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Get Highway Code With Fast And Free Shipping For Many Items On eBay. Looking For Great Deals On Highway Code? From Everything To The Very Thing. All On eBay The Premier Outfitter For Fall Protection, Safety Equipment & Gear For At-Height Workers The signs illustrated in The Highway Code are not all drawn to the same scale. In Wales, bilingual versions of some signs are used including Welsh and English versions of place names. Some older.

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  1. Read online New Official Highway Code UK valid for 2021. The Highway Code applies to England, Scotland and Wales and is essential reading for every road user. Applies to pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders as well as driver
  2. The times at which the restrictions apply for other road markings are shown on nearby plates or on entry signs to controlled parking zones. If no days are shown on the signs, the restrictions are in force every day including Sundays and Bank Holidays. White bay markings and upright signs (see below) indicate where parking is allowed
  3. Ahead only. Turn left ahead (right if symbol reversed) Turn left (right if symbol reversed) Keep left (right if symbol reversed) Vehicles may pass either side to reach same destination. Mini-roundabout (roundabout circulation - give way to vehicles from the immediate right) Route to be used by pedal cycles only
  4. THE OFFICIAL HIGHWAY CODE Page | 3 AAATHE Introduction This Highway Code applies to England, Scotland and Wales. The Highway Code is essential reading for everyone. The most vulnerable road users are pedestrians, particularly children, older or disabled people, cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders
  5. 21st Jul 2020 No matter how long you've held your licence, a good understanding of the Highway Code's traffic signs is a vital part of driving. It's especially important if you've recently passed your test, as you won't have direct experience of every different type of road layout
  6. Introduction Who The Highway Code is for, how it's worded, and the consequences of not following the rules.; Rules for pedestrians (1 to 35) Rules for pedestrians, including general guidance.

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The booklet also illustrates and explains the vast majority of signs the road user is likely to encounter. The signs illustrated in The Highway Code are not all drawn to the same scale. In Wales, bilingual versions of some signs are used including Welsh and English versions of place names. Some older designs of signs may still be seen on the roads The upgraded Highway Code comes after 38 620 road accidents were reported last year, killing 1 720 people and injuring 11 379. To all road users, the upgraded version of the Highway Code is a. In order to pass the UK driving test, we must understand and obey any traffic signs we come across - but this can be a challenge for new drivers as there are.. In order to pass the driving test and become a safe driver we must understand and obey any road markings we come across - but this can be a challenge for a n.. the signing system. regulatory signs. speed limit signs. You can buy a copy of Know your traffic signs online or from most high street bookshops. Keep up to date on The Highway Code by following.

Taking your theory test. If you are using these free online theory quizzes to learn the Highway Code for your licence, practise until you get 100% regularly on the randomly generated 50-question test. This will almost guarantee that you will pass as the questions asked are almost identical to the ones in the actual theory exam Select a chapter from the Road Code and work your way through the units. Each time you complete a unit or a chapter we'll update your progress. Rules and requirements. What is good driving? Sign up to take a sneak peek at some of the hardest questions in the learner's test Information and rules about vehicle maintenance, safety and security. Annex 7. First aid on the road. Information about first aid on the road, including dealing with danger, getting help, helping those involved, and providing emergency care. Annex 8. Safety code for new drivers

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The Highway Code explains how to use our roads safely and efficiently. It has been written for all road users, including pedestrians, passengers, cyclists, motorcyclists, and drivers. The Highway Code is the official guide to using our roads, as provided for in the Road Traf-fic Act (Chapter 220). It is a mixture of rules and advice BUY OFFICIAL UK Highwaycode here https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/0115533427/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0115533427&lin.. Every uk road and traffic sign from the highway code and explanation as to what they mean. This is a half hour compilation of every video I've done on road s.. The Highway Code is a set of information, advice, guides and mandatory rules for road users in the United Kingdom.Its objective is to promote road safety. The Highway Code applies to all road users including pedestrians, horse riders and cyclists, as well as motorcyclists and drivers. It gives information on road signs, road markings, vehicle markings, and road safety August 2019 - August 2020 Charge Code Manual Instructions The charge codes listed in this Missouri Charge Code Manual are in statutory order. The Missouri Charge Code Manual is available on the Missouri State Highway Patrol's website, along with copies of past year's manuals, quarterly revisions and other necessar

