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MBS Item Numbers for GPs A one page list of the most commonly used MBS item numbers used in general practice. (Last updated: 12 November 2006) [57 Kb] For better or worse, general practitioners who chose to run a bulk billing practice must wade through the arcane tome that is the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) MBS item numbers 2497, 2501, 2504 and 2507 should be used in place of the usual attendance item by general practitioners where as part of a consultation, a sample for cervical screening is collected from a person between th Item numbers being: 603 for general practitioners (rebate $87.50) and 696 for other medical practitioners (rebate $67.00). Where applicable, bulk billing incentive items 10990 or 10991 could be claimed with the transitional hours items These notes provide information on the telehealth MBS attendance items for general practitioners, specialists and consultant physicians to provide clinical support to their patients, when clinically relevant, during video consultations with specialists or consultant physicians under items 2100, 2122, 2125, 2126, 2137, 2138, 2143, 2147, 2179, 2195, 2199 and 2220 in Group A30 FACT SHEET FOR GENERAL PRACTITIONERS The GP Mental Health Treatment items in the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) provide a services under these item numbers per calendar year. The ten services may consist of: service items on the MBS

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Item number: 3 Professional attendance at consulting rooms (other than a service to which another item applies) by a general practitioner for an obvious problem characterised by the straightforward nature of the task that requires a short patient history and, if required, limited examination and management-each attendance. LEVEL About practice nurse MBS item numbers. Medicare rebates are available where practice nurses (or Aboriginal health workers) provide specific types of services on behalf of a general practitioner. These items are for: provision of monitoring and support for a person with a chronic disease on a GP Management Plan, Team Care Arrangements or an MBS. RACF MBS billing guide for GPs January 2021. MBS guides for Non-Vocationally Registered (Non-VR) General Practitioners. COVID-19 Vaccination Suitability Assessment Non-VR GP (MDRAP and PEP or 19AB Exemption) Excision MBS items guide August 2020. PHN Desktop Guide for Non-VR MBS Items August 2020 Using the annotation anaes to disallow General Practice use opens the door to multiple item numbers for skin cancer, fractures and other procedures to be disallowed by the PSR Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items 10950, 10983, 10984, 13105 and 81300 These items do not apply for admitted patients of a hospital. You can bill the following items using your Medicare provider number. You can perform these services on behalf of a supervising medical practitioner

WorkSafe Victoria (WorkSafe) adopts the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items, explanations, definitions, rules and conditions for services provided by medical practitioners. and includes a general practitioner (GP). item numbers where there is a corresponding MBS item number and the MBS item number is listed in the Medical service. MBS Item Numbers. The following downloadable summaries provide are currently being constructed to provide an overview of the requirements for nurse practitioner professional attendance items: General Professional Attendances. Telehealth Professional Attendances. How to Navigate MBS Online Although WAGMSS is based upon the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS), it should be noted that not all item numbers and descriptions are included. An MBS item number cannot be used unless it is published in the WAGMS Schedule. Last Modified: 1st December 2018 Page A1 General Practitioner attendances. New Eating Disorder Specific Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Item Numbers. 64 NEW Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) item numbers were introduced on 1st November 2019, to support a model of evidence-based care for eligible patients living with severe and complex eating disorders. Further information available on NEDC's website MBS Review - Final taskforce reports, findings and recommendations . This collection contains all the final reports, findings and recommendations from the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review Taskforce to the Australian Government

In a practical sense, the only reimbursible test which most NPs will use is the urine pregnancy test, MBS item number 73833 the Medical Practitioner MBS services such as health assessments (MBS item numbers 701, 703, 705, 707 and 715) and chronic disease management (MBS item numbers 721, 723, 732) may only be claimed by a medical practitioner who has personally attended the patient. However, suitably qualified healt MBS Items 3GA Programs and MDRAP Billable items for non-vocationally recognised medical practitioners The Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) provides specific billable items that may be utilised by a medical practitioner who is not a general practitioner (GP), specialist or consultant physician, and is registered i guide to MBS item numbers for primary health care services Current as at 23/11/2018. Health Practitioners (ATSIHP)* Mental health 8 General disclaimer loss, claim, demand, damages, costs and expenses of whatsoever nature (whether or not foreseeable) guide to MBS item numbers for primary health care services Current as at 6/9/2018. Health Practitioners (ATSIHP)* Mental health 8 General disclaimer While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that th

