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Click Start, and then click Run. Type msconfig, and then click OK. The System Configuration Utility dialog box is displayed. Click the General tab, click Normal Startup - load all device drivers and services, and then click OK. When you are prompted, click Restart to restart the computer. Method 2 In Properties, click Open File Location. (Default location is C:\Program Files\Quicken or C:\Program Files(x86)\Quicken). Double-click the Qw.exe file to start the program. If Quicken opens, go to the desktop and drag the Quicken shortcut icon to the Recycle Bin. Right-click the Qw.exe file and select Send to Desktop to create a new shortcut

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You can move desktop icons, such as the recycle bin, by left-clicking the icon and then dragging it to a new location. The _____ shows the name and locations of the item you have open. Title bar. The area at the top of the window, which displays the name of the window, is called the _____. after clicking the start button, you then click. Inside Folder Options, go to the General tab and make sure that Double-click to open an item (single-click to select) is enabled under Click items as follows. If you modified the behavior, click on Apply to save the changes. See if the issue has been resolved by single clicking on a folder components. Click in the search box and start typing a keyword for what you want to find and Windows displays a categorized list of relevant folders, files, programs and components. You can click a category to search only items within the category, or click the See more results link at the bottom of the list

If is not on the Start screen, right-click somewhere on an empty spot of the desktop (1), and then click All Apps in the bottom right on the bar (2) that appears at the bottom of the screen. b. Click Brother Utilities. c. Under the Scan tab, click ControlCenter4. Windows 10. a. Double-click the Brother Utilities icon on your desktop .-or-Click. Double-clicking is the standard method of opening a desktop icon in Windows. It's meant to prevent accidental opens. However, some people might want to access files and apps with a single click instead. If you're among them, here's how you can change this setting If one simply does not show the icons on the screen but rather R click the Taskbar>toolbars>desktop then a simple click on the carot will show all of the items available from the DT and there will. At least with checkboxes, I prefer the double-click is one click method (does that make me old?) Also, for everything that opens an item and usually is used once - a navigation link, starting a program, etc. Your case is a bit different: I migth go ahead just a tiny little snippet in the video, so quick-clicking is a reasonable use case Can't Click on Desktop Icons. Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron 14z with i5 processor, windows 7 64 bit (hopefully that's enough information) I've been having problems right or left clicking on my desktop icons (the ACTUAL icons). Strangely enough, my start menu and task bar work fine and I can right click on the desktop but not on the actual icons

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  1. 3 - Click the Options link that's over in the top-right corner of the window, then select Change folder and search options. 4 - Select Single-click to open an item (point to select). 5 - Click Apply, then click OK. That's all there is to it. From now on you'll be able to open your desktop items with a single click. I hope this helps.
  2. Open Item by Single Click or Double Clicks on Windows 10 Generally speaking, you have to open a file, folder or app on your Windows 10 PC by double-clicking the left mouse button, or clicking the right mouse button and choosing Open in the context menu. In this article, you will learn an alternative way which is opening an item by single click
  3. When you double-click an icon or file name for a Microsoft Excel workbook, Excel starts and then displays a blank screen instead of the file that you expect to see
  4. imum and -2780 represents the maximum). Then tap OK. To change desktop icon vertical spacing, double click IconVerticalSpacing. You can set any value between -480 to -2730 the same way
  5. Allowing the mouse pointer to hover over a item will select it. Select the Double-click option to open files and folders with a double left click instead. When Double-click is selected, a single click will select the item

Press ALT+TAB to switch to another program. Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Taskbar & Start Menu. On the Taskbar Options tab, click the Always On Top check box to select it, and then click OK. Press CTRL+ESC, and then double-click the other program's icon Desktop icons/items not working or not responding in windows 10? You can fix desktop icons not opening problem by three simple methods. Method #1: 0m4sPress.