15 of title 30, C.R.S., adopt by reference all or any part of a model traffic code which embodies the rules of the road and vehicle requirements set forth in this article and such other additional regulations as are provided for in section 42-4-111; except that, in the case of state highways The Highway Code UK 2021 is a perfect tool to help you prepare for your driving theory test. Amongst other things, it contains links to our theory test apps which will help you pass your driving.. Practice, Prepare & Ace Your Exam! Whether you're trying to get a learner's permit OR transfer your out-of-state license, you'll need to know all of your state's road signs to achieve a passing score on the DMV's written knowledge exam.. Benefits of a Road Sign Practice Test. Noticing the subtle differences between certain road signs could determine whether you pass the DMV's written knowledge.

In § 625.4 (d) (1) (ix), FHWA proposes to add the 2019 and 2020 Interim Revisions to the AASHTO LRFD Specifications for Structural Supports for Highway Signs, Luminaires, and Traffic Signals. These standards are applicable to the structural design of supports for highway signs, luminaires, and traffic signals A 5-sided sign indicates that you are near a school. Stop if children are in the crosswalk. A 4-sided diamond-shaped sign warns you of specific road conditions and dangers ahead. Many warning signs are diamond-shaped. A white rectangular sign indicates that you must obey important rules. Some warning signs have a fluorescent yellow-green. The MnDOT Standard Signs and Markings Manual is a supplement to the FHWA Standard Highway Signs and Markings book. The MnDOT manual includes sign and marking designs for Minnesota specific signs as well as designs not found in the FHWA book. It also includes punching codes for signs mounted on MnDOT sign structures

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Page 4 WSDOT Sign Fabrication Manual M 55-05 May 2020 Foreword This edition of the Sign Fabrication Manual has been prepared to assist sign fabricators, both public and private, in maintaining a uniform appearance of official highway signs. The highway signs illustrated herein represent the signs currently in use in Washington State The official New Zealand road code for motorcyclists Theory test questions Code for cycling Road code updates Traffic and travel information. Driver licences. Vehicles. Roads and rail. Commercial driving. Safety. Walking, cycling and public transport. Planning and investment. About. The description of The Highway Code Zambia App. This application contains the road rules that govern and guide traffic on the roads of Zambia. It is a complete Highway Code of Zambia application and works offline. The road rules are also up to date with the SADC road rules. Road signs, traffic signals and carriageway markings are included Name. Drawing Description. 00_Bearing Devices. Contans Bearing Devices BBP-001 thru BBP-003. 00_Bridge Standards. Contains Bridge Standards BSA-001 thru BSP-012. 00_Bridge_General. Contains Bridge General BGX-004 to BGX-026. 00_Deck Units multi-lane highway or street, other than for a STOP sign, the minimum size shown in the Single Lane column in Table 2B-1 may be used. Mn Rev. 1 July, 2012 2B.1 Application of Regulatory Signs Standard Regulatory signs shall be used to inform road users of selected trafficlaws or regulations and indicate the applicability of the legal requirements

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22503.5. Notwithstanding any other provision of this code, any local authority may, by ordinance or resolution, establish special parking regulations for two-wheeled or three-wheeled motor vehicles. (Amended by Stats. 1972, Ch. 1095.) 22504. (a) Upon any highway in unincorporated areas, a person shall not stop, park, or leave standing any. vast majority of traffic signs the road user is likely to encounter. 9780115528552 ISBN 978--11-552855-2 All road users Know Your Traffic Signs - for life, not just for learners www.tso.co.uk £4.99 DfT 9780115528552 010 KYTS COVER v2_0.indd 1-3 24/08/2015 12:15. Know Your TRAFFI As you know, if you're revising for your Theory Test, then you have to spend quite some time making sure you know your road signs and road markings. Within our Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 App, users have access to 136 specific road sign questions along with The Highway Code, our quiz, a progress monitor, and a host of other features to ensure. The Purpose of the Charge Code: The Missouri Criminal Records Repository was initially established for the sole purpose of enhancing law enforcement safety. It tracks statistics for arrest data and conviction data using Charge Codes. It has since evolved into other non-law enforcement uses post-9/11 and is now used in the hiring practices of.