MBS ITEMS - Quick Reference Guide. Due to the recent changes to the OMPs Program and MBS Billing, we have put together a quick reference guide. The table below provides a snapshot of commonly billed items for General Practitioners. Please keep in mind, eligibility to bill the new items for Non-VR General Practitioners is dependent on your. n MBS Items 701, 703, 705, 707 and 715 (HealthAssessments) must be provided by a GP personally attending a patient. Suitably qualified health professionals, such as general practice nurses,Aboriginal andTorres Strait Islander health practitioners, andAboriginal healthworkers, may assist GPs in performing HealthAssessments. Suc

Practice nurse items MBS items 10983, 10984, 10986, 10987, 10997 and 16400 Quick reference guide for GPs and practice nurses This document should be used as a guide only. The Department of Human Services (Human Services) recommends health professionals exercise their own skill and care with respect to its contents. It is recommende The current Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Item Numbers for mental health services under Better Access to Psychiatrists, Psychologists and General Practitioners through the Medicare Benefits Schedule (Better Access) have substantial flaws An additional $1.40 per page if more than 33 pages (plus GST). Fee for providing copies of medical records (including treating general practitioner, specialist or consulting surgeon notes and reports). If the clinical records are provided electronically, a flat fee of $38 applies. Download a PDF version of the 2017 rates for general practitioners MBS Item Numbers for COVID-19 Vaccinations in General Practice. A fact sheet detailing 16 new MBS COVID-19 vaccine items is now available. The items are categorised by practitioner, location, time period and dose (first dose/second dose). The COVID-19 vaccine service is free to patients and the MBS items must be bulk billed

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Funding for general practitioners to administer vaccines will be provided on a fee for service basis via the MBS: The items must be bulk‑billed to attract a Medicare rebate. COVID-19 vaccine specific MBS items will be equivalent to the Level A general attendance items available to general practitioners and other medical practitioners (OMPs. The MBS Online Checker is also available to see if a specific MBS item has been claimed for your patient within a certain period of time. Other Medicare Benefits Schedule resources. MBS Desktop Guide for frequently-used item numbers. Includes flowcharts to help with diabetes, aged care and indigenous health assessments About MBS Item by Patient Demographics Reports. These reports produce patient age range and gender, per capita and percentage statistics on an item in the Medicare Benefits Schedule.; To obtain the statistics, enter the item number and choose from the drop-down menus in fields on the form List of MBS item numbers for time-based health assessments 10,11. See MBS Online for complete details for each item. General practitioner item number Medical practitioner item number; Brief health assessment: Simple health assessment (takes less than 30 minutes) 701: 224 General Practitioner information Last updated: non-Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Our Schedule of Fees lists funded medical services and item numbers. You cannot charge gap fees with Veteran Card payments. Incentives are available for GPs to treat Veteran Card holders

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New MBS items have been created under Group A7 - Acupuncture and non-Specialist Practitioner items. These items replicate the General Practice items under Schedule A of the MBS, and set the relevant item fee at 80% of the equivalent VR item. An important announcement was also made regarding Other Medical Practitioner (OMP) programs (After. The items apply to discussions during a multidisciplinary team meeting held for the purpose of developing a cancer treatment plan. The items should not be billed against community or discharge case conferences. Meetings may be face-to-face or held via teleconference or videoconference. What is the minimum number of practitioners

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COVID-19 - MBS TELEHEALTH ITEMS New Telehealth Items for COVID-19 vulnerable and/or isolated patients and providers GENERAL PRACTITIONER AND OTHER MEDICAL PRACTITONER ATTANDANCES Existing Items COVID-19 Telehealth items General Practitioners - videoconference 23 Professional attendance less than 20 minutes 91800 Must be bulk billed Medical practitioners can use the MBS number as their code - see the Medicare Benefits Schedule website for information. Other practitioners Practitioners other than doctors can use the service codes available on the Rates, fees and payments page

