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  1. Revere Pewter is a beautiful wall color. However, like any paint color, it will be affected by natural light. I have it in my living room/dining, which get east, north and south light and it Is perfect thought the day. You have very little natural light in the basement room, so going light isn't always the answer
  2. Moore colors. On the paint swatches below, you can see Light Pewter along with Revere Pewter, Nimbus, Coventry Gray, Stonington Gray, Wickham Gray and Edgecomb Gray
  3. Similar to Revere Pewter, in some light, you may see a very, very faint hint of green or gray. With an LRV of 58, Accessible Beige is considered a light color without being washed out. We find Accessible Beige to look beautiful with Urbane Bronze or a warm black accent color. Applications for Revere Pewter

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  1. If the quality of light in your room has a nice, balanced mix of all the visible wavelengths, Revere Pewter will appear like a neutral, warm gray color. And if your inherent light source is cool, like blue or green, then Revere Pewter will in turn also appear blue-ish or green-ish
  2. Revere Pewter has an LRV (light reflectance value) of 55. This is just about middle of the pack on the LRV scale, as it goes from 0 (which is completely black) to 100 (which is completely white). This means that Revere Pewter will absorb and reflect back about the same amount of light
  3. Ben Moore Revere Pewter HC-172This beautiful, favorite paint color to many homeowners, Revere Pewter is possibly the most perfect paint color ever made. It is a winner because of the softness and versatility of this flawless greige.One reason I love this neutral is because of it's ability to work with many other colors
  4. Revere Pewter is on the border of light and light-medium as it doesn't have too much weight it, but it doesn't have a typical light depth
  5. Revere Pewter in the dining room Revere Pewter in the kitchen - with lots of natural light! Next I chose a palette for the rest of the house that coordinated beautifully with Revere Pewter. These colors look amazing on the walls and I wholeheartedly recommend them to you
  6. Dec 29, 2017 - Explore jeannie jonassen's board revere pewter coordinating colors on Pinterest. See more ideas about revere pewter, paint colors for home, house design

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It doesn't look too dark or too light in any of the spaces we have it in. Here are a few pictures from our home that can give you a good idea of what Revere Pewter looks like in different lighting and spaces. Bottom line: I would choose Revere Pewter again in a heartbeat, mostly for the reasons that I mentioned above Revere Pewter vs Repose Gray. Revere Pewter and Repose Gray are similar in that they share the same green undertone, but when compared side by side, Repose Gray has a much cooler, bluish/purple undertone. Comparing LRVs, Revere Pewter comes in at 55.1, while Repose Grey is 60, meaning Repose Gray is overall a lighter color, and reflects more light Hmm in an area with bright light revere pewter may be good because my home had less light. If you want to be certain, I'd recommend testing it on the walls. It's really hard to tell without doing so. In my home, revere pewter was very dark Nov 19, 2014 - Explore Carrie Hellervik's board Complementary colors for revere pewter (color decided on for beach house living room). on Pinterest. See more ideas about revere pewter, house colors, room colors

First and foremost, it is important to understand the concept of Light Reflectance Values or the LRV's that help in determining how light or dark the color is. In this case, the LRV of Revere Pewter is 55.51. And that means the paint falls on the mid to lighter end of the scale - as the greater the value, the lighter the feel Revere Pewter does have a warm undertone or a beige look to it. I had it in my hallway, which didn't get a lot of natural light. I also used it as trim in two of my bedrooms. I liked it. I guess it is easy to live with A beautiful light fixture is essential for that pulled-together look we all crave in our homes. A light fixture can be simple but still very elegant. To complement the decor of this room you'll want to choose light metallic fixtures to blend in the room. Revere Pewter looks best with brushed metals Revere Pewter with Pink. Minneapolis, Minnesota based interior designer Martha O'Hara seamlessly combines walls painted in Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter with ceiling and trim in Benjamin Moore's White Dove and hot pink, glamorous accents. So here we can see the versatility of Revere Pewter to move from a masculine space as seen in some of the other living spaces to a fresh and glamorous. Hi Kylie, Your blog is my go to for awesome design advice. I recommend it to anyone who will listen to me!! Your kitchen remodel is beautiful and brilliant. Revere Pewter is such a classy color. I am in the midst of our own kitchen remodel at the beach and am in love with Cambria quartz Summerhill. reminds me of the churning surf