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Learn the Highway Code and how to drive by studying Zimbabwe's road rules, road traffic signs, road traffic regulations using this Road Rules App. Practice car diagram test questions on your mobile phone & save money by passing your Zimbabwe VID provisional driver's license test the first time Try our free UK road signs test, this portion of the road sign test consists of 15 questions with road signs.Road signs are important and must be memorized to pass your theory test exam. Every sign has a different shape and different meaning. All theory test road signs are updated based on the official UK Highway Code Manual Contact N.C. Department of Transportation 1501 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-1501 Send Messag 250+ Road sign illustrations and explanations Zoom View for road signs Over 200 practice questions The Highway Code Zimbabwe. 2020-10-09. The Highway Code Zimbabwe 9.0.3.c (83) Update on: 2020-10-09. App uploaded by: Le Thu Nguyen Thi. Requires Android: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16

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  1. Electronic Red Light Safety Program. Enhancing Delaware's Highways. General Information. Highway Noise Abatement. I95 Rest/Service Area. Integrated Transportation Management System. Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) MFTA. On-The-Job Training Program (OJT
  2. This quiz supports recent research we undertook which revealed that many Brits were baffled by road signs and other elements of the Highway Code. If you have been affected and need advice please visit the Road Traffic Defence Solicitors area on our site. Retake the tes
  3. istration and enforcement. §321.3 - Powers and duties of director. §321.4 - Rules. §321.5 - Duty to obey
  4. Car licence theory tests. Try a random selection of questions for your car theory test which covers all the Highway Code sections. All practise questions are multiple choice and will challenge your knowledge of the road rules from signage to signalling, and motorway to MoTs. Or, choose a section below for specific topics
  5. However, the Highway Code has contributed to saving thousands of lives over the years. When launched, there were just 2.3 million cars on Britain's roads, yet more than 7000 people were killed in road accidents each year. Today, there are more than 27 million cars on UK roads, but there are fewer than 2000 fatalities
  6. Road signs in Greece are regulated by the Ministry of Transport and the Hellenic Traffic Police, according to the Greek Highway Code.. Signs follow the general European conventions concerning the use of shape and colour, for every sign category. Signs indicating dangers are triangular with a red border, those giving orders are almost all circular (white on blue for mandatory instructions.
  7. Rules (103 to 158) The Highway Code general rules, techniques and advice for all drivers and riders, including signals, stopping procedures, lighting requirements, control of the vehicle, speed limits, stopping distances, lines and lane markings, multi-lane carriageways and general advice. Read Now
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Lorry licence advice Types of licence. For medium-sized vehicles you can get a Category C1 licence which will allow you to drive a vehicle weighing between 3500-7500kg towing a trailer up to 750kg, or a Category C1+E licence which allows you to drive a medium-sized heavy vehicle with a trailer more than 750kg, but the trailer can't exceed the weight of the vehicle and the combined weight of. AA Highway Code The AA Highway Code Book gives you a comprehensive guide to traffic regulations and laws helping you to improve your driving standard and stay safe on the road. It gives key information for all road users including cyclists and motorcyclists. AA Highway Code Extra Info. Information on road markings and road (2) If currently advertised by signs adjacent to a highway on the interstate system or state system, those signs are consistent with Chapter 5516. of the Revised Code and the National Highway Beautification Act of 1965, 79 Stat. 1028, 23 U.S.C. 131, and the national standards, criteria, and rules adopted pursuant to that act The Highway Code Zimbabwe. This is The Highway Code of Zimbabwe application. The app contains road rules that apply in Zimbabwe and its neighboring SADC countries. The application is free and comes with all images and content packaged within the application and works offline. Age-X Development is not a driving school and we do not offer road. Try a random selection of questions for your passenger carrying vehicle licence which covers all the Highway Code sections. All practise questions are multiple choice and will challenge your knowledge of the road rules. Or choose a specific topic below. Your real bus and coach test will have 100 questions