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  1. Islander health practitioner - MBS Item 10986 The MBS health assessment for a Healthy Kids Check provided by a practice nurse or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioner on behalf of a medical practitioner is provided under MBS Item 10986. Details on the MBS health assessment items are provided belo
  2. Hospital psychiatric services - MBS items. The following MBS item numbers are included in this clinical category. for the purpose of group therapy of not less than 1 hour in duration given under the direct continuous supervision of a general practitioner, specialist or consultant physician (other than a consultant physician in the practice.
  3. utes General Practitioner 100% = $94.25 90272 EDPT other than consulting rooms At least 30 but <40

A telephone consultation can only be claimed if videoconferencing is not available. See full definition of telephone attendance and telehealth attendance in the new MBS legislation. There are different item numbers for General Practitioners and Other Medical Practitioners- see definition of Other Medical Practitioners; healthdirect Australia. Use appropriate MBS item numbers relating to the provision of mental healthcare. Prerequisites It is designed for general practice registrars and other medical practitioners entering Australian general practice. To satisfy the requirements of the MHST modular pathway, GPs must complete one Core Module (minimum three hours) and one Clinical. News New MBS rebate structure for non-vocationally recognised general practitioners from 1 July 2018. The Australian Government is introducing new Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) item fee arrangements for non-vocationally recognised general practitioners (non-VR GPs)

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  2. The following MBS item number descriptor has been put together to help GPs optimise the delivery of health care to patients with drug and alcohol issues. Whilst there are no specific addiction medicine MBS items available for general practice, there are other items that can be used to support patient management. Examples have bee
  3. As of today, all practitioners with a valid Medicare provider number can bill all patients with a valid Medicare card. See more information & eligible item numbers here. As at Mar 25 2020. Temporary MBS item numbers for telehealth services have been introduced in response to the COVID-19 outbreak
  4. An MBS item number cannot be used unless it is published in the WAGMS Schedule. Category 1 Attendance items relating to surgery, consulting rooms or home visits as CMP services, and all MBS items in groups A1 General Practitioner attendances A2 Other non referred attendances A3 Specialist attendances A10 Optometric Service

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MBS reviews have identified rapid increases in vitamin B12, folate and vitamin D testing over the last decade. 1-3 During the period 2003/04 - 2012/13: Item 66602 (serum B12 and red cell folate and, if required, serum folate) increased by 307%. 2. Item 66599 (serum B12 or red cell folate and, if required, serum folate) more than doubled (119%. It takes approximately nine years to train to become a Nurse Practitioner. To recognise the skills of this specialised position, we would like to see MBS item number access and rebate parity provided to patients who access either Nurse Practitioners or Vocationally Registered General Practitioners for healthcare MBS item 2713 may be used for ongoing management of a patient with a mental illness and can be claimed if the patient requires an extended consultation. The item number should not be used for the development of a GP MHTP and cannot be used at the same time as the review of a GP MHTP

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The item numbers and benefits paid by Medicare are based on the Medicare benefits schedule book (DoHA 2015). Services that are not included in the MBS are not included in the data. The table below lists all MBS items that have been defined as mental health-specific. Data Source MBS.1: Medicare-subsidised mental health-specific items The MBS item number for diabetes education is 81305. Consultations are in addition to any individual consultations under the CDM framework or group program attendance. Eligibility. The person with diabetes must be referred by their General Practitioner (GP) However, during the pandemic, 281 new temporary MBS item numbers were added to the schedule for videoconference or telephone consultations between patients and general practitioners (GPs), specialists, allied health and nurse practitioners The MBS, the ECG, and the GP. AS part of its review of cardiac imaging services, the Australian Government Department of Health has introduced changes to item numbers in the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) for electrocardiography (ECG), echocardiography, and myocardial perfusion studies, effective from 1 August 2020 Medicare Benefits Schedule data The Department of Human Services collects data on the activity of all persons making claims through the Medicare Benefits Schedule and provides this information to the Department of Health. Information collected includes the type of service provided (MBS item number) and the benefit paid by Medicare for the service