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  1. Left - Pale Oak // Middle - Revere Pewter // Right - Montpelier Madison White. Can you believe how blue the one on the right looks? I guess Tyler was right. It looks so icy compared to the other two. Glad we didn't go that route! Well a few hours of painting later, and I LOVE it. It's exactly the color I've been searching for for months. Years
  2. We love revere pewter! We have just painted our hallway revere pewter with dove white board and batten. Our house is pretty open concept, so we are wondering how much to flow with it into other rooms. Our kitchen has dark cherry cabinets, light cream/brown/yellow backsplash tiles and granite is dark brown/cream with some black and yellow tones
  3. For example, Revere Pewter paired with creamy white trim, brown or red-toned wood or warm colors of beige, gold, yellow, brown, red or orange appears as a warm gray with brown undertones. Paired with bright white trim, upholstery in blueish gray or green and the cooler natural light of a north-facing room, Revere Pewter appears slightly cooler.
  4. In lower lit rooms, the Revere Pewter walls take on more of a beige color: via. via. And another big reason that I love Revere Pewter is because it works with most all other colors. Such a perfect color! So yes, Diane, I think Revere Pewter works well with oak cabinets. But be sure to sample in your lighting

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Revere pewter is like soft shades of silver gray, tin varies from light to half-tones, depending on the material. True pewter is a metal alloy composed mainly of tin and small amounts of antimony and copper or silver. Often used to make cutlery, crockery, frames, candelabras, and vases, pewter is also a favorite gray paint for walls Revere Pewter is very accommodating to other colors. For a focus on earth tones, Benjamin Moore's Mink (2112-10) and Silver Gray (2131-60) pair well with Revere Pewter, bringing out the beige and creating a warm, cozy feeling. Subsequently, question is, do tan and gray go together in a room? So unique and creative! So, I think the answer is yes The Largest Selection Of Blinds, Shades And Shutters, Custom-Made To Measure. Factory-Direct Prices, Made To Measure For You

Now for the record, let me say that Revere Pewter is absolutely BEAUTIFUL in other people's rooms. I really love it. Contemporary Dining Room by Chicago Interior Designers & Decorators Michael Abrams Limited. I looked at probably over 100 pictures of rooms with Revere Pewter, and it's a really beautiful color. So I tried it in my house Let's go with REVERE PEWTER HC-172. This is one of the best colors that God ever created. It's a warm gray that can look slightly khaki depending on the lighting. It is sophisticated and it goes with everything. In a bright room, it will look more like a creamy gray. I prefer it in darker rooms. photo above via Urban Cottage . 6) The Office. Revere Pewter is arguably the most popular paint color of all time and my absolute favorite Benjamin Moore gray. It's a warm gray that has a lot of depth and looks great with pops of color. It works in any lighting, whether you have a room with lots of natural light or artificial light. Revere Pewter has an LRV of 55

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Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. Benjamin Moore. Revere Pewter (HC-172) from Benjamin Moore is always at the top of the Best Neutral Paint Colors lists. According to Caroline Lizarraga, interior designer and decorative artist, My go-to neutral is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. I love using this color for several reasons Revere Pewter. If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you probably already know how much I love Revere Pewter, but if I'm talking about my favorite Benjamin Moore paint colors, it must be included. It's quite possibly, the perfect color, in my opinion The color we chose was Revere Pewter, which Sherry says pops up on Pinterest as a lot of people's favorite light-to-mid-toned color. Her brain also refuses to read it as Revere Pewter so she can't stop calling it Reverie Pewter - even when the guy at the paint desk is like Oh, you mean Revere