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  1. The double-click has long been a convention for launching applications or opening files or folders in Windows. The single click, meanwhile, is used for selecting items
  2. 3. Click Align to grid. 4. Click Show Desktop Icons. Drag your Icons to where you want them. Finally, here's a registry trick to lock them in place - but be sure to backup your registry first: To lock your desktop icons into place, first arrange them the way you want, then open up the registry editor (Start --> Run, and type regedit)
  3. When you double-click on a folder icon, the Windows Explorer window will open and you will see the contents of that folder. Similarly, icons that show a hard disk will display the contents of that drive in Windows Explorer when you double-click on it. delete Recycle Bin The desktop icon for the Recycle Bin is shown as a waste pape
  4. Click the Windows Start button. (or press Windows key + R) In the Run box, type Services.msc. Press Enter. Search for FLEXnet licensing service or FLEXnet licensing service 64. Make sure the Status type is not stopped and the Startup Type is not Disabled. Set the Startup Type to Automatic. Start the service
  5. Right-click on the desktop and choose Personalize, then click on Change Desktop Icons on the left-hand side of the screen. Right-click the Windows taskbar and choose Properties. The Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box opens. A dialog box opens showing all the different ways you can customize the Start menu
  6. When you click or tap the File Explorer icon in the Taskbar, the app will open in a special library called Quick Access (at least that is what happens on my Desktop, as you can see in Figure A.
  7. Inside Folder Options, go to the General tab and make sure that Double-click to open an item (single-click to select) is enabled under Click items as follows. If you modified the behavior, click on Apply to save the changes. See if the issue has been resolved by single clicking on a folder. If your system is still double-clicking at every left.

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Click Apply, followed by OK. To test out your creation, double-click on the desktop icon you set aside for this. If the command prompt window opens and closes, don't panic, this is normal behavior. Once the command prompt closes, the two apps you selected should open right after. Conclusio Step 1: Right-click the empty area on Desktop, then select Personalize. Step 2: Navigate to the Themes tab and then click Desktop icon settings. Step 3: Then uncheck the Allow themes to change desktop icons option. Step 4: Click OK and click Apply. Reboot your PC to save changes and see if the Windows 10 desktop icons moving issue still. Right click any PDF on the desktop > Open with > Choose another app > Select Acrobat > check Always use this app to open .pdf files I can now open PDFs on Windows 10 desktop with Acrobat by double-clicking even though Chrome has still hijacked the file icon on the desktop

An icon is a small graphical representation of a program, feature, or file. When you click or double-click an icon, the associated file or program opens or an action is performed. For example, if you were to double-click My Computer icon, it would open Windows Explorer.Icons are a component of GUI operating systems, including Apple macOS X and Microsoft Windows First, you need to right-click on the Desktop. Make sure you are clicking on the icon and only clicking on the clear side of the Desktop. You will get many options; click on the View option. In View, you need to go to Show Desktop icons and check on it to activate it for viewing the desktop icons 1. Open Settings and click on Personalization. 2. Click Themes, then click Desktop icons settings. 3. Select the icons you want to see on the desktop, like Computer (This PC), User's Files, Network, Recycle Bin, and Control Panel. 4

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You have different options in Windows 10 to setup the desktop icons as per your preference. Two main attributes you can modify are the size and the spacing ­­o­­f the icons. Change Desktop Icons Size. In order to change the icons size, right-click on any empty area of your desktop. Click on the View option to expand the menu Your desktop icons may be hidden. To view them, right-click the desktop, select View, and then select Show desktop icons. To add icons to your desktop such as This PC, Recycle Bin and more: Select the Start button, and then select Settings > Personalization > Themes. Under Themes > Related Settings, select Desktop icon settings In it, stick to the General tab, go to the Click items as follows section, and choose Single-click to open an item (point to select). Then, to apply this setting, click on OK. Now, Windows 10 opens files and folders with a single click instead of a double click. 2 or open up and do things you didn't intend to be done. double click still has its place in the computer world. say for instance you just wanted to click on it to get a hold of it to move- copy -paste then then it tries to open instead. even your icons on the desktop -- you want to move it to somewhere else but can never do so because every time.

DESKTOP ICONS: small pictures that represent files, folders, programs, and other items. 2. WALLPAPER : pictures displayed on the background of a computer screen. 3. START MENU : used to start programs, open commonly used folders and search for files 4. TASKBAR : horizontal bar at the bottom of your screen. 5 Icons outside the app. Outside your app, Windows uses an icon to represent your app in the start menu and in the taskbar. If the user chooses to pin your app to the start menu, your app's start tile can feature your app's icon. Your app's icon appears in the title bar and you can choose to create a splash screen with your app's logo I came downstairs to find my toddler with my desktop mouse in her hand, and a right click menu open on the computer. I couldn't click on anything except the desktop icons, not application windows, not the start menu etc. I rebooted to the same issue. Then can across this post, ended explorer.exe manually, and restarted manually. Back to normal The Desktop Icon Settings dialog will open up. Here, check the checkbox next to each icon that you would like to restore and click on Apply to restore the selected icons. Method #2: Use Show Desktop Icons option. If all the desktop icons are missing, there is a chance you might have accidentally hidden all the icons