General practitioner supplementary services table of costs Effective 1 April 2020 . Page 1 of 9 . Service Descriptor Insurer prior approval required1 Item number Fee - GST not included 2 Telehealth consultation Telehealth consultation A video consultation that complies with the same MBS rules outlined for item code 113 except for the. General Practitioner VR GP . MBS Item Number Dose and Time Period Fee 93624 . First Dose - Business Hours. $30.75 93634 . First Dose - After Hours. $42.90 93644 . Second Dose - Business Hours. $24.25 93653 . Second Dose - After Hours. $36.40 . OMP - Other Medical Practitioners . MBS Item Number Dose and Time Period Fee 9362 Medicare's temporary COVID-19 telehealth services have been extended for eligible health practitioners until 31 December 2021. From 1 July 2021, the broad range of telehealth telephone items for GPs and OMPs established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have been removed, and a smaller number of MBS items have been introduced for: a short telephone For a comprehensive explanation of each MBS Item number, please refer to the Medicare Benefits Schedule online at www.mbsonline.gov.au Assessment and Provision of Group Services GP must have completed a GP Management Plan (721), or reviewed an existing GPMP (732), or contributed to, or reviewed a Multidisciplinary Care Plan in a Residential. New items (Draft wording of items to be finalised through regulatory amendments) MBS item 699. Professional attendance for a heart health assessment by a general practitioner at consulting rooms lasting at least 20 minutes and must include

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  1. MBS Medicare Benefits Schedule item numbers used to describe the professional service or treatment provided; Note: Some practitioners may use AMA American Medical Association equivalent item numbers. description of the service sufficient to identify the MBS items numbers; fee charged for each medical service
  2. The report was released just before Christmas, and will be of some interest to many of us. Just for background, the General Practice and Primary Care Consultation Committee (or GPPCCC) was established in October 2016, as part of the MBS Taskforce- the planned three year review of the complete Medicare Benefits Schedule or MBS
  3. Australia 2007), or equivalent MBS item numbers for a GPMP. Numerator(s): 1. Chronic Disease Management Plan (MBS Item 721 or equivalent MBS item numbers for a General Practitioner Management Plan ‐ 2 year reporting period) 2. Chronic Disease Management Plan (MBS Item
  4. use of MBS item numbers by practitioners are key areas of medico-legal risk for our members. Non-compliance carries the risk of a range of investigations - from note restricts referral to a general practitioner) u what the regulations and expectations are regarding the necessity to consult with providers contributin
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  6. What do Medicare item numbers 73358-73363 for genomic testing mean for families? From May 1 2020 some genomic tests for intellectual disability and childhood syndromes have been given a Medicare item.This means that some people can get genetic testing through their paediatrician without needing a separate appointment at a genetic clinic.In order to have a test covered by Medicare there is.
  7. The outcome variable was the claim for any general practitioner CD item number (MBS Items 721-732) within 18 months before enrolment in the study, which was coded as a dichotomous variable (1 = yes; 0 = no). For patients with asthma, the outcome variable was also coded as 1 if the participant had claimed an asthma annual cycle of care service.

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PRACTITIONER MM2-7 FEE ITEM General practitioners can charge item number 90002 call-out fee $40 for initial attendance, on one occasion, applicable only to the first patient seen. GPs are then able to claim a Level A to D items for each RACF resident attended. Brief (Level A) $13.75 90183 Standard (Level B) $30.10 90188 Long (Level C) $58.25. 4.1 General practitioner mental health treatment plans Context This data item examines the number of mental health treatment plans . prepared by general practitioners. These data are sourced from the MBS and show the number of plans prepared per 100,000 population. General practitioners are often the first contact for people needin

a number of changes to MBS items to support appropriate thyroid function testing, as well as education programs for GPs and consumers on appropriate use of TSH tests.1 The Choosing Wisely initiative includes a Royal Australian College of General Practitioners 'Do not do' recommendation for GPs Once updated May data graphs were updated to include new item numbers released on April 20th This graph does not include any general practitioner activity claimed using codes that are and-coronavirus-medicare-benefits-schedule-mbs-activity-australia . Published August 12, 2020 Recommendations for New Item Numbers New Items Item number Description Recommendation N/A Mental Health Assessment, Opinion and Report or Ongoing Management Create an MBS item for the referring practitioner to refer for assessment, opinion and report, or ongoing management to a clinical psychologist, i.e. similar to MBS item #291 referral to a. The new MBS temporary bulk billed telehealth item numbers for coronavirus (COVID-19) are general in nature and have no relation to diagnosing, treating or suspecting coronavirus (COVID-19). The item numbers must be bulk billed. Providers do not need to be in their regular practice to provide telehealth services The Australian Government is introducing new Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) item fee arrangements for non-vocationally recognised general practitioners (non-VR GPs). The new arrangements will affect claims for services provided by these doctors from 1 July 2018. The changes will ensure that MBS fees payable reflect recognised levels of.