You really cannot go wrong with this color. Revere Pewter is also a beautiful color for cabinetry. One of my favorite designers recently used Revere Pewter on a client's laundry room cabinets and it's so good. Source: Studio Mcgee ~Benjamin Moore Edgecomb gray. Revere Pewter's little brother is Edgecomb Gray With pewter in its name, Revere Pewter is grayer than Accessible Beige. These colors are very similar. In fact, you may be scratching your head and wondering what the differences are. Subtle differences can make all the difference when choosing a paint color. Accessible Beige has an LRV of 58 and Revere Pewter has an LRV of 55.51 Cloud white couples well with subtle and soft colours such as the Historical colours, like HC-172 Revere Pewter. While Revere Pewter can also be used with a sharp white, like Chantilly Lace, there is a much softer affect when used with Cloud White. While this colour is popularly used for trim, it can also be applied for walls

Coordinating Colors That Go Well With Agreeable Gray. All of these colors would look great paired together if you need a whole house paint scheme. Agreeable Gray Vs Revere Pewter. Revere Pewter is one of Benjamin Moore's most popular paint colors and is a very popular greige paint color Revere Pewter is a light gray with warm undertones; this classic shade creates a comfortably sophisticated look that soothes and restores. I have finally found the color that I want to paint my open living areas and hallways, and it's the perfect gray. Woohoo!! But before I tell you which color it is, let's talk gray for a minute Revere Pewter HC-172 Sometimes described as a putty color, this light, warm gray with taupe undertones go well with blue and green furniture and accents. The color pairs well with many colors, which makes it a great choice if you don't want to buy all new furnishings Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter is one of the most popular grays but it's also one of the most misleading interior paint colors.Today I'm going to give you 5 Re..

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray 1548 It's lighter than Revere Pewter and doesn't tend to go as green. It's a warmer light gray with a touch more pigment in it than Gossamer Veil. Is Revere Pewter still popular? However, there are a handful of gray paint colors that are more popular than others and one of those is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter - Benjamin Moore Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter has been an insanely popular greige paint color for many years now. Personally, I've always found it a little dark and muddy, especially in low-lights rooms, but it's one of those colors that actually looks much better on the whole wall that when you just paint a swatch Revere Pewter, and other pewter colors are incredibly versatile paint colors that go with tons of paints. Here are my top two go-to paint colors that complement Revere Pewter: Benjamin Moore White Dove (a nice soft white), and Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt (a green-blue)

For full disclosure, go here. Revere Pewter is a light gray with warm undertones and a neutral color that works equally well on walls, ceilings, and trim from room to room. It's been called the perfect whole house color and is ideal for an open floor plan. It's dark enough that it contrasts nicely with whites and off-whites, but not so. That's when the idea of Revere Pewter was born. We did look at some lighter neutrals, but with all of the light in this kitchen, the color seemed to just wash away. Revere Pewter is a great mid-tone neutral to work with the granite and the existing wall color. I love it There is a reason why Revere Pewter has been one of Benjamin Moore's most popular paint colors - it's versatility and ability to go with pretty much every piece of furniture you can think of. Initially, I was overly cautious this time about choosing a gray because the last time I chose one, it had a light blue tint that I didn't expect Revere Pewter. Beautiful living room with baby grand piano beside a round gray and white upholstered ottoman. The ottoman stands on top of a gray tone on tone trellis area rug over hardwood floors. In the foreground stands a gray bench with ivory tufted seat and nailhead trim. A pink and white bolster cushion sits on top of the bench Revere Pewter vs. Ashley Gray: Now we are going to wholeheartedly jump right back into the greige family with both feet as we look at Ashley Gray. Ashley Gray is DARK with a 32.38 LRV, which makes Revere Pewter's 55.51 LRV look crazy light in comparison. Ashley Gray definitely reads brown when compared to Revere Pewter

