged that here in Australia we will be receiving the ultimate Esky dream 'the RamBox storage system' which features two vertical 'lockers' measuring 1.52 metres along the length of.

Description. Pro-Forge Upper Control Arm's guarantee optimised wheel alignment by correcting geometry following a suspension lift. Unique and design registered, Ironman 4x4 Pro-Forge Control Arms exceed all others in the market when it comes to fit, form and function For the Ram 1500, we have two main options for rear suspension heavy-duty springs. The first suspension upgrade for Dodge Ram 1500 trucks will increase the capacity by 25% with a rated load per spring of 2,250 lbs. The second, more robust set of rear coil spring replacements will increase the capacity by 50% with a rated load per spring of.

Just delivered the first #jmacx 4200 kg GVM on the Dodge Ram 1500 20Grid gd14s rims and SSM approved kit . 20/05/2021 Finally got our first set of alpha shocks for the 200s ALPHA 2.5remote res Made in Australia #AEV. 24/04/2021 . Photos from Norweld's post Jmacx Alpha 2.5 shocks specifically designed for gvm upgrades to. There are a few big surprises with this Australia-bound RAM 1500. Firstly, it's significantly lighter than you'd expect. It's a huge 1,100 kilogram saving in weight over the 'Heavy Duty' models, coming in at a somewhat spritely 2.4 tonnes

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As our point of difference, TLX products are designed, tested, built, painted, fitted with power solutions all under the same roof right here in Perth, WA. This means greater control of the build quality providing customers with confidence. Based out of the TL Engineering state of the art workshop in Perth WA, TLX4x4 is built on 50 Years of. the ram 1500 express® quad cab The RAM 1500 is the only full size, American made Pickup Truck that goes beyond anything most premium mid-size utes can deliver. If you want to tow more, carry more, move more, see more, and enjoy more, the RAM 1500 Pickup Truck provides a vastly superior solution to ute buyers

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The Long Ranger Fuel Tank For The Ram 1500. Ram 1500 - The Long Ranger base in the same factory with a different badge at The Long Ranger we still design and manufacture our tanks in Australia were it all started way back in the late 70's. Is the GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) affected 20+ yrs experience in the 4x4 industry . Over 11,000 4x4 Products Online . 20+ Stockists Australia Wide . Shipping Australia Wide & internationall The 4x4 Suspension Experts. Lift kits, GVM upgrades and 4x4 accessories in Brendale. Home of West Coast Suspensions QLD, and a huge range of 4WD accessories from Offroad Animal, MSA 4x4, PIAK, Bilstein, Safari, East Coast Bullbars and more Test Drive The All-New RAM 1500 Limited Crew Cab Today, at Peter Stevens RAM - Ballarat VIC. Redefining the benchmark for Pickups, Utes and even large luxury SUV's. Pre-Order Today. For an unrivalled & luxurious alternative to a Ute. Up to 4.5 Tonne Max Braked towing. Unrivalled Everyday. Ram 1500. Proven Power. Built For Hard Work

In the USA, the Gladiator's GVM and towing capacity were calculated to slot it below its RAM 1500 stablemate, but in Australia, RAM is a competitor, because it's not imported by Fiat Chrysler Australia. Also, the Gladiator looks underdone for the money, in comparison with other medium-sized utes 4″ Lift Kit. Suits: 2018 - 2013 Ram 1500 4WD. Part # RS66402B - In Stock. RS7000XL Shocks available. Contact us for a quote and more info! Visit: 81 Beechboro Road Sth, Bayswater WA 6053. Call: 08 9370 2646. Email: sales@wilkinsonsuspension.com.au Australia & New Zealand's forum where members discuss & seek information from other members in relation to all RV's & like topics in a friendly environment. The site will be free from advertising & suitable for General Viewing Ram 1500 V8 petrol. Towing 3.5ton ? Use this forum for: TECHNICAL ISSUES ONLY about Caravans, Motorhomes, Tow.

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installa GVM upgrade on some other makes and models, but this option looks like being soon curtailed by the Federal Government. You can solve your GVM problem by walking into a RAM showroomand ticking all the right boxes. The 1500 comes with a choice of two drivelines and two different size cab options. The petrol V8 5.7-litre Hem Tough Dog GVM Upgrade Lift Kit for Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series . Upgrade your Landcruiser's GVM from 3350 Kgs to 3830/3850 Kgs with a Tough Dog GVM kit.. Use the drop-down menu on this webpage to choose the appropriate kit for your vehicle Description. MANTA PRO RAM 1500 5.7L HEMI TWIN 3 CATBACK EXHAUST 409 STAINLESS STEEL. With over 6,000 RAM vehicles now on the road in Australia, we have had significant enquiries for an exhaust system on the RAM 1500 5.7L V8 ute. We are pleased to announce that a full twin 3in cat-back system is now available Choosing the Right Spring. 1: Most of the time the vehicle is empty, but I do load it up when we go away. This is the classic heavy duty vs. heavy load scenario. And in this case, the vehicle needs to be fitted with a 0-300kg spring that will provide a smooth ride, without compromising the manufacturer's load carrying intentions

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ARB's product range contains a host of different accessories, from vehicle specific applications to a range of accessories which are suitable no matter what vehicle you own. Click on the product categories below for more information. Bull Bars. Side Rails & Side Steps. Rear Protection, Towing & Wheel Carriers. Canopies. Ute Lids & Tub Accessories That's why a Ram 1500 Rebel crew-cab Hemi can get away with listing a towing capability of 10,000 pounds even though it's much heavier than just about any other four-door V-8 pickup Ram sells. As I mentioned before take up your arguement with lovells NSW they take liability for any issues for the upgrade they are the only company in Australia that will give a gvm and gcm upgrade I would think they would know more about weights and regulations than you guys and I feel safe on the road I know the weight I carry I respect other drivers and especially trucks I don't pull out in front of. Performance parts that match the dependability of the Silverado. Chevrolet Performance offers more ways than ever to personalize your 2019+ Silverado 1500. From cat-back exhaust upgrades to suspension lift kits, they are all engineered and validated to the same standards as the production Silverado 1500 itself