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Then, e.g., select doc, click on the Advanced button, and note which, if any action is emboldened. Whatever it is, select 'Open' and click on the Set Default to make it bold. Now when you r-click the file in Windows Explorer, it should show 'Open' at the top of the list, in bold, and d-clicking it should open the file in Word This time, check Align icons to grid. Move your icons anywhere on the Desktop. 3. Hit ESC Key Three Times. In this method, you will need to hit the ESC key three times and after that try to move icons on your Desktop. This method is compatible with all keyboards and operating systems from Windows 7 to Windows 10. 4 In first 2minute of startup, if I click on any thing it pop up a message saying are you sure want to delete the file or move the file to recyle bin. After 4-5minute it works fine. Please help me in this regards, Thanks. Vivek. My Computer. My Computer. System Manufacturer/Model Number: Dell N5010 Changing the shortcut icon. When you create the Desktop shortcut, it will have the default Outlook icon. You can change the icon to match it with the folder type it points to in the following way; Right click on the Desktop shortcut and choose Properties. Select the Shortcut tab. Press the button: Change Icon Select the icon of choice. Press OK

Click on Properties, and you will see a tab for the Start Menu. Check this out to see all the ways you can customize the Start menu. One other thing you can do to make Programs easier to find in the Start menu is to open the All Programs menu. Right click on any item in the list. A menu will pop up. Click Sort by Name to alphabetize Hide or Display All Desktop Items in Windows 10. The first way to quickly hide everything is a built-in feature of Windows 10. Just right-click an empty area of the desktop and select View and. If you double-click an application icon, you start the application and a window for the application opens. If you double-click a file created by an application, you automatically open the application (if it wasn't open already) and open the file. For example, if you double-click a TextEdit file on the desktop, TextEdit starts up and its icon. If you are also facing this problem, you can fix it using following simple steps or by running automatic Fix it utility mentioned at the end: 1. Type %windir% in Run or Start Menu search box and press Enter. It'll open Windows folder in Explorer. 2. Now look for regedit.exe file. Right-click on it and select Run as Administrator. After all items have been removed, close all open windows, restart the computer and go to the next step. Double-click or right-click on an icon in the tray to bring up more options. Right-click on any software program you do not want to start with Windows and click Disable in the lower right corner. Figure :.

IDS VCM Quick Start STEP 1: Insert VCM DVD into DVD Drive. If you do not see the screen in fig. 1 within 10 seconds, do the following: o Double click My Computer on your desktop o Double click on your DVD drive o Double click the 'Run dpselect.exe' file STEP 2: Install IDS by select the IDS icon on the left side of the screen Fix jumping icons on the Windows 10 desktop. The first option that you have is to enable the align icons to grid option which takes care of that. Right-click on a free location on the desktop and select View > Align icons to grid to activate the feature. You may repeat the process to disable it again in the future Start Google Chrome (this creates a new taskbar icon); Right click on the new icon and select Pin this program to taskbar; You will see the two pinned Google Chrome.lnk here. Delete the Google Chrome.lnk and make Google Chrome (1).lnk readonly (Right Click go to Properties >> General tab and then tick Read-only and Click OK); Lets us know. Right-click on the desktop and select New → Shortcut option. In the shortcut window, add C:\Windows\explorer.exe in the blank field. Click Next . Type File Explorer in the name field and click Finish . You will have the File Explorer shortcut on the desktop. That is all. Double-click on the shortcut and.

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Double-click. Pressing the default mouse button twice quickly opens or executes a program or opens a file. For example, while in Microsoft Windows or most other operating systems double-clicking a program icon opens that program. If you have an icon to a web browser on your desktop, you would have double-clicked that icon to open the browser You can't click on any desktop icons. You can't right click on the desktop. You can't left click on the desktop. The start button and taskbar works fine. In my case if the machine is restarted then the desktop icons work fine. Once I start internet explorer then close it out. The desktop no long functions Finally about the Desktop - Icon Size! Even if the desktop icons are too big or too small, for whatever reason, you can change that pretty easily, as you can see above in Windows 10 shot screenshot, you can use this example as a general solution to make the desktop icons great or smaller is so Easily to apply this resowed problem tip on earlier and older versions of Microsoft's Windows. Note: gnome-desktop-item-edit was removed from gnome-panel in 19.10 (see gnome-desktop-item-edit: command not found on Ubuntu 19.10 and later even with the 'gnome-panel' package installed).So, this answer is unlikely to work for 19.10 and later. The old GUI dialog is still available if you still want to use this: Using ALT+F2 type. gnome-desktop-item-edit --create-new ~/Desktop The desktop context menu or popularly known as desktop right-click menu, which appears when you perform a right-click on an empty spot on the Windows 10 desktop, is useful to quickly access Settings and display settings, show/hide desktop icons, sort desktop items, and create a new folder on the desktop. Ever since the release of Windows 10, several users have been complaining about the slow.