For me it really is the most perfect, neutral color. It is quite light so you could even try it 50% darker, just be sure to get the paint from the same store every time and in the same base. I do also love BM Revere Pewter which does have a greenish undertone but in a north-facing room will read more neutral Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter paint colour is one of the most popular gray colours in interior design. This Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore isn't really 'pew.. Another neutral favorite is Revere Pewter. This color is uber-popular and all over Pinterest! It's a classic warm grey. The warm undertones keep it from going too cold (a definite problem with many greys). My daughter's room is painted Revere Pewter below Much lighter than the ever popular Revere Pewter, Light Pewter has a LRV of 68. I would consider this color a true greige, but with more gray undertones than beige. If you like the warmth of Revere Pewter, but need something lighter or don't have too much natural light in a room, Light Pewter is the way to go. LRV of 6 Agreeable Gray is a very popular Sherwin-Williams light gray, the lightest color on its strip. It's a good substitute for the ever popular Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. Anew Gray is one shade darker. In my Winston Circle project, we used Anew Gray in the master bedroom and Agreeable Gray in the master bathroom. We used Anew Gray on the whole.

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Revere pewter can look greige in the some light - silver in others. Graphite is very intense and rich. There is a blue undertone so it can almost appear very dark navy in lamp light. Storm has a slight purple undertone compared to the others you will have to watch what colors you use in the room The three colors new to the list are: Revere Pewter (HC-172), Hawthorne Yellow (HC-4) and Benjamin Moore's Color of 2012 Wythe Blue (HC-143). revere pewter HC-172. A light gray with warm undertones, this classic shade creates a unifying look that calms and restores. A great transitional color, it's perfect for an open floor plan The living room and dining room have a chair rail - we painted Galveston Gray (2 shades darker than Revere Pewter) on the lower portion. The powder room and my office round out the first floor - they are similar but different colors. Office - Buxton Blue. Powder Room - Quiet Moments. Here's a look at the 4 colors all together Revere Pewter HC-172 Good idea if you love Ben's colors but would have to go with out food for a couple days to pay for it haha. Lowes did a great job. amy said, The room does not get a ton of natural light. Thank you! Luciane from HomeBunch.com said, May 10th, 2017 at 11:18 am

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I have posted many times my favorite gray colors, which grays to paint when home staging, my favorite gray paint colors from 2014, or even master bedroom gray paint colors, oh, wait, my favorite was the best grays I used when painting the entire EXTERIOR of a home. But, I realized that I never really take the time to post the pictures from the paint colors in my actual clients homes, or my own. Revere Pewter I think as far as dark/bright goes Revere Pewter really equals Agreeable Gray. The biggest difference again is the undertones Revere pulling a big toward green where AG is more purple 1. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. I was hunting for a warm gray to complement our large leather couch and we found the perfect combination in Revere Pewter, a light gray with warm undertones (a mixture of gray and beige aka greige). RP runs throughout our family room all the way up our stairwell and into our upstairs hallway BM Revere Pewter I think 'Young House Love' initially made this choice the go to grey , but it's become popular among a ton of talented bloggers. Mid tone, neutral and easy to live with, BM Revere Pewter is warm without having any olive tones Light Pewter. LRV: 68.39. Info. This color is part of the Classic Color Collection. Surround yourself with your color favorites. These timeless, elegant, Classic Colors guarantee beautiful, usable color all the time, every time. A collection of 1,680 inspired hues that consumers and professionals have enjoyed for years, the colors in this.

All you have to do it ask the person at the paint desk to lighten up your paint by a certain percentage. When they lighten a paint color 25%, they use 75% of the pigment, etc. It will still keep the same undertones of the full strength color, but will just be lightened up accordingly. I ended up lightening up Revere Pewter by 75% Before I go into more reasons, just look at Simply White in action: but in spaces with artificial light or combination light, Simply White will look more like a very light perfectly balanced warm gray like this: Cabinets Painted in Simply White and Wall Color is Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore

Revere Pewter is a light gray with warm undertones; this classic shade creates a comfortably sophisticated look that soothes and restores. I have finally found the color that I want to paint my open living areas and hallways, and it's the perfect gray One of over 3,500 exclusive Benjamin Moore colours Day 7 Task: Special project There's one big thing I've been meaning to do ever since we moved to this new apartment four months ago: paint the kitchen. My kitchen has cherry-stained cabinets, dark granite countertops, light birch wood floors, and the walls were painted a sage-y green. It was like this when we moved in, and the longer I lived with it, the more I was desperate for a change Revere Pewter Paint Color Sherwin Williams - Benjamin moore revere pewter is described by benjamin moore s website as a light gray with warm undertones this classic shade creates a unifying look that calms and restores. Why is revere pewter so popular. Accessible beige and snowbound by sherwin williams. Here are the two colors side by side revere pewter is on the left and agreeable gray is.