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  1. Road signs in New Zealand are similar to those set by the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals.While New Zealand is not a signatory to the convention, its road signs are generally close in shape and function. New Zealand uses yellow diamond-shaped signs for warnings in common with Australia, the Americas, Ireland, Japan and Thailand.Speed limit signs are a red circle with a white.
  2. You can study road signs in the 2021 Georgia Drivers Manual, and then use this DDS license and permit practice test to make sure you have a full grasp of what you'll need to know. Rating: 4.29 out of 5 based on 290 votes. Based on 2021 GA driver's license manual Instant feedback. 86% of users found this test helpful
  3. So before you plant that sign, learn the law and keep Texas beautiful. TxDOT only regulates campaign signs under chapter 394 of the Texas Transportation Code. You Need to Know. It is illegal to place any signs on or within the right of way. This includes posting signs on trees, telephone poles, traffic signs and other objects on the right of way
  4. Highway code signs test. This study test will help you learn the highway code road signs and traffic signals. There are 156 questions from the DVSA revision question bank and each includes explanatory text alongside it to help you learn. An excellent study resource we highly recommend is Know Your Traffic Signs which contains all highway code.
  5. U.S. Road Signs & Traffic Lights. When traveling to the U.S., you'll probably encounter a few road signs that you don't recognize, and there may also be some laws around traffic lights you're not familiar with. Before getting on the road, review the list below to better understand the rules around United States road signs and stop lights
  6. Road Users Requiring Extra Care (204 to 225) Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions (226 to 237) Waiting and Parking (238 to 252) Motorways (253 to 273) Breakdowns and Incidents (274 to 287) Road Works, Level Crossings and Tramways (288 to 307) The Highway Code also provides the following examples of signs, signals and markings that may be tested
  7. Sec. 393.0025. MUNICIPAL AUTHORITY TO REGULATE SIGN PLACEMENT. (a) A person may not place a sign on the right-of-way of a road or highway maintained by a municipality unless the placement is authorized by the municipality. (b) This section does not apply to the right-of-way of a road or highway in the state highway system

The Highway Code Plus. The Highway Code is essential reading for everyone. Its rules apply to all road users: pedestrians, horse riders and cyclists, as well as motorcyclists and drivers. If you do not know the Highway Code rule number or section you are looking for use the Highway Code index which provides an electronic reference by various. This road signs test has 40 questions in a true/false format, allowing you to identify traffic control signs, which will help you prepare for your written knowledge test. You'll see your results immediately. Rating: 4.34 out of 5 based on 2798 votes. Based on 2021 driver's license manual Instant feedback. 87% of people found this test helpful This is why the mileposts for Route 128 begin in Canton and not Peabody. Although removing the Route 128 designation south of Peabody would allow the 'zero' milepost for 128 to be at I-95 in Peabody, such a change would require an outreach effort and changes to highway signs that is beyond the scope of the current exit renumbering project SIGNS. Germany has a comprehensive and uniform traffic sign system. All signs have standard shapes and colors and use easy-to-understand international pictograms and symbols based on the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals.The sign system had its last complete overhaul in the early '90s to more closely conform with European standards and is updated every few years to address changing. The 2020 Minnesota State Building Code is effective March 31, 2020, except for the Minnesota Mechanical Fuel Gas Code, which is effective April 6, 2020. It is the minimum construction standard throughout all of Minnesota. Although it is not enforceable by municipalities unless it is adopted by local ordinance, it creates a level playing field for the construction industry by establishing the.

North Carolina Permit Test Facts. Questions: 25. Correct answers to pass: 20. Passing score: 80%. Test locations: Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Offices. Test languages: English, Spanish, Hindi, Vietnamese. Improve your chances of passing the test by reading the official North Carolina drivers manual Drivers Manual Provide feedback on this information. Question: This white rectangular sign with black lettering and symbol means that you have to: Answers: Stay to the right. Merge to right. Keep to the left. Turn around. Please describe what is wrong with the sentence you have ticked: * Overview. TxDOT regulates commercial signs along Texas highways under Transportation Code Ch. 391 and outdoor advertising along minor roads outside of the corporate limits of cities, towns and villages under Transportation Code Ch. 394.Commercial Signs do not include signs located within the state right of way, including traffic signs, memorial signs or logo signs Sign Graphic Field Guides. Specifications for Standard Highway Sign Materials, Fabrication and Supply (PDF, 117KB - April 2004) This document sets out the requirements for the fabrication of all highway signs on provincial highways. Sign Blank Dimensions (PDF, 1.12KB -11 pages) Updated April 11, 2004. Sample Intersection Drawings (b-3) The governing body of a municipality with a population of 2,000 or less, for a highway or a part of a highway in the municipality that is a one-lane highway used for two-way access and that is not an officially designated or marked highway or road of the state highway system, may declare a lower speed limit of not less than 10 miles per.