The Medicare Benefits Schedule (t he MBS) i s a list of the medical services for which the 100% for consultations provided by a general practitioner; 85% for all other services provided by a medical practitioner in the community; and MBS item 49318. Doctor's fee MBS fee MBS rebate (75%) PHI medical benefit Out-of-pocket cos However, GPs or other medical practitioners will be able to claim the corresponding general MBS consultation telehealth item(s) for the service provided. For example, a GP Level B attendance (MBS Item 23) provided to a RACF patient conducted by video-conference or telephone would attract a 91800 (video-conference) or 91809 (telephone) item New MBS item numbers were introduced for AHPs, such as podiatrists, managing chronic disease in primary health care settings where a General Practitioner (GP) Management Plan (GPMP) and Team Care Arrangements (TCA), had been developed by a patients' GP In Australia, a general practitioner (GP) can refer a patient to a psychiatrist for either: an 'opinion and report' (MBS item 291) - for the GP to manage as the primary health-care provider, or. ongoing management where the patient becomes a patient of the psychiatrist. More about referral and communication between GPs and psychiatrists

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  1. Temporary MBS items are available to improve access to multidisciplinary care for residents of residential aged care facilities (RACFs) during the COVID-19 pandemic. The new items apply to RACF residents referred for allied health services under the following treatment, management or care plans: Multidisciplinary Care Plans GP Management Plans Shared Care Plans Team Care Plans [
  2. Item 871 can be claimed by a medical practitioner from any area of medical practice (defined in the item descriptor as a specialist, consultant physician or general practitioner) who is leading and coordinating a multidisciplinary case conference to develop a multidisciplinary treatment plan for a patient with cancer. The lead practitioner is.
  3. Each service listed in the MBS has an item number, a descriptor which outlines the type and scope of the service and relevant clinical requirements, the Medicare schedule fee, the applicable Medicare benefit, and any additional safety net benefits. Most items listed in the MBS are remunerated on a fee for service basis
  4. Tier 2 payment of $3,500, general practitioners must provide at least 140 eligible Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) services in residential aged care facilities in a financial year. Eligible GPs can receive 2 payments totalling $5,000 for the financial year, in addition to the consultation fee. Eligible Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Items
  5. ent danger of death One or more medical practitioners can claim these items for simultaneous attendance on one.

Stage 3 - CURRENT STATUS. WC March 23: From today the Government will allow all vulnerable general practitioners and other vulnerable health professionals who are currently authorised to use telehealth item numbers, to use telehealth for all consultations with all their patients Practice nurse item numbers. A quick reference guide for GPs and practice nurses that explains the requirements for claiming services provided by practice nurses on behalf of GPs. Frequently used desktop guide (fudg) to item numbers. Frequently Used Desktop Guide to Item Numbers is a reference guide of common item numbers (November 2019)

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MBS Item Numbers, PIPs and HPOS. The Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) is a Department of Health publication which is also updated regularly and maintained by the Department. (PIP), a practice must be accredited or registered for accreditation, against the Royal Australia College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Standards for general practices MBS item numbers for eating disorders - benefits, concerns, and recommendations. SHARE THIS One of the biggest barriers to accessing the scheme was gaining access to general practitioners who are aware of the scheme and have the knowledge needed to fill out the forms MBS item numbers can be accessed for NPs will change this. The Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review Taskforce - Report from the Nurse Practitioner Health Reference Group review of nurse practitioner access to MBS items will provide timely provision o MBS Review - May Update. As the closing date of May 17, 2019 approaches your College is reaching out to individuals and professional bodies to encourage them to provide feedback. Here is the latest ACNP Letter to Stakeholders NPRG for written submission that has been distributed.. To offer your support, you can send a submission of your own to the Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Taskforce.

Limitations of Medicare Benefits Schedule Item Number 10962 MBS item number 10962 describes a podiatry health service provided to a person by an being increasingly referred to podiatrists by General Practitioners (GPs) for peripheral vascular assessment including brachial index and/or toe brachial index investigations. 2. The MBS telehealth item numbers applicable to consults carried by all eligible health professionals are displayed below: Profession Service MBS item numbers Existing Face to face item COVID-19 Videoconference . COVID-19 Telephone consult GENERAL PRACTITIONER ATTENDANCE General Practitioners . General Consult Attendance for an obvious problem 3.