The RGB values for Benjamin Moore HC-172 Revere Pewter are 204, 196, 184 and the HEX code is #CCC4B8. The LRV for Benjamin Moore HC-172 Revere Pewter is 55.98. The LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value and measures the percentage of light that a color reflects. Learn more about Light Reflectance Values and using RGB and Hex codes for paint HC-172 Revere Pewter. For the longest time, HC-172 Revere Pewter has been Benjamin Moore's most popular colour! It's a tried and true neutral to the core. It's a perfect blend of beige and gray, to create a 'greige'. With a slight green undertone (if any), it pairs well with traditional browns and warm tones, but also just as well.

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Revere Pewter is the ultimate greige, and for good reason. It's a mid-weight color with slightly grayer undertones than Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist, and it goes with almost every style. Revere Pewter can feel just as contemporary as traditional and is perfect for all rooms of the house, depending on how you style it. 7. Benjamin Moore Graytin I spent months searching for the gray/greige paint of my dreams, and then I found Ben Moore's Abalone. Not too cool or too warm/yellowish. Seems to go with pretty much everything. Highly recommend getting a sample to try. Revere Pewter is also nice, but a little on the green side. Light Pewter seems more neutral to me #8 // Revere Pewter, Iron Mountain, and Onyx by Benjamin Moore. With a little paint, mixed materials act as collaborators rather than competitors. This home has a brick addition, shaker siding, and natural stone—all beautiful materials on their own, but the color palette made it feel a bit overwhelming to the eye Benjamin Moore Classic Gray 1548. Classic Gray has become another staple of mine lately. It's lighter than Revere Pewter and doesn't tend to go as green. It's a warmer light gray with a touch more pigment in it than Gossamer Veil. Kitchen Remodel by Jillian Lare. Bathroom remodel by Jillian Lare After thinking I found the perfect lighter gray - in Revere Pewter, I painted the entire downstairs, kitchen, living room, back hallway and bathroom and was happy. However, as I came to our entry way, dining room and hallway upstairs, I started hating on the Revere Pewter - I knew I needed something lighter

For a versatile greige, try the ever-popular color Revere Pewter, HC-172. It is one of our most popular colors because it has just the right mix of gray and beige, and you can take the color into any direction, she says. Xaykao also advises the use of neutrals with balanced warm and cool tones for dependable results Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter changes in different light and can read as both traditional and modern, Calderon says. The color can shift from grayish to brownish depending on the light. Revere Pewter and Edgecomb Gray (which is lighter) are what I call the perfect Transition Colors. If you have beige era furniture and just want to give the room an update, these colors will work with all of your beige stuff. Whenever I'm called in to choose a color for what I like to call a Tuscan Kitchen (Cherry cabinets and beige tumbled marble backsplash) the first colors I pull out are. Any chance you can share the formula and or the name of the SW paint color matched from BM Revere Pewter. After much thought I have settled on BM Revere Pewter, but my painter cannot get it (Utah) and wants to use SW

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Light Reflectance Value Edgecomb Gray was introduced as a refreshed update of Revere Pewter. I'm going to go ahead and say Balboa Mist feels to me like a refreshed Edgecomb Gray. It's a bit lighter, and while it still has a warm undertone, it's more of a subtle purple. Overall, it's a very clean color Sherwin Williams Revere Pewter - Design photos, ideas and inspiration. Amazing gallery of interior design and decorating ideas of Sherwin Williams Revere Pewter in bedrooms, garages, living rooms, home exteriors, pools, dining rooms, laundry/mudrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, boy's rooms, entrances/foyers, porches by elite interior designers