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  1. utes. Ships Aug 21,2018. Price Each. Additional Details. Upload File. Design Online
  2. (ii) A person operating a bicycle approaching a stop sign located at a highway grade crossing of a railroad must follow the requirements of RCW 46.61.345. (iii) A person operating a bicycle approaching a stop signal in use by a school bus, as required under RCW 46.37.190 , must follow the requirements of RCW 46.61.370
  3. The Traffic Sign Store | Where America Stops for Traffic Signs. The Traffic Sign Store offers the lowest prices and fastest service nationwide for reflective traffic or custom signs. - for highway, home, work or play. Order one to 1,000. Shop us for road signs and enjoy great service and quality at fantastic prices
  4. istrative Code 468-66, temporary.
  5. Route Marker Signs for National Highways: IRC 003: 1983: Dimensions and Weights of Road Design Vehicles: IRC 005: 1998: Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section I (General Features of Design) (Seventh Revision) IRC 005: 201
  6. The exam you will take when applying for a learner's permit covers both rules of the road and road signs on a single 25-question paper. This NC DMV practice test contains 20 questions which all focus on the road sign chapter of the study material - there are no rules of the road questions here. The idea behind this DMV sign test NC quiz is.

Welcome to Dance Party! The when up pressed block lets you run code when you press the arrow buttons. Use the. CAT. MOVES.XClapSide. -1. cats do Clap ← once block to make the cat clap! Make sure to press your up arrow key or after clicking the Run button! 2 These shipping options only apply within the contiguous United States and includes all products except metal frames, t-shirts and apparel, some paper products, stock safety and traffic signs, fabric banners, flags, vinyl lettering, clings, bumper stickers, decals, plywood, alumacore, 4ft and larger corrugated plastic, orders over 500 quantity.

  1. All road users, whether learning or experienced, a car driver, motorcyclist, lorry driver or trainee instructor, have to know what UK road signs mean in order to comply with their instructions, and as new road signs are sometimes introduced, keeping up-to-date is essential. The basic types of UK road signs. There are three basic UK road signs
  2. If you're ready to ace your CT DMV Road Signs Test, get started with this practice test. It will make your official test a breeze. Rating: 4.24 out of 5 based on 63 votes. Based on 2021 CT driver's license manual Instant feedback. 85% of users found this test helpful
  3. Ohio State Highway Patrol and ODOT set up distracted driving corridor on SR 309. From Hometown Stations - If you've driven down State Route 309 lately, you may have seen the new signs - and now, drivers will be seeing more state troopers and ODOT signage in an effort to lower the number of crashes in the area.More
  4. The Highway Code Zimbabwe Android latest 9.1.5.e APK Download and Install. Zimbabwe & SADC Road Rules in a small, free and user friendly Ap

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All the official PCV Highway Code questions for you to practise for your learner licence. Take free tests and learn quickly and easil after 4 measures block to a. SHARK. MOVES.ThisOrThat. -1. sharks do This or That ← forever block from the toolbox. Your dancer should start a new move after the fourth measure. Measures are used to count time in music. In this tutorial, a measure is four beats long. 1 Road Traffic Signs Promo Codes 2021. Go To Road Traffic Signs. The latest Coupons and Promo Codes of Road Traffic Signs can be found here: $5 Off Any Order.Receive 10% off-90% off when you shop at Road Traffic Signs with Promo Codes & Coupon Codes TRANSPORTATION CODE. TITLE 7. VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC. SUBTITLE C. RULES OF THE ROAD. CHAPTER 544. TRAFFIC SIGNS, SIGNALS, AND MARKINGS. Sec. 544.001. ADOPTION OF SIGN MANUAL FOR STATE HIGHWAYS. The Texas Transportation Commission shall adopt a manual and specifications for a uniform system of traffic-control devices consistent with this chapter.