Note : These items are restricted for use by General Practitioners only and should be read in conjunction with the Medical Practitioner policy and the General Practitioner Participation in RTW Activities information sheet.. The General Practitioner can either organise and coordinate or participate in a case conference, the practitioner cannot bill both items at the same case conference On 10 December 2020, new temporary Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items were introduced to support the mental and physical health of care recipients in residential aged care facilities (RACFs) who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This measure is an outcome of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety and will be Describe the CDM MBS Items and claiming frequency. * 9. Outline the role of the Practice Nurse in assisting the GP with components of CDM. * 10. Outline the role of allied health in CDM. * 11. One way I will change my practice as a result of participation in this activity is by. * 12

Item no Fee 3 $16.95 (Level A) Brief 23 $37.05 (Level B) Standard < 20 mins 36 $71.70 (Level C) Long 20-40 mins 44 $105.55 (Level D) Prolonged ≥ 40 mins One patient seen 20 $63.65 Brief 35 $83.75 Standard 43 $118.40 Long 51 $152.25 Prolonged One patient seen 4 $42.90 Brief 24 $63.00 Standar Medical services - Medical practitioner return to work activity fees effective from 1 July 2021. WorkSafe Victoria will pay up to a maximum amount for the following categories of the service provided by a medical practitioner with the primary purpose on getting a injured worker to stay at or return to work Eating Disorder Management Plans - EDP. An eating disorder treatment and management plan (EDP) is needed for those eligible to access the eating disorder specific MBS items. This plan is developed by a GP or medical practitioner (items 90250-90257), consultant psychiatrist (items 90260-90262) or consultant paediatritian (items 90261-90263) Under current arrangements, ophthalmologists and general practitioners can bill for removal of an imbedded foreign body from the cornea or sclera under MBS item number 42644. The current scheduled fee for item 42644 is $72.15. Medicare statistics show item 42644 was claimed 26,457 times in 2010-2011. Patients can also access the service at. Rebates for these services are available to patients who have been referred by a psychiatrist (Psychiatrist Assessment and Management Plan), paediatrician or general practitioner (General Practitioner Mental Health Care Plan).6. According to Medicare data, uptake of MBS mental health items has been rapid and substantial

Are the MBS items changing? Existing items created for mental health services provided under the Better Access Pandemic Support measure will continue to be used as mental health treatment items for eligible people. The services are: 12 face-to-face, telehealth and phone items for focussed psychological strategy treatment services performed by GPs and other medical practitioners working in. COVID-19 MBS items and telehealth New MBS item numbers were made available from 13 March 2020 to allow consultations with COVID-19 affected or high-risk patients by phone or video. The Department of Health also put a Special Arrangement in place on 26 March to make it easier for self-isolating patients to access prescription medicines. Updates since the initial announcement 26 Continue Readin Look up Australian medical fees for all Medical Benefits Schedule item numbers The overuse of diagnostic imaging for low back pain (LBP) in Australia results in unnecessary cost to the health system and, for patients, avoidable exposure to radiation. The 2013 NPS MedicineWise LBP program aimed to reduce unnecessary diagnostic imaging for non-specific acute LBP in the Australian primary care setting. The LBP program delivered referral pattern feedback, a decision support.

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Medicare Benefits Schedule - Item 91151. Monday 30 March 2020, all eligible Australian patients can have access to bulk-billed telehealth services provided by general practitioners, medical specialists, mental health or allied health professionals under the new COVID-19 Telehealth items. Item numbers. Telehealth items description. 80151 The Code of Conduct for Medical Practitioners in Australia, Yes, the attempted forced bulk billing remains in place though it has been moved up into the General Provisions of the Determination, whereas before it was included at the item number level. Re Specialist COVID MBS item numbers for telephone consults. Is my interpretation. The fee for item 82210 is A$39.75, of which A$33.80 is allocated as the scheduled benefit. 19 Comparative medical practitioner item number 36 (professional attendance by a GP at consulting room, lasting at least 20 min) has a fee of A$71.70, of which A$71.70 is allocated as the scheduled benefit. 19 Comparative occupational therapy item number.