To get started creating your Google Chrome desktop icon, click on the Windows 10 start button in the left-hand side corner at the bottom of your screen. That will open up your Windows 10 start menu, which may resemble the start menu in this image here. With this start menu open and before doing or clicking anything else, start typing the word. This icon represents your Shared Folder Virtual Machine Setup Click on the from CSE 3318 at University of Texas, Arlingto Find your documents in Windows 10 - support.microsoft.com. Travel Details: Find your documents in Windows 10 Find your files in Windows 10 using one of these methods.Search from the taskbar: Type the name of a document (or a keyword from it) into the search box on the taskbar.You'll see results for documents across your PC and OneDrive under Best match.. Open the Shortcuts app, double-click the shortcut. In the editor window, Add an action - Search, drag, and drop it in the main window. Delete - Take the cursor to the action and click 'X' to delete it. Customize action - Click Show More (when available) and edit it from the available options Click on 'Notifications'. Find the Black-net.life URL and click the three vertical dots button next to it, then click on 'Remove'. Open Chrome. Tap on the Menu button (three dots) on the right upper corner. In the menu tap 'Settings', scroll down to 'Advanced'. Tap on 'Site settings' and then 'Notifications'

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Usually, after installing Windows, a trash can is created on the desktop to click directly on and access the deleted content. Still, many times (especially in upgraded versions of Windows), users can not find the trash on the desktop. You can find the location of the trash in Windows 10 by following the methods below. Find Trash Through Ru Windows 10 Start Menu Recent Files. Travel Details: How to access Recent Files from the Start Menu on Windows 10.Travel Details: Nov 14, 2018 · Once the desktop icon has been created, right-click it and select 'Pin to Start' from the context menu.When you click the Recent Items tile on the Start Menu, it will open the File Explorer listing all the files and folders you recently accessed..

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Open File Explorer and navigate to the following location: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs. Select all the duplicate icons, that you want to remove from the Start Menu. Now, delete the duplicate entries using Shift+Delete button combination. If you do not find duplicate entries in this location, then you can follow other. Double click on IconSpacing to modify the value. Choose any value between -480 to -2730 where -480 represents the minimum spacing and -2780 represents the maximum spacing. 4. Now the vertical spacing is same as step 4. All you need to do is double click on IconVerticalSpacing. Now set any value between -480 to -2730. Tap OK to save changes Right-click on the file/folder for which you have to disable compression, and click Properties. On the General tab, click the Advanced button. In Advanced Attributes, deselect Compress contents to save disk space.. Click OK. Click Apply or OK on the Properties window. The file or folder will now be uncompressed, and the two blue arrow. Repair Mouse With Double Click Problem: I have a Logitech wireless laser mouse and after a year or so of use, the left click button would double click every time I tried to single click something. As can be imagined, this gets frustrating very fast. So, being the tinkerer that I am, I de Double-click the shortcut to ProctorCache to open it. Click the Tests tab, and click the test or form name. Review the caching status of all items in the test form. Each URL represents item content, along with the number of hits, which can provide some indication of the number of students who have accessed the item. Test Status are as follows

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To solve this, right click the Outlook icon that actually holds the open Outlook windows and pin that one and unpin the other one. After you've pinned the correct Outlook icon, you should also see the Tasks shortcuts in the right click menu. Only pin the Outlook icon that actually holds the open Outlook window First, launch the Microsoft Internet Explorer. Next, click the button in the form of gear ( ). It will display the Tools drop-down menu, click the Internet Options as displayed in the following example. In the Internet Options window click on the Advanced tab, then press the Reset button. The IE will show the Reset Internet. Remove Icon from Desktop Directly. This is the most direct way to remove or delete a desktop icon on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and other systems. Step 1: look through all the icons placed on your desktop. Step 2: right click on the icon that you want to remove from desktop. Step 3: choose Delete from the pop-up context menu

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Click an icon you want to change. This will select the icon. For example, you might click This PC or Recycle Bin.; You can also check the box next to a desktop icon's name at the top of the window to make it appear on your desktop, or uncheck the box to remove it from the desktop Step 1: Open Settings on your Windows 10 PC from the Start Menu. Step 2: Click on Personalization. Step 3: Click on Start present in the left sidebar. Then, turn off the toggle next to Use Start. I've been using Chrome for several years and have Windows 10 Pro. I've made no changes to my computer today, it was fine this morning. When I double click the Chrome icon, it will not open on my desktop, but it does open on my taskbar. I have restarted my computer, uninstalled and reinstalled chrome, even up dated Windows 10, nothing has fixed it