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3. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (HC-172) LRV: 55.5. Revere Pewter was voted the #1 best greige paint color among readers and is a favorite of mine too. There's no one paint color that's a no fail color but Revere Pewter is as close as it gets, looking great in almost any space. A few years back when my sister called me in a panic that. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter is one of the most popular grays but it's also one of the most misleading interior paint colors. Today I'm going to give you 5 Revere Pewter Secrets that will save you money and time before deciding if it's the right paint for you The greige kitchen cabinets are painted Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. This shade never gets old! Revere Pewter, by Benjamin Moore, is one of the more popular light warm grays. This classic greige looks great with darker hardware! Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone: An Earthy Greige Paint Colo Revere Pewter. This light grey paint has a slight warmth to it, for those of you hoping to avoid the steely aloofness of some cooler greys. Revere Pewter looks its best with mid-tone hardwood floors and soft leather chairs. We recommend Revere Pewter for small spaces where darker colors would make the room look too small or confined

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  1. Moore Revere Pewter HC-172. This paint color looks quite warm and light. The inner of the cabinets, which is visible through the glass doors, is Benja
  2. Moore. Revere Pewter next to White Dove. As shown above in the colour palette of the three colours used in my clients home, Sea Haze 2137-50 by BM also works wonderfully with White Dove
  3. Pewter is usually a background color or neutral base. A pewter color combination with red and orange is earthy, natural, and masculine. For a more industrial feel, pair pewter with white and cream. Use white walls with pewter trim and bright colors for an energetic color scheme. For a modern look, pair pewter with brown and navy
  4. I was leaning toward stonington and light French gray but something was saying no and I realized it's because they're cool and look blue/purple toned. I like warm grays better but revere pewter has scared me off warm grays. I really think, though, that repose as a warm gray may work bc it's not as warm as revere pewter is. I HOPE
  5. Moore Balboa Mist OC 27. Are you looking for a gray that is a soft and subtle, with a feather light feeling? Then check out Balboa Mist. This is a gray colour with soft taupe undertone

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  1. I honestly could tell very little difference between Revere Pewter and Wheat Bread - the Revere Pewter may have looked just a hint greyer and the Wheat Bread just a hint warmer but it was very close to the same color. And here's the after! I love how the white trim pops so much more with the newer cool greige color
  2. From light to dark and cool to warm-undertones, every color has viable other options. One such great option is Skyline Steel. And another option to be is BM Revere Pewter! I also mentioned this color to be one of the counterparts of monochromatic shades, but also has great alternate potential. Colonnade Gray Vs. Skyline Stee
  3. We are purchasing a house with an open concept plan where the ceiling is open to all the common rooms. We are thinking of painting close to a revere pewter because of beige-y tiles. I love the look of the turquoise ceiling in another post, but understand I cannot do that. How do you think if will look to paint the ceiling a 50/50 white/gray mix
  4. Moore White Paint Colors. These three whites are some of my top favorites. Chantilly Lace is the lightest white, and has a hint of gray. Simply White is a warmer white, with a hint of cream or beige. Dove Wing is the darkest of these three colors, and would look great with darker paint colors. Just make sure that your trim color is a.

Interior door color - Revere Pewter. Windows - Andersen 400 Series Casement (factory finished in black) Window Blinds - Select Blinds (I cannot remember the color name, I'm so sorry!) Floors - Solid White Oak 5″ Wide hardwood, finished on-site with Minwax Weathered Oak Stain and Satin clear coat. Countertops - Honed Carrara Marble. Hale Navy and Revere Pewter look stunning together. So many love the versatility of Revere Pewter on walls so you can be sure that Hale Navy is the perfect navy accent! One of my best tips for picking interior paint colors is the Posterboard Trick Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. How to decorate a room painted in Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter: Wall paint color is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. For the trim paint color use Benjamin Moore Snowfall White OC-118. Decor with similar colors to: Kendall Charcoal HC-166 Benjamin Moore, Wenge AF-180 Benjamin Moore and Lemon Meringue 2023-50 Benjamin.