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The signs shall be erected on the highway at or near the approach to the intersection, and shall be of a type approved by the Department of Transportation. The signs shall indicate the crossing and any crossmarks, safety devices, or signals the authorities deem necessary to safeguard vehicular and equestrian traffic at the intersection Make the world your oyster and get that license! So, why not see if you are ready for the New Jersey driver's knowledge test with our multiple-choice exam. Find out whether you really do know where to park, how fast to drive and where to yield from the comfort of your own computer. This test contains 50 multiple-choice questions

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Learn more about Texas travel, driving laws and highway safety., from the Texas Department of Transportation (Lee Davidson | The Salt Lake Tribune) Campaign signs are plastered on a pedestrian crossing over Bangerter Highway at 4100 South, and on roadside fences beneath it on Saturday, June 20, 2020

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Popular Highway Code questions on the theory test include quizzing you on stopping distances on ice, in wet conditions, at 60mph and then at 30mph. Some people have been known to get every question on stopping distances that the DSA offer - after all, the choice of 50 questions is randomised 1. The Highway Code is a code of conduct and not a digest of traffic laws. It lays stress on the responsibilities of road users towards each other. 2. [ Deleted by S 3173/2019 wef 01/12/2019] 3. Road traffic requires the co-operation of all road users for its smooth and efficient operation

Practice makes perfect when it comes to taking the MD MVA Written Exam. Get all of the practice that you require with our prep test. Each of the questions comes directly from the official MD MVA driver's manual so it will be just as if you're taking the real exam when you take the practice test. The questions on the official test may be worded a little differently, but the context is the same Highway Funding. The FAST Act authorizes $305 billion over fiscal years 2016 through 2020 for highway, highway and motor vehicle safety, public transportation, motor carrier safety, hazardous materials safety, rail, and research, technology and statistics programs NEW 2020 LAWS . Effective January 1, 2020. SB 485 (Beall, Ch. 505, Stats. 2019) This law repeals provisions that authorize or require courts to suspend, revoke, or restrict a driver, or order the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to delay licensure for a person convicted of prostitution or vandalism The MUTCD's W4 series of signs is for warning signs relating to advance traffic controls such as speed limits and signals. As all situations are not covered, several states have their own standards in addition to the MUTCD. Lanes and Merges. Merge to the left . Merge to the right. Left lane ends or road narrows California Vehicle Code (CVC), determining the need for an Engineering and Traffic Survey (E&TS), describes the elements and data needed for the E&TS , determining the appropriate speed limit for any California street or highway, and includes procedures for documenting the final outcome with the court system and law enforcement agencies. 1.1.

HIDE DETAILS. Correlation ID: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000. . The mission of the California Highway Patrol is to provide the highest level of Safety, Service, and Security. YouTube Guide Signs - Freeways and Expressways - English mmutcdpart2e_2011.pdf (3,922.11 KB) 04/19/2018: Manual: PART 2F: Toll Road Signs - English mmutcdpart2f_2011.pdf (1,415.66 KB) 04/19/2018: Manual: PART 3: Markings - English mmutcdpart3_2011.pdf (3,652.51 KB) 04/19/2018: Manual: PART 4: Highway Traffic Signals - English mmutcdpart4_2011.pdf. The theory test is split into 2 parts: multiple choice questions and hazard perception. The multiple choice section is different depending on your vehicle. Car and motorcycle learner drivers must answer 43 or more questions to pass. There are 100 questions for the LGV and PCV tests (passmark 85)

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67. To be able to adjust your speed so that you can stop within the space between you and the vehicle in front, you must allow at least one car length for every 16 km/h of your speed. [S 3173/2019 wef 01/12/2019] 68. Watch for the stop light on the car in front and the traffic ahead of the car in front Road signs in Singapore closely follow those laid down in the traffic sign regulations used in the United Kingdom, although a number of changes over the years have introduced some slight deviations that suit local road conditions (such as fonts).Road signs in Singapore conform to the local Highway Code under the authority of the Singapore Traffic Police

I-85 in Greensboro reopened after five vehicle crashCurrent Affairs March 2017 INDIAN AFFAIRS 1