7. Sherwin-Williams Colonnade Gray 7641. Colonnade Gray is another good classic greige choice. The color is dark enough to give good contrast to white trim, and with an LRV of 53 it is a good light-medium choice. Similar to Revere Pewter, Colonnade Gray can have a slight green undertone. R: 198 G: 192 B: 182 LRV: 53 Agreeable Gray Undertone. An undertone is an underlying colour in the paint, that reveals itself and sometimes can look entirely different from the initial paint colour. It also influences the warm and cool look of a place. Sherwin's gray is a neutral tone, which as said by most people gives brown/taupe undertone I'm back this week with another Revere Pewter Kitchen update over at my parent's house. All the cabinets and walls are painted and the new floors are finished! It feels like a fresh clean slate over there. Like really clean. Like completely blank, because nothing is put back except the major furniture items Edgecomb Gray HC-173. Revere Pewter HC-172. Wind's Breath OC-24/981. Pale Oak OC-20. Collingwood OC-28/859. Cedar Key OC-16/982. Note: sometimes there are two numbers associated with a paint color because Benjamin Moore has put it in a different collection. That's why some of the paint colors have two numbers above What is one shade lighter than Revere Pewter? Benjamin Moore Classic Gray 1548 It's lighter than Revere Pewter and doesn't tend to go as green. It's a warmer light gray with a touch more pigment in it than Gossamer Veil

Surprisingly they aren't a dark paint color, I believe they are a color match to Revere Pewter, but because I live in the trees and don't get a lot of natural light I want them to be lighter and brighter. In order to achieve a brighter room, I need to paint with a high amount of light reflection. LRV is short for Light Reflective Value LRV. LRV, (Light Reflectance Value) is a scale used by design professionals. Basically, 0 = the darkest black and 100 is a true white paint color. Swiss Coffee paint color has an LRV of 83.93, which is considered high. Swiss Coffee has a high LRV (light reflective value) which is the percentage of light it reflects

All About Benjamin Moore Classic Gray (OC-23) In a world of white paint colors, Benjamin Moore Classic Gray (OC-23) is a soft gray color that reads white in rooms where white paint colors just don't look right. It is a light warm gray with subtle green undertones that you will never see and a flash of purple in cooler light Bauer Media/Trunk Archive. Gray and beige might not seem like the most exciting paint colors, but they're surprisingly impactful when combined. Enter greige, a paint color trend that's been building in popularity over the last few years. Alone, these colors can often be perceived as too cool and too warm, but greige creates the perfect balance of both, explains Erika Woelfel, Vice President.

Revere Pewter lighter and darker by 25 percentBest Home Decor Paint Colors: Edgecomb Gray | The

I was checking out pale Oak and also revere pewter. Loving the edgecomb gray now! I hadn't really looked at that one before. Also, Sheryl, I have the chip in front of me and revere pewter and edgecomb gray are on the same chip, I think they would go great together, but I am definitely no expert on this Although super popular, when I have seen BM Revere Pewter in real rooms and online, to me it has way more of the brown undertones that I'm just not super crazy about. I think that it looks beautiful in a lot of spaces, but knowing the layout, the flow, and the fact that our basement doesn't have a ton of natural light, I would rather have. This post was most recently updated on January 1st, 2020. Updated 2018: Cue the loud speaker! I think I've found the ideal mid tone gray! We have used Benjamin Moore Silver Fox (2108-50) in so many spaces in our home since I first wrote about this mid tone gray paint colour here in 2012. When I first introduced it here, we had just painted our kitchen A curated collection of decorating ideas by color. Haymes Paint Colour Palettes. Embrace Colour Library Volume 18. With a set of three unique colour palettes: Calm Mind, Happy Home and Grounded; our Embrace Colour Library features hues that combine the concepts of joy and youthfulness 1) REVERE PEWTER BY BENJAMIN MOORE. This light gray color has warm undertones that can make any room look fresh and clean. It is our top choice because it isn't too light and it isn't too dark. It is just right. And that is how it will leave open house attendees thinking; the house is just right Revere Pewter is not a dark color, but the light in the room will make it look different as it doe with any paint color. Go purchase a quart or sample pot of the paint and paint it on some poster board and see what you think in different areas of.